Melodic High School (Battle Edition)

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  1. On behalf of Melody High School, I bid you welcome to the Melody High School!
    You are a unique and talented mix of students who have come to us from every corner of the globe:
    We are thrilled you are all here.
    In the coming days and weeks, you will start building lifelong friendships; you will begin classes and you will start to explore ways to fill out your days and evenings - the less tangible part of your education here - the student experience.
    Aside from the outstanding education you will receive at Melody's, I can tell you from personal experience that for Melody's graduates, it is overwhelmingly the student experience that stays with us the longest.
    Having returned to Melody's this summer, and being only a few days into my term as Principal, I envy you and where you are in your lives; I think back very fondly to my first days as an undergraduate here over 30 years ago when, like many of you, I arrived with a new world of possibilities, friendships, educational experiences and extra-curricular opportunities lying in front of me.
    There are literally hundreds of groups on campus, and endless opportunities to serve the community in whatever facet of society that interests or compels you.
    Thousands of Melody's students commit time, energy and talent across the City every year, and this engagement and volunteerism has always set us apart.
    As many of you know already, it's immensely gratifying to help and support a fellow human being and make their lives better.
    We have a proud tradition of our students working and volunteering in and around the city and then moving on with great professional and personal success in serving their communities and country for the betterment of our society - you have this potential too.
    I also urge you to be respectful of the community in which you now live -- to personify the High School's vision as an inclusive and positive environment that celebrates equality and diversity.
    Freedom of speech and thought, and the processes of analysis and criticism are at the heart of this and every good High School.
    Ideas are born and are challenged; some survive and grow; others die.
    Discussion, discourse and debate are central to learning - and these conversations happen not only in class, but in coffee houses, residence dining halls, on lawns, you name it.
    In that spirit, I am going to ask you to do two things this year that may take you outside your comfort level.
    The first is to experiment with your courses; do stretch yourself and take something that is unfamiliar or challenging-who knows what new doorways this will open for you, or what new way of seeing the world.
    The second is on a personal level: by the end of the year, I would like each one of you here to be able to say that you have gotten to know someone who is very different from you, perhaps by religion, ethnicity or background, and who may even hold diametrically opposed views to yours on issues of importance.
    You will find this both an enriching experience, and good practice for keeping an open mind, for defending your own beliefs and customs through reasoned argument while being respectful of the beliefs and practices of others.
    I also want to remind you that you have responsibilities both to the Melody's Community and the citizens of our beloved town.
    Some residents who live near campus have, at times, been subjected to excessive noise and destructive behavior by a small minority of students.
    Unfortunately, the rowdy and inappropriate behavior of a few can affect the reputation of the High School, locally and beyond, and potentially tarnish the value of your degree.
    I urge you to make safe and responsible decisions about what you do and where you go every day and every night out.
    I personally expect that you will honor the Student Code of Conduct and respect the rights and values of our town neighbors.
    Finally, I know life is busy and there is a lot of work to be done, people to see and places to be, but remember to take time for yourself and take care of yourself.
    There are many supports and services available if you ever need them.
    We want you to thrive and succeed here, academically, socially and personally.
    It is a great pleasure as Principal to welcome you all to the beginning of your lifelong association with Melody's High School and I hope to meet many of you in this first year of your journey.
    You will certainly see me walking around campus and dropping in to unexpected places like the residence dining halls.
    I am also planning to swim and use the new Melody's Center, our stunning athletic, recreation and student life complex that's opening soon. It will be a stellar addition to your student experience.
    When you see me, please come up and speak with me, or sit down and join me. I certainly look forward to talking with you.
    I want to thank you for choosing Melody's. We are happy and privileged you are here.
    I wish you all the best for an exciting and rewarding, challenging and stimulating four years on this campus, which will be the start of what I hope will be a lifelong experience as members of the Melody's family.


    Melody High School Code :​
    1. Obey the World Rule (IWAKU)​
    2. Be Respectful toward teacher and principal​
    3. Battle outside the music studio is forbidden​
    4. Student Dorm closed at 20.00​
    5. Breaking the code will punished by Expelling ​
    6. Every problem must be solved by music battle​

    Character CS :
    use this code
    Name :
    Birth date & Age :
    Gender :
    Appearance : (picture or description)
    Personality :
    Likes :
    Dislike :
    Class : (there is three class available Instrument class, Vocal class, or Orchestra class)
    Genre : (Genre in music)
    Brief History :
    Name :
    Picture :
    Power :
    History :


    • Name : Reiji
      Birth date & Age : 16 Oct (17 years)
      Gender : Male
      Appearance :
      Personality : WIP
      Likes : Donuts
      Dislike : Cat
      Class : Instrument class
      Genre : Rock
      Brief History : WIP

    • Name : Gretsch
      Picture :
      Power : Improved Bass
      History : WIP

    Reiji walked to his room after the principal speech ended. "those speech are boring. i prefer the sound of my drum" then he sat down on his bed and shut his eyes. in his mind he tried to memorized one of his favorite song he always listening. "ah.... it's the best song. as i though We will rock you is better than Bohemian Rhapsody" Reiji humming while his arm and leg tried to replicate the song with air drum.

