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  1. (So yeah, here is a little short of a story I am writing. I wrote it a while back, so the quality is not as good as it could be. Anyways, criticism is welcomed. ^^)

    The Beginning

    It all happened in an instant. The explosions, the screams. Parents frantically looking for their children. The distant growls and clicks from some unknown threat. What were any of us to do? Simple. Make a run for it. I bolted passed all the panicking people. Ignoring the cries and pleas for help. No. There was no time for such a thing in this situation. I ran into a small grocery store, hoping that whatever was out there couldn't open doors. I took a deep breath and plopped down on one of the benches next to the door." What the heck is going on?" I thought to myself as I watched the mass chaos happening right outside the door. I felt a nagging desire to go out and help who I could, but shook the thought away. Why would I risk my life for someone I had no clue who they were? I rummaged around the store looking for simple items I could fit in my bag. As I reached for a candy bar, I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up. Some one was in here...Watching me. I reached in my purse, pulling out my pocket knife, "Like this is going to help me.." I huffed. I jumped as I heard a low rumble on the other side of the shelf. Was it that creature that everyone was running from? There was only one way to find out. I gripped my small knife and sneaked silently to the other side of the shelf, peaking my head over the corner. A gasp escaped from my mouth at the sudden horrific sight before me. It was a person...emphasis on 'was'. This creature staggered around, flinging rotten flesh from it's decaying body. Looking for it's desired prey. I froze as it's gaze turned to me.

    It clacked it's teeth as it staggered in my direction, saliva dripping from it's rotten mouth. It looked like it used to be a female judging by the protruding chest, besides that factor, it was hard to identify the gender of this creature. I gripped the knife harder as the creature came closer. I took in a deep breath and aimed at the monster's chest, and I closed my eyes as I held it out. The monster charged at its zoned in prey, letting out a hungry snarl. Then shrieked as it ran directly into the blade.I popped open one eye, to see the creature face to face with me, biting the air as if trying to reach me. I yanked the knife out, and the creature fell squirming. "Why isn't it dead?.." I thought to myself when it dawned on me. The movies and books I read. Was this real? Could it be a zombie? If so there was only one way to kill it. I lifted up my right leg and made sure to have a perfect aim to it's head. I slammed down onto the zombie's skull over and over again until I was sure it was dead. I wiped my face as I noticed it was moist with sweat. I sat down, propping my back on one of the shelves. What was I to do if there were more out there? Hiding in this store would be good for a couple days, but eventually it would no longer be safe if this continued. Where would I go after this? Was anywhere safe anymore? Thinking of all the possibilities made me begin to tremble and breathe unevenly. "No not now. Not at a time like this." I said out with a weak voice. I shook my head hoping to shrug away the nearing anxiety attack. There was no time for such things. I quickly looked around seeing if their was any needed items. My gaze stopped on a display of knives encased in glass. I ran up to it and vainly tried to open it. I groaned and searched for a near by object. I grabbed a hard-back book on the sales rack. I slammed it against the glass barrier; glass erupting from every direction. I screamed at the sharp pain in my arm. A large glass shard burrowed down deep into my skin. I begin running my fingers across the shard, flinching a I tried to grip the glass. I found a small angle of the shard and began yanking. I bit my tongue to keep from screaming. I gasped as the shard slowly slid out of my skin. I let out a deep sigh and smacked my mouth as I began to feel the metallic taste of blood forming on my tongue. "I must've bit down too hard." I thought to myself. I grabbed my bleeding arm and began searching for something to clot up the wound. I began to panic as blood flowed through my fingers, it's warmth giving my stomach a sick feeling. I quickly rummaged through bandages grabbing one that seemed to cover up the wound fairly well. I sighed in relief as the blood remained under the bandage, hopefully clotting the open wound. I mustered up what strength I had left to push some of the shelves against the main entrance to the store. I grimaced at the pain in my arm caused from the pressure used in pushing the shelf. I plopped down onto the floor and began counting medical supplies." Well there is enough to last me around a week," I sighed. I crawled to beside the window and peeked to see the chaos outside. I felt myself gag as one of the 'zombies' tore into a young boy. His screaming even penetrating the thick brick walls of the gas station. I slid down the wall and onto the floor, and scrunched into my typical fetal position. Except this time it was out of terror. I looked around the store; knives, food, water, and a bathroom. Couldn't I just wait in here? No, these 'zombies' were eventually going to break in.