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  1. Katrin (Katy) Duff (open)

    Katrín made her way down the snow covered path, teeth chattering slightly as she placed her hands in front of her lips, blowing on them softly in an attempt to warm herself up. She currently had on a grey turtle neck, a pair of black jeans, a dark blue trench coat and a pair of boots on. She was a little on on the short side, standing at only about 5'3 and attempted to make up for this by standing straight all the time. Her hair was up in a ponytail since she had just come from one of her classes and she found it annoying when her hair got in the way. She glanced around, her breath hitching when she caught sight of him. Brendon. The one boy who she had liked ever since she came to Roundview College.

    The brunette couldn't help but stop in her tracks, squeezing her hands together in a nervous way, despite the fact that he wasn't even looking at her and probably didn't even know that she existed. She wasn't insanely popular, after all, so she wasn't very well known around campus. The male, her best friend, who she was currently walking with stopped as well, flashing her a questioning look before his eyes followed where she looking and he shook his head, wrapping an arm around her and pulling her so she would start walking again. "Come on Katy, if you like him that much, you should really just speak to him rather than standing around and staring at him like some sort of stalker." She reddened and she glared at the male, whacking him up the side of his head before ignoring what he said and turning her head once again to look at the male.
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    Hands were shoved deep in his pockets, white teeth flashing when a girl called out that this was weather for winter coats, not t-shirts and ripped jeans. It'd been like this for three weeks, and PJ Hanson wasn't having it. He'd never been much of a fan of winter, but he'd also never had to walk to and from classes in it. If all went well, he wouldn't be outside for too terribly long anyhow. He found Brendon easily, the other male dressed for the weather in both a hat, jacket, and a pair of jeans. College was proving to be a game changer for the two freshmen. One was simply growing less dedicated by the passing second, the other was trying to maintain a good attitude about waking up at the early hours of Mondays to go to lectures.

    "Hey Peej. Man, you really should think about buying a coat before you get pneumonia and die." Brendon told him and then moved on the bench so PJ could take a seat. "What's up, anyways?" He asked. PJ looked at him and then glanced over the campus. He disregarded a staring girl, that wasn't exactly uncommon. "Just got the talk about how I'm failing Calculus. Do I even need it?" The reaction he found he was receiving was a confirmation that it was indeed important. "So you're going to help me with it, correct?" It spurred a laugh from his friend, which was not exactly what the black-haired boy had been hoping for. "Whose that?" He asked, the not-so-subtle topic change taking it's course, thus causing Brendon to stop laughing at his misfortunes and shrug. "Why would I know?"
  3. A few moments later, she watched as Brendon's best friend, PJ, joined him. She didn't know the guy personally (then again, she didn't know Brendon personally either) but she knew that he was in her Calculus class and didn't appear to be doing very well judging from what she had seen in class. Katrín, on the other hand, excelled in Calculus. It was just something that came naturally to her and she didn’t understand how anyone could find it hard. She watched them for a few seconds; however, upon realizing that PJ had noticed that she had been staring, she quickly jerked her head forward, cheeks flushing.

    “So, Katy, what’s the plan for tonight?” She looked at her best friend, Beau, like he was crazy. Did she have any plans with him?

    "Uh, I was thinking of going back to my dorm and just chilling out...?" She said, looking at the other male with an unsure expression. He, however, merely broke out into a grin and tapped the side of his head against hers.

    "No, no, that plan is over. We are heading to the campus' bar tonight, Katy. We're going to get shitfaced, and i don't care what you say. You're such a tight-ass, you need to have fun sometimes." She frowned, opening her mouth to protest but he only grinned bigger, "You never know whose going to be there...." And with that, the girl's eyes flickered over to where Brendon and PJ sat, somewhat curious as to whether or not they'd go out.