    • Name : Eliza Locusworth
      Birth date & Age : September 29th, 1997
      Gender : Female
      Appearance :
      Personality : A diva queen of sorts, the Egyptian beauty uses her voice and tricks to bypass almost every obstacle! She is cunning, devious, sinister, agile, and smart. Dangerous traits combined indeed.
      Likes : Cats, Bastet, Egypt, Blood, Headdresses, Her Singing
      Dislike : Dogs,
      Class : Vocal class
      Genre : Jazz, Pop, Rap
      Brief History : A woman of culture, Eliza has always used her golden voice to overcome others in anyway she could. She soon got top act a nearby club before owning it herself years later, dubbing it 'Bastet's Den'. One night while in her dressing room, she looked in her mirror and saw the eyes of something that could be huge!...Godlike, even. With this, she traveled to music schools far and wide to improve her already beautiful voice to become a siren of sorts, her greed driving her to want her own empire, to rule nations, or even the world with her commanding voice alone...

    • Name : Amun-Rah
      Picture :
      Power : The eye on the bottom amplifies her voice from the microphone, specialized for only Eliza's voice. She can also whack stuff with it.
      History : It was a gift to Eliza after her first performance, and she kept it ever since.

    Eliza's chair was carried out by two men from the speech as she was seen polishing her nails, being put down right outside the place of the speech as the men were really tired, lifting Eliza up that entire speech and having to hold her up by a metal chair nonetheless! Just metal, no handles or anything! The scarlet woman got up and was not pleased at all with these people's disrespect for her importance. She ogled upon them with an evil glare, and based on the looks on their faces the men were actually afraid of Eliza "Is this the respect an empress is given around here?!" She shouts, stabbing the tip of Amun-Rah into the ground, shaking her head "No, no, no! This won't do one bit! What kind of ruler needs to WALK!?" She then turns towards the two, her eyebrows furrowing "I'll deal with you two when I have the proper army." She points away with Amun-Rah, leaning forward "ENJOY YOUR NUMBERED DAYS! THAT WAS AN ORDER!" The men were sweating as they quickly said "Yes ma'am!" Then rushing away at full speed. Eliza 'hmmphed', then turning away and starting to walk to her dorm.
  2. (Sorry, I couldn't figure out the code...)
    Name : Erin
    Birth date & Age : May 11th (17 years)
    Gender : Female
    Appearance :
    Personality : She's tough and some people take it the wrong way. They don't see the side of her that's always caring and stands up for others. She's also more of a tomboy, not into wearing girly things, causing other girls to stray away from her. (She doesn't like jewelry either, except for maybe stud earrings occasionally)
    Likes : Guitar, music, food, and dogs.
    Dislike : Color pink, skirts, heels, make-up, and catty girls.
    Class : Instrument Class
    Genre : Rock
    Brief History : Will most likely be brought up later...

    Name : Alzibil
    Picture :
    Power : Whatever emotion Erin is playing on this guitar, others can feel it in her music. It's not controlling them, but they can actually feel emotions in the music. For defense purposes, really loud sound waves can be played on it, possibly making ears bleed. The louder it's played, the more things will crack and break apart, from the pressure of the sound waves.
    History : Alzibil was given to Erin when she turned 13. She's loved it and kept it close to her ever since. Even during school, she keeps it strapped on her back in it's case, afraid someone might try taking it. Even though she gets weird looks and lectured for carrying it around, Erin doesn't give it a second thought.
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  3. Erin groaned and walked into her room, heading straight for the radio. She turned it on and smiled when Aerosmith was on. Jumping around, Erin sang along and played air guitar. She loved rock music; she couldn't pick a favorite band. Anything to forget that dreadful speech the principal was giving.All the talk about getting to know people different from you. The thing was, everybody avoided Erin. She was considered a freak and an outcast because she liked to be friends with guys. It wasn't like Erin cared; those girls were catty and mean. Erin flopped onto her bed, looking up at the ceiling, breathing heavily from jumping around. She continued humming more rock songs while tapping the beat on her stomach. Who knows, maybe I'll get to know at least one person this year. Erin thought with slight hope.
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    • Name : Storm
      Birth date & Age : May 30th, age 17
      Gender: Male
      Appearance: [​IMG]
      Personality: Arrogant, but quiet student. He believes he can beat anybody because of his power and deems himself the strongest of all, but that is yet to be proven. He can be very nice once he makes makes friends, but challenging him will always get his arrogant side out. He is more of an anti-hero as he can become an enemy or rival at any moment yet is willing to help his friends.
      Likes : Food
      Dislike : Arachnids or Amphibians
      Class : Vocal Class
      Genre : Rock
      Brief History : Born in a noble family and has always been known to have powers. He has always been forced to hide them, but now that he's here he can do what he likes.

