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    Welcome to MEMENTO MORI, a roleplay run by mono and soli. Please take note that the roleplay was constructed WITHOUT MOBILE VIEW in mind. It should still be mostly readable, but ideally viewed from a desktop. If any posts look wonky, we recommend refreshing to get rid of the "new" post tag. c: We hope you enjoy your stay.
  2. goodbye
    Welcome to memento mori, a roleplay run by mono and soli. Based around the concept of death gods, it takes on a darker slice of life atmosphere.

    even death has a heart

    what if life doesn't really end after death?
    what do you have to do to finally rest?
    CS can be found by clicking this link. Remember to turn off RTE or this will become a sodding mess x(

    Please change all #1460ef to your preferred hexcode using this website.

    Anyway, the image on the left side is 250x600, please replace with an image you feel fits with your color scheme. The 125x125 image on the upper right side should be of your character. The username at the bottom is yours, because that's your character after all and no one should take it without permission.

    The text on the large image to the left can be of anything you want, and you're free to adjust the area it's floating on if it's awkward. The coding, however, is a bit sensitive so I don't recommend it if you're not confident in your abilities. If you want help, just tell me and I should be able to play the knight in shining armor to your damsel in distress.

    Please don't hesitate to ask for help if the code breaks or any similar situations. c: That's what I'm here for! Worse comes to worst I'll just copy-paste everything into a fresh code. c:

    Finally, please don't recycle or take this code without permission. I'd be genuinely unhappy to see any reproduction of this at its current state. This may change as time goes on and my abilities improve, but right now I'd rather not have anyone copy this. I'm sorry!
  3. goodbye
    Write anything you'd like here. If you're confident in your abilities to mess with my bb-code, feel free to adjust the positioning of this text. If you aren't, just arrange your crop around this, sorry! I can help you if you'd like. Feel free to change to goodbye to something else too.

    short quote

    exorcism: insert religion here
    soul weapon: insert name here
    faceclaim: name (source)
    Write about your character's personality here. Feel free to go more in-depth and add additional details, like how they feel as a death god, losing their memories and anything else you feel is related. On another note, the image to the left is 250x600, while the one on top is 125x125 just so you don't forget.


     [religion here]
    what resources do they use? any special chants?

    soul weapon
     [name of soul weapon here]
    explain what exactly is it, how they use it, and what relevance does it have to them if this information is already available


    In this section, write about what they currently know about their past life, little clues that would help other roleplayers draw some conclusions about your character. They could be wrong, they could be right, but that's the fun of it!
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    This post is reserved should I need to add anything else to the front page, which is very likely to happen given how bad I am at keeping tabs on myself.
    memento mori
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    This post is reserved should I need to add anything else to the front page, which is very likely to happen given how bad I am at keeping tabs on myself.
    memento mori
  6. hush
    now my child. Because sometimes only in silence can you listen to the cries of the lost. Sometimes just hearing isn’t enough.

    we can find no scar
    Emily Dickinson; There’s a certain slant of light

    exorcism: Shinto
    soul weapon: Headphones
    faceclaim: Hokuto Hidaka (enstars!)
    The first thing you would notice about Akihito Shibuya is that if he’s there, he’s there to help. If he’s not there, you have to look for him for help. Not that it’s hard to find him. He’s usually seen wandering around everywhere when possible. No music playing in those headphones of his and daydreaming about who knows exactly what. Or doing...you know, death god duties.

    Though not exactly a dreamer (nor idealistic enough to try to be one, he finds the thought of it extremely stressing and tiring), Aki does often get lost in his thoughts. And for that, he often gets nagged at by the little voice in the back of his head to get his easily distracted self back into work. Aki does find the voice strange and...a bit rude, but he can never find it in himself to really argue. At least it’s helpful.


    Though not exactly the most cheery of the bunch--he’s much too quiet for that--Aki is definitely one of the most serene. Perhaps it just has to do with his gentle and compassionate nature. It definitely has a large part in his calm demeanor. However, after spending some time with the young death god, one would notice that as serene as Aki is...he never seems to be capable of fully expressing happiness. Sure, he gives plenty of those small smiles as a greeting or maybe out of amusement...but he never seems to have the will or the energy to let happiness fully bloom into his face.

    It’s as if life or at least someone had wrung the will to be happy out of him.