    "Pft, fine, but you're buying the first round..."
  4. PJ swept a halfhearted gaze over the girl, considering her for a second before he looked at his best friend, realizing that he was talking the entire time. Probably about his issues with mathematics, but really he wasn't too worried about it. He'd always been good at convincing teachers that he really did deserve extra credit, but right now he wasn't sure that he could do the work. Calculus wasn't his strong suit, and he was almost certain he'd never need it in his lifetime. He hadn't even enrolled in the course, but it had turned out it was a freshman requirement of some form. The girl had looked away quite quickly, which caused a slow grin to form on his lips.

    "C'mon, let's go back to the dorm. It's freezing and I want to keep all my digits." PJ said, standing. Brendon grabbed his books and did the same.

    "So what should we do tonight? I heard that one of the frats is having a party." Brendon suggested, and the other male just shook his head.

    "Oh, yeah, about that. How about we go to the bar?" He counter-suggested, preferring it to beer pong. While he'd never been one to want peace while he drank beer, a bunch of passed out football players didn't mark up to being a good time, in his expert opinion. "And you never know what kind of girl you might stumble across, am I right?" He added as an afterthought, elbowing him in the side. His friend had yet to really date anyone, and it was really a downer, seeing as PJ prided himself in being an expert wingman.
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    “Come on, Beau, can we just buy alcohol and drink it back at the dorms or something?” The 19 year old whined, tightening her grip on the arm she currently had hold of. “I mean, come on, it’s the dead of winter and you’re making me wear a dress of all things.” She grumbled, gesturing to what she was wearing: a red cocktail dress that clung to her ample curves, on her feet were a pair of black wedges that she had borrowed from her roommate. “And you should try walking in the snow with these damn heels.” The blond male rolled his eyes, nudging the girl in the ribs with his elbow.

    “Stop bitching, I swear, you just go on and on and on.” He complained, being as blunt as usual. When she had first met him, she had often gotten offended due to how blunt he was, but after knowing him for so long, she had gotten used to it and it didn’t faze her anymore. “You look nice, that’s all that matters. And besides, I need you to look at the top of your game since I need someone to be willing to take care of you if I get lucky tonight.” He winked at the shorter female, and she looked appalled, slapping his arm lightly. “Just kidding.” He said in a teasing tone before pulling her into the bar, quickly dragging her over to the counter and pushing her onto the stool.

    “Two shots of tequila, please!” He said, grinning at the bartender.
  6. While Brendon was a bit hesitant about going to the bar, the other nineteen year old brushed it off and grabbed his coat. Since he didn't know where he was going to end up that night, he'd showered and changed into fresh clothes, even though he'd been perfectly clean. Better safe than sorry, right? He wore a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, just as he usually did, but he'd broken down and brought along a coat just for the hell of it. He walked across the hall and knocked before walking in. An 'Ey, get out!' was directed at him from the roommate that was in the middle of something with his girlfriend, but PJ disregarded it as he did everything, and waited for Brendon.

    They cut across campus through the snowy courtyard, the snow melting on the hems of their pants, much to his personal distaste. It was uncomfortable. PJ glanced over at his blond companion, who was grumbling about the cold. "Oh, come on. You and I both know that you'd be better off getting lucky than acing a bunch of dimwits at whichever drinking game you'd pick." He taunted, receiving a cold glare in return. "Let me try this again. You're getting laid tonight."

    "No, actually, I'm not. I'm getting wasted with my best friend. Unless you're trying to tell me something..?" They'd reached the bar, which is what made him refrain from replying to such a low blow. The atmosphere changed, and the temperature was noteably higher, be it from body heat or the furnace, he didn't know. He moved up to the bar and ordered two beers, passing one to his friend before looking around the lineup before the bar and the people at the tables. He immediately dubbed it a good choice, though Brendon wasn't seeing the opportunity of it all. "Hey, look. It's the girl from earlier." PJ said and nodded toward the other end of the bar at the questioning look, hopeful for only a few seconds.
  7. Katrín had just downed the shot and was pulling a face, reaching in sharply as she felt the burning sensation in her throat. Oh, how she hated shots. She watched as her best friend proceeded to order two more and quickly shook her head, smacking the back of his head and smiling at the bartender.

