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  1. Greetings!

    I have created a modern day murder mystery group rp, and a member has dropped out! We would like to fill the spot as soon as possible so that the rp may continue as normal.

    The rules are simple: go on as a dinner guest at the esteemed Lord Upton's manor, and try to win his favor to win his million dollar fortune. One member has been chosen as the murderer, and will remain a secret unless the group manages to find them first!

    Here is the character signup thread. I am not looking for new characters, rather for someone to replace the two who have dropped out. One member plays two characters each.

    You are still welcome to touch up the character signup sheet to suit your needs, but the overall feel must remain the same.

    Name: Hector Henson
    Age: 33
    Height: 1,89m (~6'2)
    Personality: Edgy, impatient, cynical
    Occupation: Currently a lawyer
    History: Hector is a typical businessman, son of the famous Braddock Henson, owner of the Henson Industries. After the death of his father, Hector started to run the company. In his run, the company grew bigger, turning it into a billion dollars business. Due to trouble with the share-holders, he lost everything except for a few million dollars he saved on his own account. He doesn't trust people very much, and is completely cynic about Lord Upton invitation. He believes there is more to the invitation than it meets the eye. Seeing as Lord Upton is trying to choose a heir, Hector decided to keep his opinions to himself, to not to spoil his chances.
    What reason do I have to doubt you?: Would do anything to get his fortune back.
    What reason do I have to trust you?: Isn't the sort of guy who would go around killing people with his own hands.


    Name: Charles Henson
    Age: 26
    Height: 1,72m (~5'6)
    Personality: Careless, lazy, hedonistic.
    Occupation: Unemployed
    History: Charlie is the younger brother of Hector. Constantly misbehaving in public, he feels out of place on a family that's all about the money. During the fall of his father company, he took all the money he could carry and traveled across the world, getting to know new cultures. Eventually, he was kidnapped and all his money was stolen. After spending two months captive, the police still couldn't find him, and the kidnappers were asking for more money than his family had. He got away by himself, in a risky runaway. Nowadays he acts as if nothing ever happened to him, as if he isn't even a bit traumatized. He fears that the invitation from Lord Upton has something to do with the kidnapping.
    What reason do I have to doubt you?: Killed before in order to escape the kidnappers
    What reason do I have to trust you?: Has no clear motive; not cold blooded;

    Again, please contact ASAP, as we would like to fill this role up soon! More details can be explained in a PM if interested.
  2. Posting requirements for the thread,

    Two paragraphs average. Simply put, no one liners. Short posts are acceptable.

    Once the person in the rotation before you has posted, you have three days to make a reply after them. The rotation will be abolished once we a re a few pages in the story.

    That's literally it. There is a group PM that has been established to discuss anything.

    The RP can be found here.
  3. Only male characters? Wow this rp must be pretty intense if your looking for people to replace them eh?
  4. We've only just started (Not even past the first page). This particular member decided to have two male characters.

    If you're interested in joining us, you're more than welcome to! You would have to play these characters, however, as they're already integrated into the group.
  5. I'm sorry I really can't bring male characters to life but i'll tell my guy friends about it -shrug-
  6. Alright, thank you for the reply. If they're interested, please have them PM me.
  7. Totally good luck bruh.
  8. Still looking for one member.
  9. Still in need of someone!
  10. I'm willing to allow some changes to the characters at this point if only we can have one more member back in the group.

    Please PM me for details.
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