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  1. Harmony woke up in the middle of the night with tears running down her already tear stained face. She sat up and wiped her eyes and sucked her thumb, looking beside her to see the stuffed blue bear with black eyes, white paws, and a red ribbon around its neck. The bear her mom gave her. It was the only thing she had left of her.

    She grabbed it, and suddenly she felt better, but not much by far.

    Its been rough since her mom died a week ago, and shee can't seem to get over it. She's been affected too. She hasn't been as bubbly as before, she doesn't eat as much, she can't go to sleep without having a nightmare, and all kinds of things. She is staying with her older brother now at his house until they can figure out what to do. Their father isn't in their life anymore, he was gone long ago. Her brother definitely would never let anyone take Harmony to a foster home, and by age, he was old enough to be a legal guardian, so he was more than happy to let her stay with him. Of course, he's also upset about death, but he must stay strong for his sister.

    Harmony quietly got out of bed with the bear in one hand, wearing gray sweatpants, a pink tee shirt, barefoot, and her hair in a messy low ponytail. She peaked out her doorway, and when she saw it was clear, she slowly walked through the hallway, not being able to see well in the dark. She was on her way to watch TV, maybe that would help her get her mind off things. Well, for tonight anyway.

    -----Hi! I know, the rp is kinda sad. :( But some like rp like that lol. Anyway, I am looking for someone to rp as Harmony's older brother! Then if you want to add some characters like a friend or whatever, feel free! :) If multiple people fill out the character form as shown below (like I did with my character), I will choose someone and make a one on one rp, and post on here when I did, because I'm not sure how notifications work on here yet. If you are interested, please fill out a character form like I did, and please make your character eight-teen or older, so it goes with the rp lol. When filling out the form, you don't have to do the "Other Stuff" if you don't want to, but it would give me a better idea of your character. If you do, it doesn't have to be about their personality, its can be about their job, what they do on their free time, anything! Well, thats it! :) Thanks! :) Thats it! Happy roleplaying! :D

    Harmony Jones

    Age: 7

    Height/Weight: 4'4, 75lbs

    Eyes: Piercing bluish green

    Hair: Medium lengthed, light brown with bangs she sometimes wears to side

    Mannerisms: Sucks thumb when upset, acts skittish when nervous or lying

    Likes: Getting what she wants, staying up late, being picked up, making friends with others' friends, nice people, sweets

    Dislikes: Not getting what she wants, people who get an attitude with her, rude people, being tickled, being bored, being ignored, being left out, being treated like a baby.

    Other Stuff: Nice but can be bratty sometimes, funny, loving, affectionate.