    “Could I have a Blue Lagoon?” She questioned, watching as they were served two more shots and her idiot of a best friend downed them both like he hadn’t drank a drop of water in years. “Holy shit, are you trying to kill yourself, Beau?” She asked with an incredulous look on her face.

    “I’m just starting the night with a bang, Katy.” He winked at her and she just rolled her eyes, picking up the blue drink that had just been placed in front of her, bringing the straw to her lips when suddenly her best friend grabbed her hand and whispered, “Looks like your lover boy has arrived.” She paled, turning her head to look around the bar and taking a very big gulp of her drink when she saw PJ and Brendon. She quickly looked away, however, face heating up and sending Beau a panicked look.
  8. He took a drink from the bottle that had been handed to him. He was actually a fan of the taste of beer, unlike most, so he didn't think much of it. Most only drank it because it was the cheapest thing to get anywhere you went alcohol-wise, but PJ wasn't exceptionally worried about the alcohol part. Later in the night he'd probably be going shot-for-shot with someone and then proceed to help them stumble on home, but he always was one to start out slow. Brendon took a drink and sat down on a bar stool. "Why are you so worried about my love life? Most guys would be worried about their own lives before mine."

    "You mean your lack thereof? Seriously man, this is college. We haven't hit the real world yet, might as well make the most of it." PJ told him with a sigh, sitting lazily beside him. Another glance was cast in the general direction of the girl, the sudden realization that he knew who she was struck him. "She's in my Calculus class, man. She knows the stuff too. I'll be right back." He said, setting down his half drank beer on the bar, "Don't smile, alright?" He said, than then Brendon grabbed his arm, handed him the beer, and rolled his eyes.

    "I'll just come with you. I don't need you offending the general public ten minutes into my night out." The two males weaved through the crowd toward the other end of the bar. He noticed the drink in her hand, but couldn't identify the drink. Surely nothing he'd ever drank, it was far too... colorful. "Hey, you're in my class?" He said, and the words formed a question rather than a statement.
  9. The dark-haired girl spent a good few seconds just sort of staring blankly at PJ once he spoke to her, thinking she had just imagined what had happened.

    “Oh hi, and yeah, calculus, I think it was… You’re PJ, right?” She asked, feigning confusion, gesturing for the male to sit down on the empty stool next to her just to be polite. “I’m Katrín – but most people call me Katy,” She introduced herself; pretty sure they didn’t know who she was. And that brought the next question to her mind, why was he talking to her? “This is Beau,” She gestured to the blond male next to her who was watching her interact with them with a rather amused expression. She had only really introduced him because having him there provided her with some sense of security.

    “Hey,” He said with a slight nod, taking a sip of his beer. “What’s up?” The girl merely nodded a bit shy due to the fact that Brendon was right there. Her eyes flickered over to him, before quickly averting her eyes and looking at PJ instead, biting down on her bottom lip. What did PJ want, anyways?
  10. PJ just waited, seeing as she was momentarily not registering his words. While he personally didn't comprehend it, he didn't understand a lot of things.

    Brendon shifted uncomfortably behind him, but he ignored it for the moment. If anything, the guy should have been thanking him for leaving him alone about how he needed to get a girlfriend or hell, even a boyfriend would do. Just something that made him seem a little less like an adult and more like a kid that was ringing up the debt for his parents to catch up on, because more than likely there weren't going to be any job opportunities when he got out. "That would be me. It's nice to meet you both," He broke off, gesturing the Brendon, "This is Brendon." He said, refraining from cracking a witty remark about his friend's demeanor.

