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  1. It had been nearly a week, since Kyo's best friend, Luna, had gotten into an extremely bad accident, causing her to go into a deep coma. Kyo had been so depressed ever since, that he refused to eat, sleep, or leave Luna's side. All because he loved her, but never even got the chance to tell her before this happened. The whole time, he kept telling himself that this was all his fault, telling himself that he'd now caused pain to Luna, that she wouldn't ever forget.

    Kyo was sitting next to her, keeping his attention completely on her. And her only. 'Please wake's been a week..I'm sorry all of this had to happen to you..' He thought to himself, and sighed, feeling tears burning in the back of his eyes. He quickly beared into his hands, furiously wiping away the tears that dared to keep slipping endlessly out of his eyes.
  2. Luna was still in her coma at this time unawear of anything aroind her. During the week she had the accident, her close friend would soon realize she had obtained amnisia and wont remember anything accept who she was. As the day went on, she finally had fell out of her coma and opened her eyes a bit before fully blinking into consiousness. She was out of it for a second then sat up quietly.
  3. Kyo heard a slight noise of something moving, and slowly looked up, to see Luna sitting upright. His face instantly brightened up, although his eyes were puffy and swollen, from crying for at least an hour. "'re alive." He whispered happily, and slowly stood up, gently wrapping both of his arms around her. "I thought you were dead...I'm so sorry about this.." He added, feeling even more tears burning in the back of his eyes. " do remember me, don't you? Please tell me you do.." Kyo prayed that she remembered him, but got a really bad feeling she wouldn't.
  4. Luna was still out of it not realizing Kyo was next to her at the time till she suddenly felt arms wrap around her. She immiately looked at him confused. When he spoke she was even more confused, "Wait what? W-who are you?" She asked she was more curious if anything.

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  5. Kyo chuckled nervously, and pulled away from her. "..N-no..Luna, you know me..I'm Kyo. Don't you remember me?" He was really hoping that she was just joking about this 'I don't remember you' stuff. "Kyo..Kyo Nasese. T-that still doesn't ring a bell? We've been close friends for like, forever.." Kyo went on and on, trying to get her to remeber.

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  6. Luna lightly shook her head, "Unfourtunatly I dont..." she said feeling a slight head ache and placed a hand to her head where it got hit. She realized she must have had amnisia since she realized Kyo was trying really hard to believe she was just joking when she wasnt, "I honestly dont know what happened either... i felt like I've been asleep a whole year and now everything is so confusing to me..." she murmured.
  7. Kyo's faint and nervous smile slowly faded away, as soon as he realized that she was really telling the truth. He stared blankly at the wall, taking a deep breath. "You got into a bad accident." Kyo whispered, and took another deep breath, trying to control his tears. "You've been asleep for only a week..not a year.." He added, slowly laid his head down on the railings of the hospital bed. "She doesn't remember me. So therefor, she doesn't..she'll never know the way I feel." He thought. He suddenly went silent, as he talked to 'himself', through his own mind.
  8. Luna looked away at a wall, "I only remember who I am but nothing more..." she lightly sighed, "Well..." she started again then looked towards him, "I... I want to remember everything... but I dont know how or who to turn too... unless... um... would you help me?" She wanted help. She wanted to remember her past badly. She hoped Kyo would help her. She just hoped he would be willing too, 'I mean who knows... maybe it will be worth it in the end...' she thought to herself.

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  9. Kyo chuckled, and shook his head. "Of course. Some people lose their memory to the point where they can't even remember their own name. So of course you can't remember me. The person who's always loved you." Just saying that, somehow, hurt him ever more on the inside. "I honestly don't know if I can. I don't know. I don't know how to restore someone's memory. I could try, but, I don't think that would work." Kyo just simply glanced at Luna, and slightly smiled.

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    Luna sighed, "Well there is always away... retracing steps sometimes works..." she suggested. When she heard him say he loves her, she had a faint blush but quickly disapeared. She lightly shook her head thinking she didnt even know if he was just messing with her or telling the truth tho.
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    "Hey, I saw that." Kyo stared straight at Luna, showing no emotion on his face. "But I honestly wasn't joking when I said that. I wouldn't lie to you, and you should know that." He looked away, and began to stare at the wall again. "That's the most idiotic thing. Lying to the person you really care about. That's a really hilarious joke." Kyo chuckled, feeling his anger rise slightly.
  12. Luna looked at him as well, "True... but how would I know if you were telling the truth or not? I mean... I dont even remember you..." she replied before looking away. She couldnt think of much else to say either.
  13. "..Damn. That actually hurt." He thought, referring back to what she had just said. "Sorry." He simply apologized, and sighed in frusteration, looking down at his feet.
  14. She looked back at him, "Its fine... I shouldnt have said what I said..." she replied then looked down, "Well... anyways... what now?" She asked. She was still in pain from whatever accident accured but wished she knew what it was. She lightly rubbed her head befpre thinking really hard trying to remember her past, but all it did was give her a headache just thinking about it too hard.
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  15. "It's really not.." He replied, and ran his fingers through his hair, as if he was stressed. "I honestly feel useless. I don't know how to make you regain your memory again, it might be practically impossible. Unless we 'go back in time', and do the things that we used to do. But you wouldn't know, because of course, you've lost your memory." His mind searched for answers and solutions.
  16. She lightly sighed, "It cant be impossible tho... I mean... sometimes it can just come back to someone over time..." she lightly shakes hear head then looks right at him, "I mean... we could just start over you know... and maybe over time my memory should return by bits and pieces I believe..." she finished. She truely wanted to remember it all.
  17. "I see what you're saying. But that's sometimes. I'm not trying to scare you or anything, but who knows. Your memory may never kick in again. But then, I won't take any doubts." He looked back at her, as a small smile took over his lips. "Start" He thought outloud. "I guess you could say that.
  18. She lightly chuckled, "Well... it was worth a shot really." She said while lightly scratching her head. 'He might be right tho... what if i never get my memory back again? Well im not giving up until i actually know i cant...' she thought to herself.
  19. Kyo didn't reply, and continued to run his fingers through his hair. "'re right." He muttered, just a few minutes after she had said that. "Starting over..that's really hard. Looks like someone thought it would be funny to hit the reset button.." He sighed, and leaned back in the chair.
  20. "Well that was my only idea I could think of.... other than that... I got nothing else... well we could also just hangout and do what you said... like what we used to do I believe?" She said before laying back down and staring at the ceiling.
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