    • Name : None
      Picture : None
      Power : Can ask for elemental powers with his voice and can summon an elemental sword or use elemental attacks. He can only do one at time.
      History :

    Storm is walking the hallways alone with his hands in his pockets.

    Storm: Heh...what a speech. Too bad I was barely paying attention. I'm curious to see what kind of strengths these other people have. Hehehe...
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  4. Eliza was strutting through the hallway with a pouty look on her face, boys in Eliza T-shirts on each side of the hallway pasting posters of her upcoming concert in the stage hall, one in which she didn't even discuss with the principal yet. But she already thought ahead about that. She then yawned and pointed in directions she wanted them to paste the posters all over before just walking forward by herself, twiddling with Amun-rah as she blinked "It's hard being fabulous!" She stretched, leaning against a wall "So many people to dictate, so many rules to find loop holes around!" She sighed, chuckling beneath her breath about her last sentence before checking her nails once again, then looking up at the hallways to check if her posters were everywhere. She then yelled "THIS HALLWAY, PEASENTS! MAKE SURE YOU GET EVERYWHERE, OR SUFFER HUMILIATION, THEN PROCEEDING TO DIE FROM HUMILIATION! PHYSIOLOGICAL EXECUTION!" her 'peasants' swarmed the hallway, then Eliza smirked, sighing again and leaning back up against the wall.
  5. Storm continues walking and notices a few peoppe panicking over some posters on the other side of the hallway.

    Storm: Hm. Pathetic. Those must be the wimpiest guys I ever seen. I'm going to bed.

    Storm continues walking toward the dorm rooms
  6. Eliza notices some boy (Storm) just look at her posters, then ignore them! Why, she wouldn't stand for this! She got up off the wall and pointed Amun-Rah at him, shouting "You! Did you just ignore your empresses' concert poster? What kind of low-class are you?" She furrows her eyebrows and holds Amun-Rah like a cane, marching up to him "Are you saying your empress isn't good enough for you?" She looks him over "Because in that case, you have terrible taste, but judging by your clothing, I see that is accurate...Sadly." She looks astray with a finger on her bottom lip, trying to get his truly uncoop clothing off of her mind! Upon thinking about it again she shivered, lowering her hand from her hip and holding on to Amun-Rah for comfort.
  7. Storm stood still with his hands in his pockets, but suddenly cracks a smile.

    Storm: Don't make me laugh. I coulden't care less about your pathetic concert. Also, stop pointing that thing at me. Stay out of my way.
  8. Eliza laughed "This is a joke, isn't it? Do you not know who I am?" She lifted Amun-Rah, looking at him "Well, if you do not treat me as I am to be treated, I will make sure your GRAVESTONE will have my name on it..." She thought of that threat and scratched the back of her head, then crossed her arms "I am Eliza, the empress of this school! Now respect what I say peasant, where are your posters, anyhow?" She raised an eyebrow, pointing Amun-Rah straight at him mostly to annoy him.
  9. Storm: Posters? Tch, I don't waste my time with all this concert nonsense.

    He notices the Amun-Rah being pointed at him again and gets annoyed. He turns around looking at Eliza now.

    Storm: What's your problem, girl?
  10. Eliza pouts "My name is Eliza! Not girl, not lady, not ma'am! Eliza! This is the name of your empress, YOUR GODDESS!" She rolls her eyes before calming down and putting Amun-Rah down "My problem is you're resilient to my command. In our kingdom we just can't have things out of line, or else things-" She grind her teeth, lifting Amun-Rah "Get....SCRAMBLED." She slams Amun-Rah into the ground, denting the floor and leaving a hole in the middle. She lift its up "When things get scrambled, I have to fix them" She gestures to herself "And the last thing you want to do is have an empress, the highest of authority, do something herself!" She spoke like she was speaking to a child "Now we don't want now don't we, ungrateful low-class! Oh no we don't- no we don't~" She chanted, puffing her lips

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  11. Zero notices the hole in the ground that was made by Eliza. He looks shocked for a moment, but begins smiling.