    (1) Since Aki doesn’t know much (if any) purification prayers for ritual purification, he sticks with throwing amulets and talismans that he makes ahead of time (he studied a lot to get at least that right).
    (2) Once, he ran out of charms to throw and ended up throwing a daruma at the ghost instead.
    (3) Most of Aki’s exorcisms look pretty ridiculous but sometimes he gets lucky and gets to just dump a good dipperful of shrine water on them.
    (4) Because he’s a respectful child, Aki feels bad about throwing blessed objects so readily and usually visits a shrine to perform temizu.
    (5) The one time he threw the daruma, he prayed at a shrine for a good hour. (Religious or not. Throwing blessed/religious items isn’t exactly the nicest thing to do. And what if some higher being decides to smite you for it?)

    soul weapon
    (1) just a pair of noise isolating headphones that work particularly well
    (2) they cancel all outside noise for the wearer so Aki doesn’t wear them over his ears often
    (3) they will probably be useful against the ghosts who like to wail and scream a lot
    (4) the wire is usually short (not longer than a hand length) but can be extended and used as a rope
    (5) Aki doesn’t know what exactly the significance of these headphones are but he knows that someone close to him have given it to him


    As a death god, the only things he seemed to know from the beginning was his name and the constantly lingering weariness. Akihito does want to get his memories back but he’s not in any particular hurry to do so. He believes that waiting patiently for his memories to come along would be best for himself.

    So far, he remembers walking with someone hand in hand as a child but he can’t seem to remember the face--let alone who it was. Whenever he thinks back on that memory however, he can’t help but feel a pang of guilt for some reason. This worries him because guilt can mean anything. Aki really hopes that he hasn’t done anything harmful to anyone.

    Fun Facts: He also seems to have an instinctual talent for soccer. | He speaks in Kansai dialect so he assumes that he’s from the Kansai region.
    Hint: The fun fact is not really a hint. Just a small but relevant part of Aki.
  7. child
    To depart without giving a reason why is to leave a curse on those you leave behind.

    the dead don't reply

    exorcism: roman catholic
    soul weapon: porcelain doll
    faceclaim: mika kagehira (ensemble stars!)
    The smile he paints on his face day after day is simply disguise. He's a coward. He whispers it in the quiet, unheard by anyone except himself. He stifles this self-deprecating urge underneath kindness and a forced smile, believing that he shouldn't trouble anyone else with his own problems. He seeks to help others instead, to sympathize with their plight. He knows it has ties to his past, but it's an issue he'd rather run away from than confront.

    Haruka runs from his problems like a prey might from its predators. He pretends they don't exist, hoping they'll eventually resolve themselves or lay forgotten by everyone. With a friendly joke and a smooth change of subject, he deflects inquiries, cursing how naturally the lies came to him. Yet the courage to take the plunge, to admit the truth, to say how he feels, has never been something he wanted. He knows it's pathetic, and hates himself for it. But anything to run away from the demons of his former life.


     [roman catholic]
    (1) haruka primarily uses holy water when exorcising and liberally sprays the ghost with the liquid
    (2) depending on how strong the ghost is and the amount of water used, it can stun them temporarily to outright cleanse them

    soul weapon
     [porcelain doll]
    (1) a pretty porcelain doll he affectionately calls his sunshine
    (2) haruka positions the doll beside the dying human; once their death comes, he gently closes its eyes and the soul separates from the corporeal body
    (3) the doll is ill-suited for combat; the most it does is temporarily stun enemies when they stare into its eyes


    Haruka has few memories of his former life, and for that he's thankful. He's made sure to keep it minimal. The few that have seeped through the cracks, however, have made him fearful of what's to come. They came in no particular order, although he has a rough idea of how they are in the timeline of his life.

    He remembers a city skyline, and the endlessly orange backdrop that was the sky. An autumn bite blows against his face. He can feel a grief that cuts through him like a knife, his legs locked stiff and his hands shaking uncontrollably, but not from the cold. Fear and guilt make the bile rise in his throat, but he can't do anything but breathe. No tears, no words, no sound.

    His next memory is one that feels happy, if a bit melancholic. The light pain of pricking his finger on a needle, simply spraying disinfectant and slapping a bandaid on with practiced ease. A quick perusal shows many of his fingers sporting several different colors of first aid. The material in his hand is bunched as he tries to manipulate it into ruffles. There's a simple pleasure as he worked, the voice in his headphones making him laugh on several occasions. He knows it's a rather early memory, as the ID on the bed is from a junior high.

    And finally, several short intermittent memories of being at home alone, his fingers on the keyboard and the lights off. He resents his parents, some featuring shouting wherein he simply accepted it as he attempted to tune them out as he browsed. Haruka finds peace on the screen, although his memories failed to tell him exactly what was on the monitor. Some were games, he was certain. There were moments of bitter pain, and then episodes where he felt satisfied.
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