Member Survey: What info would YOU find super useful to see at the start of all roleplay threads?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. We are sloooooowwwly making progress with testing out the new forum system. And we've learned how to do some pretty AWESOME and cool things that will make roleplaying on Iwaku even easier.

    One of the things we can do, is add little text fields people can fill out when starting a new roleplay thread that can give some quick info to potential players. And it will display in the first post of the thread (and possibly in some handy other places!)

    So my question: What are some quick "at a glance" things you wish you could see about a roleplay when you see the topic in the thread list, OR when you read the first post of the In Character thread or Signup Sheets?

    Some examples would be "Rating" "Short Plot Summary" "Genre", just little things you find useful when hunting for a roleplay.
  2. I think number of players still needed could be one?
  3. A quick link to the corresponding thread, and a list of the cast! Maybe with links to their individual bio posts so I don't have to go searching for them.

    Will it be easily editable? Cuz then the GM could update it on where they are in the story, or what's happening currently. That would be really helpful in JumpIns especially.
  4. List of cast, Genre, Plot summary, and the idea of tagging RPs would be a great way for others to find what they are looking for. Exp. A group RP that is Apoctolyptic but also Sci-Fi. In tags it could have #apocalypse #Sci-Fi or/and #Apocalypse-Sci-Fi.

    I hope that made sense?? @@
  5. plot summary, tags, number of players, quick glance that pops up when you place your mouse over the thread, specific genre like it falls into sci/fi but also gives you an idea of what kind i.e. space travel futureistic, modern social, fantasy battle. ect
  6. I think there should be the Genre, Newest to Oldest, Short Summary, and some sort of rating system that will let us know if it is a single liner, Para-RP, or just in between the two.
  7. genre would be a good one. or if some people were picky like me and rp in one on ones perhaps what gender they're looking for, what kind of character they're looking the other person to play if they're looking for a certain character for a certain plot
  8. Genre, current amount of people playing in it (Though that could be complicated), and a classification similar to what we have int he Mature section.
  9. I think having more than a handful of criteria here might defeat the purpose of "at a glance" information. The only things I think it really needs would be a plot summary, genre (either customizable or allow multiple selections), content rating, link to the IC/OOC, and number of players (something like "_/_ spots filled", possibly?). If people want to know more than that, they can read the info provided in the thread.
  10. Info on the people in the thread saying how open to roleplaying with others they are... Like a label. 'Open' 'Pending' 'Closed'.
  11. Agree with Cammy, that would be kinda helpful.
  12. I agree with Gico who agrees with Cammy, it is the one thing I see on a lot of other forums which seems to be lacking on this forum. In particular the availability of a thread for profiles vs. a 'global OOC', I have taken to creating one for each of my RP's though one of them got merged back into the OOC thread out of what I would assume is common practice for moderating threads here.

    I like having a place I can put up the accepted profiles that allows for quick review when needed, so it would be helpful if on the new forums we had a separate area for those profile threads. Of course I believe that many of these other implementations are great ideas as well, though I feel that the prefix system pretty much covers the genre's of the threads, slot and post size information would be great information to have available right in the tile or at least on the first post.

    Also, this is nice, knowing that you guys come to the community for their feedback on this kind of stuff, it really leaves an impression.
  13. That's why as a GM I link all the bios on the second page for easy access to the bios. Different strokes I suppose.