    Storm: Is that right, Eliza? Well i'm as scrambled as they come. What's the so called empress going to do now?

    Storm closes his eyes and reopens them. They're glowing red and he has a crooked smile on his face.

    (Night! :p)
  12. Eliza looks closely at his eyes "Did you...Paint your contacts red? Well, if it's trying to scare me, I have something like that too-" She closes her eyes and reopens them, the pupils being neon green and the rest of the eye being pitch black. She then blinks again, going back to normal. She sighs "I digress, I cannot crush you under Amun-Rah, sadly." She whistles "Peasant, bring me a copy of the student guidelines!" She snaps her fingers "Chop chop!" A boy comes moments later with a copy of the rules, then handing them to her saying "Here you go, miss!" She takes it and snaps again "Good, good. Now go back to your dorm, THIS INSTANT!" The boy then rushes away, and Eliza glances at the rules, stroking her chin "Ah yes, it says right here that all forms of battle must be through the power of music...Whatever that means" She rolls her eyes, putting her hand on her face "I wanted to beat you, but if we're doing voices, this is just so cruel, even for me..." She smirks "Well, your time at this school is running out, since that is true, I'll let you begin, persay."
  13. Storm: Power...of the music...

    Storm stands confused as the words echo in his head. He shakes his head regaining his composure.

    Storm: Yeah right! Look, i'm tired of all this nonsense so how about I just finish you off

    Storm raises his hand in front of Eliza and a flame forms in his hand getting hotter.

    Storm: Just because you're a girl or an "empress" doesen't mean i'm holding back. I'll gladly blast you away. What's it gonna be?
  14. Eliza winks at him and chuckles deeply, looking at his hand "I know you wouldn't do that, and even if you did-" She smacked his hand down with Amun-Rah, Amun-Rah having a slight burn mark on it, and she holds it as if she were holding an axe "-What makes you think you could beat a woman of my skill?" She continues laughing, except in more of an evil way "Plus, none of us want to get expelled - Can I call you ungrateful? Nevermind, why am I asking for a low-classes' opinion, I'm calling you ungrateful from now on." She then holds Amun-Rah as a cane again "So, how about we take this to the music-studio, ungrateful? Or should I call you hot head." She squints, glancing at his hand. Men appear behind her and salute "Empress! We've hung up all of your posters in every single hallway! And checked!" Eliza turns to them "Oh, why thank you peasants. Now return to whatever you were doing before serving me - adoring me, I suppose. Yes, go back!" She gestures to shoo them with her hand and the men say "Yes ma'am" and rush away. Eliza turns back and lifts a sympathetic hand "I'm sorry ungrateful, what's YOURS going to be?" She glares.
  15. Storm looks more annoyed. He takes a breath in and smilrs while putting his hands in his pockets again.

    Storm: Tch, I don't have time for this. I have more important matters to tend to. Destroying you would be fun, but i'll do it later. I'll catch you later sweetcheeks

    Storm begins walking away toward his dorm once again.
  16. Eliza blinked, getting those black and green eyes as she chuckled in two-tones "Yes, have fun with your ignorant arrogance elsewhere." She then blinked again, going back to normal "You're nothing but an ungrateful chicken, I have no time for such insolence." She looked astray at a clock, then gasping "I'm going to be late for vocal class!" She had a hard time running in her heels, then stopping and sighing, whistling before a man with a bulk build appeared behind her with a fancy-looking Egyptian style throne chair. Eliza sat on it before yelling "Chop chop! Empresses' shall not be late to their courses!" The man nodded before sprinting down the hall towards her class, and Eliza looked back at the boy before looking forward, grunting "I can't have him get on my mind! That fire was just in my imagination!" She looked at Amun-Rah, and the burn mark was still there "I'm going to have to deal with him later, but now I need to get to class. Prioritize, Eliza!" She sighed, before the man put down the throne in front of the vocal class room. She got up and walked a few paces forward, then snapping her fingers as the man picked up the throne and rushed away. Eliza has an angry look on her face before walking into the classroom.
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  17. Storm makes it to his dorm room and closes the door. He lays on his bed and closes his eyes.

    Storm's Thoughts: What's with that girl? Someone like her shoulden't be getting in people's ways. I'm pretty sure I could of roasted her and that stick she had.

    Storm opens one eye and glances at the clock. He realized that he was late for vocal class, but he remained still and closed his eye once again.

    Storm: Whatever. I guess i'll just skip through it today. No big deal.