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    Welcome to MEMENTO MORI, a roleplay run by mono and soli. Please take note that the roleplay was constructed WITHOUT MOBILE VIEW in mind. It should still be mostly readable, but ideally viewed from a desktop. If any posts look wonky, we recommend refreshing to get rid of the "new" post tag. c: We hope you enjoy your stay.
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  2. goodbye
    Welcome to memento mori, a roleplay run by mono and soli. Based around the concept of death gods, it takes on a darker slice of life atmosphere.

    even death has a heart

    what if life doesn't really end after death?
    what do you have to do to finally rest?
    First, we define what exactly is a death god.

    the act of dying; the end of life; the total and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an organism

    a supreme being according to some particular conception

    death god
    a supreme being that oversees the cessation of life

    They go by many names. Shinigami, Azrail, Ankou, the Grim Reaper, just to name a few. Their stories and appearances vary, but in reality they're all the same: Death Gods. Those who keep the veil between life and death, guide souls in their afterlife march and tend to vengeful spirits wreaking havoc on the mortal plane. Their job is often long, arduous, and a little bit lonely, with endless days and too long nights. They fulfil their task until the day they recover their last memory, finally able to move on and join other souls into the next step of the journey.

    For some, this task is but a blink, moving on within a couple of days and bidding their fellow death gods good bye. But for the unlucky ones, this process can span hundreds of years, each memory but a grain of sand in an hourglass. This is why they've bound them together; helping each other locate fragments of themselves, and hopefully giving them a chance to finally rest. For eventually, each one must come to terms with their life before they can move to the next step in death.
  3. *rules


    As per usual, please follow the terms of service as set by Iwaku's staff. Any transgressions will be immediately reported to respective authorities. Sorry if I sound like a hardass, but that's just how I roll. I don't have much patience for rule-breakers.

    This roleplay is extremely collaborative in nature. If you don't have the time to be present OOC, then I would recommend against joining this roleplay. Being open and friendly OOC is a must for this; if you don't feel welcome yet, just tell either of us privately and we'll help you out.

    This roleplay is app-based; when you submit a reservation, your character concept will be evaluated to see if it will fit the world. Unfortunately, this means that some persons will be rejected or changes might be asked of you. Please take our criticism gracefully. We're honestly not trying to antagonize you; we're just looking for some very specific standards and qualities in our roleplayers.

    The app process is divided into two sections: the public app and the PM'd information. The public app serves as a notification to interested parties on what kind of archetype you'll be covering so that we can prevent overlaps, so it will posted in the OOC. You can make allusions to your character's history (and encouraged to do so!), but primarily covers their personality. Please remember to turn off Rich Text Editor!

    The PM, meanwhile, should be titled ▸┇ MEMENTO.MORI ⊹◞ character name and sent to @Soli and @monopoisoner in a shared conversation between the three of us. Please remember to turn off Rich Text Editor!
    Only work on the CS once you've received the go-signal from either of us. Do not edit or change the CS any more than necessary, and please contact @monopoisoner for any issues you might encounter while working on it. Further instructions will be found on the CS page.

    I am haunted by humans.

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  4. Welcome to memento mori, a roleplay run by mono and soli. Based around the concept of death gods, it takes on a darker slice of life atmosphere.

    what does being a death god mean?
    what's the line between being a ghost and a death god?
    when does it finally end?
    How humans perceive death gods varies from person to person, with the most common being deceased loved ones. Culture and religious beliefs play major parts, so some may see a deity or figures like the hooded Grim Reaper.

    The true appearance of death gods is completely human. It's based on a major event in their life rather than their age at death, which is why many death gods are around early 20's to late 40's where many of life's important stages occur.
    There is a very fine line between ghosts and death gods. Ghosts can become death gods after being exorcised, whilst death gods can become ghosts if they're unable to accept the memories that will eventually plague them.

    The main difference between the two is that ghosts continue to cling to life, while death gods run away from it.
    Methods of exorcism vary between each death god, but they are all firmly rooted in existing religions. The paradigm they believed in while they were alive often translates to what they'll use to exorcise ghosts. This is less about their god "rewarding" their faith, and more about how it's easier to access their spiritual energy when they have a "path" to follow.

    Agnostics and atheists possess weaker exorcism abilities, but can learn. However, most opt to go for a more soul weapon-based specialty rather than half-hearted purification abilities.
    The true origins of death gods continues to be a mystery that will likely remain unsolved for the rest of eternity. However, it's quite easy to tell if one will become a death god. Suicide almost guarantees the fact, but any sort of regret that makes you run away from truly accepting life can qualify you for the job.

    While humans sensitive to spiritual energy and the like can feel a death god's presence, it's impossible for the two to ever converse. Death gods hold no power in the mortal realm.

    Humans only really see death gods when nearing death themselves. The earliest they can start seeing them is around an hour before they die. It's perfectly possible to never even see them.

    All death gods have the ability to telepathically communicate with each other in addition to speaking normally. Much like a modern day chat program, they can turn on or off the mental link at anytime, and "mute" people if they want to. It's a painless, almost automatic process to connect with others like this, and it is unaffected by distance.
    Ghosts are assessed and ranked based on threat level and amount of power they have over the mortal plane.

    D-C: have little sway in the physical world, usually only require a brief exorcism
    C-B: have some ability in the physical world, usually requires some combat before exorcism
    B-A: plenty of control in the physical world, definitely requires a coordinated team before exorcism
    A-S: a ghost that threatens to rip the veil between the two worlds.

