Melting Like Gold.

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  1. Appearance:[​IMG]

    Name:Kai Akhenaton



    Weight:116 lbs


    Eye Color:Golden

    Hair Color:Black


    Sexual Orientation:Bisexual

    Strengths:Drawing || Poetry || Music || Cooking

    Weaknesses:Cute Animals like cats|| The dark || Insects || Math || Architecture

    Personality:Stubborn || Hotheaded || Impulsive || Caring || Sweet || Artistic ||


    Background:Not everyone in Egypt could read and write. It is a special occupation. Being a scribe was one way a poor boy could rise in the world, so poorer families often worked hard to send a bright boy to school. And that is what Kai's family did. Kai's Father had a sickness that could not be cured and soon he would die and he would have to become the man of the house hold. He was sent to become a scribe so that one day he could work as a scribe in a temple or a law court.

    Kai was a very smart boy, he learned fast and was gifted with his words, he loved poetry. Talented scribes like him usually became rich and was welcomed by the pharaoh. But Kai had no time for that when his very teacher told the pharaoh of his talent, then it was decided that he would be the next sacrifice to the god.
  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Cyril
    Age: Doesn't remember, probably millenniums old.
    Appearance: Cyril stands at 6'1'' and weighs around 158 lbs. He's well-muscled, but not too bulky. His eyes are like two sapphires, cold but rich. He has sandy brown hair, similar to the color as the Nile sand banks.
    Occupation: Egyptian god
    Likes: A challenge, good food, Nile River, and sunsets.
    Dislikes: Mortals disrespecting him.
    Personality: He's very calm and every move is calculated. Cyril rarely gets mad, but when he does, be careful. This god is possessive over things that catch his eyes, though he can be very fickle at times.
    Background: He is the god of prosperity.

    Very bare but that'll do. o///o
  3. How do you spend your last day? That a tough one. That's what Kai was going through. Today was not going to be as every usual day, today was his last day to live and he had no say in it.
    "What does someone do on his last?" He wrote his last few words to his new poem and rolled the scroll up, tied it with a ribbon and left it in the temple for his sister.
    "What if I ran away? never that will be being a coward and they most likely kill my family then" he walked slowly home.

    All the other people were staring at him, yes, it didn't take long for the whole of Egypt to hear that he, Kai Akhenaton, was to be the next sacrifice to their great and fearsome god.
    "Why me..why not someone old and sick like last time...why anyone at all" he was frowning at the ground as he walked only instinct leading him through the busy market.
    "They say that he's a demon...they worship him..we all do...but why would he want sacrifices...the very people who bowed down to him every moment of the day"

    He walked quite a while before he reached his house, he had taken the long way around wanting to enjoy the scenery once more before sunset.
    Once he reached his home, his mother and sister where setting dinner, fish and fruits, but Kai was not allowed to eat, only drink wine for the priest said that he had to be clean to please the god.
    His family was just as sad as he was. Most people just dies unexpectedly, but it was much worse to know exactly when you would be killed and not even be mummified to greet the after life. No he would just die.

    The closer it got to sunset heavier the silence became, one would think that you would say your last words but last words would only push forth unwanted tears making situations even harder.

    It was all upon them too soon. He was taken back to the temple by his family and all the other people followed behind.
    "My last sunset" he tried to find regrets in his life as he was bathed in milk and honey. He was dries with pure cotton, his body still smelling of the sweet honey. They painted hieroglyphics on his torso all bearing a meaning that only a god could read or so they say.
    On his arms where heavy golden bracelets similar to the ones on his ankles. Around his neck and onto his chest hung a heavy gold and beaded necklace.
    He was now ready to be a sacrifice for the god.
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  4. Another mundane day filled with sighs. Cyril gazed at the sunset. Today was the day where he would get his sacrifice. Honestly, Cyril had no idea why there were sacrifices - It was something that all the gods did. But unlike most of them, he would just let them die and forget about them. Like water rushing through the Nile, those memories would flow away. Cyril didn't expect today's sacrifice to be any different. Well, however, this one was young. He was used to seeing the old and sickly and they seemed to have accepted their fate.

    This one was different. He was young, nicely dressed and had a sad look upon him. Hmm. Interesting. He slowly descended, and like that in a flash, the sacrifice was gone before those people could get their knives into him. Cyril teleported the two into his home - a nice home surrounded with animals, plants, and flowing fountains. He smiled at the young man, his sacrifice, and sat down on a simple hammock.

  5. He was still looking out at the shadows that were coming his way as the sun set behind the endless sand, and the moon showed her face. His fear and sadness showed on his face, what was to come? Then he was swept away like in a sandstorm the only thing absent was the pain of the sand hitting his soft skin.
    “What” he asked in his head as he was set down somewhere, it was beautiful, it was filled with plants and animals those kinds that only travelers had ever seen. It was green and had a clean cent to it, unlike the heated, sweaty smell of his once home.
    “hello” sounded infront of him and he looked up so fast he almost fell off of the place he was sitting. “who are you” he asked and got to his feet, fright very clear in his golden eyes.
  6. Cyril gently laughed at the boy's reaction, those golden eyes filled with fear. "Don't be afraid," he assured. "I'm not here to hurt you. My name is Cyril." A flock of macaws flew above, cawing their song. The god looked up at the blue sky before pointing his gaze at his sacrifice. "Tell me your name."
  7. Kai lookes confused, not hurt him? It was a joke it had to be one. "You are meant to kill me so that you won't arm the other" he said still shocked by how calm the other was. He didn't look like a threat at all "M-my name is Kai" he said softly afraid to anger the god.
  8. Cyril laughed, a cold laugh when he heard what Kai said.

    "Oh, the sacrifices are something your people chose to continue," he said. "But, it doesn't hurt." He smiled and beckoned the human to come closer so he could inspect him. "Kai, is it? You should be grateful that I spare your life," he said, chuckling.
  9. Kai stepped closer to the god, it felt so strange to be in a place like this close to someone like him...and he was still alive..."Why would you spare me?" He asked but suddenly felt like that was a bad idea.
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