Memories Shattered (looking for a male partner,any left?)

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  1. So.. hello. I want to do a Rp based off the Movies: The Vow and 50 First Days.
    Basically one of us lost our memory from a horrific accident. And the other person spends their time trying to help them remember.
    They can either be married or best friends. Please let me know if this interests you. We can do this in a private chat if you would like.

    I am not big on character sheets. But will do one if you do.
  2. Hi! I don't do a lot of these roleplays but I do every now and again when I like the sound of an idea. ^^ I've never seen either of those movies, though, is that a problem at all...?
  3. Nope. The gist is one of them losing their memory from a horrid accident of what ever kind and the other was there for them. Abf tries to help them regain their memory. As well as they could be married or best friend.
  4. I guessed as much going from the plot xD I just knew I wouldn't know any specifics.

    How should we go about setting this up...?
  5. Well depends on who you want to be. Depends in on if you like being in charge. Lol
  6. xD Well I figured you'd want to have more of a say in how the plot would go. I'd like to play the character who lost her memory, if that's okay?
  7. So we are playing as friends, alright. Let me think.
  8. Honestly I'm fine with either but ideally a friendship would be nice ^^ If that's not your cup of tea, I understand?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.