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  1. hello im in member central
  2. I'm in Iwaku... o___o

    Welcome to Iwaku, Kronas! I am Iliana and its a pleasure to have you here! If you need any help navigating or something, give me or someone else with a blue name a tap on the shoulder, and we'll be right there!

    But for now? LINKS.

    For joining role plays without signing up:
    Jump Ins!

    For flexing your rp muscles and signing up for mentors and stuff:

    For requesting or answering a request for a one on one rp: OnevOnes!
  3. I second Ily...

    Welcome to the Community Krony! IF you need help please let us know = w=
  4. i need help finding the horror genre
  5. We don't have one exact forum for horror. What you need to do is check out sign ups.. I believe a horror roleplay is about to start. I don't know if it is still accepting played, but you can post and ask.. here is the link...

    Welcome to Iwaku! ^.^
  6. Welcome to Iwaku!

    My name is Tetsuri.

    Enjoy your stay here at the community.

  7. Welcome, welcome to Iwaku, Kronas...

    Have some cookies...

    and see you around!

  8. :) thanks you guys and for the cookies we shud all RP sometime