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oOo Memoria oOo

The sound of the thunder rolling in the sky breaks the silence of the large mansion in the top most place of the mountain-like-hill by the cliff, where the sound of the sea crashes against the rock resounds so loudly. The weather was grim, as so as the atmosphere enveloping the mansion. Standing by the wrecked porch, A set of four young children stared at the structure waiting for the leader of the group to speak; the only person without a partner. After school the leader of the group introduced a game of 'test of courage' on the place; which they found their-selves currently standing, which he found out three days ago. Smiling in satisfaction, the leader of the group proudly spread his arms; a gesture beckoning to the mansion behind him or rather they are standing in.

"And now I present to you the Berthelos' Household." when he got his friends attention to him since they are openly gaping at the structure in front of them. He continued. "This household was built before we were even born, yet despite the years and the harsh weather. This structure continues to stand strong."

"Are you trying to sell this thing off?" asked one of the group.

"Shut it. A little background for the challenge will set the mood." said by the other one.

"Ahem..." the leader cleared his throat to get their attention once again. "As I was saying, this structure is so old that the years began to eat away the memories left behind. And this is where the challenge will enter. Instead of just roaming around the mansion, let's find out what happened inside this household."

"Why? Do you have an idea what happened in here?"

"Not exactly... rather the only thing I knew is a rumor."

"What rumor?"

"That everyone and I mean everyone; it includes the butlers, the maids, the caretakers and the family members. Died in one single night." he paused for a moment to set the mood. "And did you know who murdered them? In their sleep?"

As he look around to peer in each of everyone's facial features there was a loud thunder clap, so loud that it seems like a gun shot making some of the female companions scream as they freezes. The leader of the group continued.

"It was the youngest child of the seven siblings; who was supposed to never exist because of his/her mental illness. He/She came out to where he/she was kept to let the people know - " before he could finish there was a loud shut of the door that came from inside the mansion.

"O...kay, we should really go home now." said one of the girls.

"No way, things just started to creep out but interesting. Let's go in." said the other.

"Okay, okay... chill out guys. As I said, the challenge will be to find out what happened or where the youngest child was kept. Who ever find either of the two will win and will have a prize from me. And you know me guys, I am not stingy when it comes to prizes..."

As the young teenagers continue to chatter away deciding their partners. They did not notice how one of the curtains in the mansion flips up as if someone had just left after watching them...


YOU want to play the 'test of courage'inside the rumored Berthelo Household? DO you have what it takes to step inside? OR do you even have the mind to make it out? WHATEVER your answers may be, inside this mansion is a dark MEMORIA of the lost souls that once lived inside. THAT it's too strong to bind your mind and soul...
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oOo Charater Sheet oOo


oOo Rules oOo

*All Iwaku rules apply.
*If killing one character, you must have a permission to the owner.
*If you want to take a pre-made roles pm me.
*Respect each other.
*Make sure your post is understandable... just make it simple.

oOo Pre-made Characters oOo

The Mother
The Father
The Twin Eldest Brothers (2)
The Sisters (3)
The Brother
The Youngest
oOo Layout of the House oOo

~ Master's Bedroom
~ The Bedrooms (6)
~ Guest Rooms (7)
~ Wine Cellar (2)
~ Music Room
~ Nursery Room
~ Living Room
~ Dining Hall



Use 'oOo' when shifting to other time, like flashback.
Use '~' to indicate where the character is.
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