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  1. Hello! Melon here. I am looking for some 1x1's. I haven't done many 1x1's, but I have a growing interest in them. I won't go into full detail in the thread, and would prefer to discuss more of the plot in PMs.

    My interests:
    Elder Scrolls: This is my favorite video game series, and I would love to do a RP based off the series

    Halo: My second favorite video game series. I am also interested in doing a RP on this game series

    The Walking Dead: Probably my favorite TV series ( Not caught up with the newest season, but I know the basis of the story) I would love to make our OWN characters for this one.

    Any horror-based RP: I adore horror/slasher films, and would love to do an RP with a horror theme.

    Your generic romance: Yes, yes. I am a sucker for romance, don't look at me like that! Yes I will allow romance in the other RP's, but it would be nice to have one more focused on it. However, I don't want things to get sexual....because no. Not interested. I may consider it if you are a teen, but I still will probably steer clear of those situations.

    Okay that is the RP ideas I am most ideas...but if you offer me a good plot, it will be hard for me to resist!

    Also I would rather you PM if you're interested than post in this thread!
  2. I'd gladly take you up on an Elder Scrolls or Halo-based RP.
  3. Yay! Feel free to PM me. I'd love to do an Elder Scrolls RP ^^
  4. I'm a sucker for anything romance. I'm not sure if the ten-posts-to-pm rule applies on this site, but if it does, then you might have to PM me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.