    Death gods possess varying strengths as well, so higher level death gods may be able to handle low-level B's on their own.
    *soul weapon
    The term "weapon" is a bit of a misnomer, as they don't often take on the shape a lethal object. More frequently, they're items of some significance to the death god during their life. A librarian might use sheets of paper, a zookeeper a tiger; there's no real limit to them. The size of one's soul weapon is no indicator of strength.

    Most of the time, these 'weapons' are used to separate souls from living bodies during their time of death. However, they are sometimes used to subdue more unruly ghosts to ready them for exorcism.
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    This post is reserved should I need to add anything else to the front page, which is very likely to happen given how bad I am at keeping tabs on myself.
    memento mori
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    This post is reserved should I need to add anything else to the front page, which is very likely to happen given how bad I am at keeping tabs on myself.
    memento mori
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    This post is reserved should I need to add anything else to the front page, which is very likely to happen given how bad I am at keeping tabs on myself.
    memento mori
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    And finally the OOC is open! Please feel free to chat and talk as we do some final checks and correct any mistakes that likely happened in my rush to release this roleplay.
    ooc open
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  9. OOOOOOOOOH the excitement is real! Good day everyone, Soli here with her first experience at being a (co) Gm. Please bear with me for a bit, I know I'm quite confused most of the time. I hope we all get along!
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  10. I'm working on haruka (fc: kagehira mika) rn; he's a sweet little teenager who frequently smiles, has a deep love for all things cute and has very deep scars that he fails to remember. c:< soli and devil know what's going on with him 8'D
  11. Please save Haruka from harm he's too precious.
  12. but come on man he's a death god it's too late he might as well face the music
  13. [​IMG]

    Haruka is the guy who everyone can call their friend, his smile frequent and his words always positive, said with enough humor to stop himself from coming off as forced. Though he doesn't completely understand it himself, he feels the need to be kind, to sympathize and understand others. He helps the newbies, mediates arguments and tries to be a little sunshine in their dark occupation.

    In some ways, his smile could represent his escapist nature. As long as he can keep smiling, all of his problems aren't there. Or if they are, they will eventually resolve themselves given enough time. Confrontations have never been his strong point; he'd just as well let them beat him up than try to defend himself. The courage to take the plunge, to admit the truth, to say how he feels, has never been something he wanted.

    Though a coward, he hides behind a cheerful front. He hesitates to lead any soul, fearing another memory. He recognizes that the latter half of his life was filled with pain and misery, and does not wish to relive any of it. It's fine if he's stuck as a death god for the rest of eternity; at least he would never have to face the realities of what he did.
    memento mori
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    Hiroi Makoto. People describe him as the person you forget. He's not particularly outstanding, or interesting. The very definition of average on the surface, perhaps even seeming dim-witted at times, but Makoto's not stupid, nor is he unperceptive. He just chooses to show that side of him to the world that forgets him, and that's the way he likes it. If there's one truth in Makoto's life he will tell you as he sees it: that all words are dangerous, and exchanging them even more so.

    He's a person who constantly lives in a world of his own beyond the perception of everyone else, not because he's a particularly philosophical or whimsical person, but simply because he didn't have to interact with people that way. Makoto will tell you that he "prefers to remain a free dude", but the truth is much more mundane: he's afraid of responsibility. Afraid to find out about his past that might one day burden him, and his own mind is where he runs for sanctuary.

    He doesn't know what caused him to become a death god, nor is he interested in finding out, because then the burden of being a disappointment to himself would be too much to bear. So he's perfectly happy staying a death god, being agreeable, making polite conversation when needed and remaining largely neutral in any matter concerning him. He's friendly to everyone but a friend of no one, always there but never present, as the year turns and he flows with the sands of time, secretly praying that he never finds out about his past. He's not ready to move on. Not just yet.

    @Soli and @monopoisoner
    memento mori
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  15. I'll work on my things when I have a moment out of class. ;;^;;
    I'm waiting on my next class, but man... not feeling the motivation to focus today.
  16. [​IMG]

    The first impression one gets of Ryouchi is that he barely has any presence at all. The near definition of a ghost, he fades into the background easily with his pale skin and hair. It's as if he has been washed out of the color he used to have, even his eyes are a dull shade of blue. However, a change occurs when he interacts with the people he considers as friends, he appears to be glowing when he helps someone and the only times he smiles with genuine ease is when he feels accepted by the rest. He is always one to voluntarily help others, guiding the rookies with a sense of timeless patience. Eager to please, he does things without asking for a reward, just to make the other person happy. His natural instinct is to appease others, instinctively seeking for acceptance and friendship amongst most new acquaintances.

    He is always able to see the good in everyone, no matter how they might act toward him. In a way, Ryuochi accepts abuse as though he deserved every bit of it. If you insult him he is quite likely to agree with you, mentally beating himself up whenever he does something even slightly wrong or caused trouble for anyone. He always puts himself at fault, no matter whether or not he truly is responsible. What was the reason for his inferiority complex he doesn't know, nor does he care to find out. Something tells him that if he does reach back it would have been awfully painful, so he tries to convince himself he's fine with staying in one place.

    @Soli and @monopoisoner
    memento mori
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  17. Hnnnnng~ Yeah! I'll start working on things on my end. I'm just super stressed out and all that jazz right now. x 3x;;;
  18. Yeeeee! Much excite! Gotta get home first though LOL. I have all my notes for Aki just need to put it all together in my computer + w + (Such a diligent student...when it comes to non-school related things :3c )
  19. *Burns @Birb 's bedsheets*
    Now that that's out of the way, I think I'll be able to finish up my CS app hopefully by tomorrow? If my brain doesn't decide to run off on me. >:c
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