    He'd taken the offered seat, and Brendon sat behind them. "Hey, nothing interesting, you?" Brendon seemed to have found his voice, and PJ glanced at Katy. "I know we just met, but do you happen to want to do me a favor?" He asked, knowing this probably wasn't the best possible place to ask for one. Most girls would assume the worst in those words, and she'd be immediately blocking him out, but he had to give it a try.
  11. “Just having a drink with the girlfriend, you know: the usual.” Was Beau’s witty response, causing Katrin to smack him up the side of his head and he just laughed, raising his hands up in defense, “Okay, okay, I like boys too much to go for her.” He said in a cheerful tone and she rolled her eyes, turning her attention back to PJ, just catching the end of his sentence.

    A favor? She frowned, unsure what to make of what he was saying and not very willing to help someone she barely knew out since she had no clue what it was. She brieflty contemplated know before her eyes flickered over to Brendon and she shrugged, deciding it was best just to be nice for now since he was around. “That depends, what do you want me to do?” She asked, taking a sip of her drink as her gaze landed back on PJ.
  12. Brendon glanced over at PJ, wondering if they were interrupting before Katy smacked him. A slight smile spread on his face when he corrected himself on the subject. "There may or may not be a bit of a difference there, ace." He told the male with a shake of his head. His attention was redirected at PJ when he was asking for a favor. The guy wasted no time at all in asking for things he didn't necessarily deserve.

    PJ was watching the body language between the three, seeing as it was absolutely necesary for what he was about to ask of the girl, should she say no. "Tutor me in calculus. I'm failing, and passing is my only option." He told her with a cheeky smile, hoping for his own sake that she'd just accept and get on with life. He took a swig from his bottle and set it on the bar, the bartender seeing it was empty and replacing it. He caught the glances toward his best friend, but hadn't thought much of it.
  13. He wanted her to tutor him? She stared at him for a few seconds before flashing him an apologetic look and quickly shaking her head, “Sorry, I can’t….” She started, somewhat uneasy about how he would react. What if he reacted badly and complained like hell about her and then made Brendon hate her? That would be terrible. But she couldn’t, she barely ever tutored anyone and even when she did, she only helped out people she was close to – she barely knew PJ and she also had her own classes to focus on. Plus, she didn’t really want to.

    “I need to focus on my own studies so I don’t really have the time to tutor anyone else, I’m sorry.” She explained quickly, taking a rather large gulp of her drink before her eyes flickered over to Brendon once more, hoping he wasn’t scowling and secretly insulting her in his mind or something. Okay, so fine, she was being a bit paranoid about this whole thing, but what did expect? This was basically the first time they were meeting and first impressions were always important.
  14. Brendon was pretty sure that she would say no, and he couldn't blame her. PJ was a pain in the ass on a regular day for anyone, and he'd never taken kindly to teachers that Brendon knew of. PJ was disappointed nonetheless, and picked up on the fact she was still glancing at Brendon, as though it were important that he didn't care. While ideas sparked in his mind, he smiled and nodded anyhow. "Ah well, it was worth a try. Next round is on me, since I brought up school tonight. Poor planning on my part." He said, taking a drink.

    A new song came on and Brendon piped up, bored and wanting to join in on the fun. "Hey, this is a good song. Which one of you is going to join the drunks with me?" He asked cheerfully, flashing a threatening glance PJ's way. He knew that face, and it wasn't a good one for any person that was involved in his plotting. He received a wicked smirk in return and the male resisted banging his head against the bar. This was why they couldn't have nice things.
  15. The brunette had merely laughed awkwardly, nodding slightly at what he said as she drank the rest of her drink, quietly asking for another one once she had done so and then turning her head to look at PJ, “It’s fine,” She said with a shrug of her shoulders, “It doesn’t hurt to ask, I guess?” She said, for lack of anything better to say. She wasn't the most sociable of people, after all. Actually, she was more socially awkward than anything else.

    “Oh, I’ll come!” Beau exclaimed, downing the rest of his drink before jumping from his stool and sending Katrín a questioning glance, obviously asking her if she was going to come. She, of course, said no, she was far too shy and she’d probably make a fool of herself since she had two left feet. He shrugged, before turning his attention to Brendon, “Well, shall we go, Brendon, right?” He asked but then didn’t really wait for a reaction and hurried towards the center of the dance floor, always eager to do something fun.

  16. She excused PJ's question, and upon hearing Brendon, he glanced at his friend. He hadn't expected him to let loose a bit, but he wasn't going to hold him back. It was somewhat amusing when the first person to step up was Beau, but Brendon took it in stride with an easy smile. It worked out well, because while PJ wasn't interested in dancing and being clung to, she apparently wasn't interested in it either. Brendon looked over at PJ, having expected him to come along more than anyone. He'd been the one talking about getting laid that night, after all, and he doubted sitting at the bar would do it for him.

    Brendon followed the man onto the dance floor, immediately being brought into a little circle of girls and guys alike that went to their school. PJ looked over at Katy. "So, whose the lucky guy?" He asked, wondering why she'd passed up dancing to nurse a mysterious blue cocktail that he had yet to find out the name of. He had to be someone of importance, that was for sure.
  17. Katrín had just accepted her drink, flashing the bartender another smile and mumbling a small ‘thank you’ when PJ suddenly asked her who the lucky guy was. She coughed, choking on her own spit before flashing him a rather confused look, “What do you mean?” She asked, taking a rather large sip of her drink as she tapped her fingers against her thighs nervously. She wasn't that obvious, was she? She sure hoped not, it'd be fine if it was some random person asking her, but this was PJ, his best friend and that just made things all the more scary. “There’s no lucky guy.” She said with a shrug, her eyes flickering over to where Beau and Brendon were dancing. She watched them for a few seconds before quickly shaking her head, turning to look at PJ again. “What about you? Why aren’t you dancing?” She asked, gesturing to the crowd with her drink.
  18. His eyes widened when she coughed, a bit worried that he'd caused her to choke. That wasn't a way to get a tutor at all. "Well, who gives a negative answer to a single guy unless there's something waiting for them back at the dorm?" He reasoned with a shrug, and then took another drink. He waved off the bartender when he offered to get him another. She was getting nervous, or that was how she was coming off to him. "Too bad." He said, glancing over to where her eyes had focused themselves. "Oh, I'm not much of a dancer. Not without proper encouragement, anyways..." He said, and then finished off his second beer. "So what do you think about Brendon?" he asked, having to wonder if she knew his best friend from somewhere that neither of them were admitting to, or if she was forming a crush on the guy. It wouldn't be the first time a girl had an infatuation with someone other than himself.
  19. Katrín had been bobbing her head up and down; listening to what the other male was saying, understanding completely when he said he wasn’t much of a dancer. Neither was she. Then again, it was just because she was afraid she would embarrass herself more than anything else and she assumed his reason wasn’t something like that, he seemed like a confident bloke. However, her head quickly stopped moving at his question and bit her lip, trying to seem nonchalant as she sent Brendon a glance.

    “U – uh, he’s alright, I guess.” She mumbled, cheeks heating up, which she hoped were hidden due to the lighting in the bar. “I don’t really know him, so I can’t say much about him…” She turned her head to look back at PJ, a questioning look on her face, “Why do you ask?” She asked, hoping her tone didn't sound too panicked, silently wishing he hadn't caught onto her crush and was just curious.
  20. She looked at him, and then towards Brendon, which in turn made it so he had to work at keeping the knowing smile from forming on his lips. She was making this far too easy. She told him the usual, not knowing because she didn't know him, and he was pretty sure that wasn't what he'd asked. Generally, it took people a few words to decide if they liked them, if they were going to hate them, or if they were going to be caught somewhere else on the spectrum. A voice in the back of his head wondered if he should have just gone into Psychology.

    "Oh, you know. You keep looking at him, and while he's a bit oblivious, I'm not. Shall I restate the question, or are you going to tell me you'd never dream of having a crush on the guy?" He'd never been one to sugar-coat things, though if he thought about it, he probably didn't know how. He was far too set in his ways for his own good. He looked over at Brendon, who glanced at them briefly before beginning to dance once more.