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But does he know about second breakfast?
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I like most. However, I have found I am most comfortable with Fantasy, Sci-fi, Fandom, and Modern.
(Hey this is my first post, sorry if its less than satisfactory.)

This land we are in is quite different depending on your adventures. There are place with green and other black as far as an eye can see. This land is one of sorrow and triumph. All different races run amok, whether it is dwarf, elf, elemental, human, giant, orc, troll, angel, or demon. There are those who may seek to destroy, while others may seek to protect. Only time will tell who comes out on top.

A summer breeze rips, through the meadow, as a young soldier tries rubbing the blood of his shield.

"It works easier when you have water, Cerulean." said a gristly voice, tossing a bucket to him.

"Yes Gracchus, you big bastard. Do you know everything?" he said with a smile. The portly man waddled off with a laugh. Cerulean's face returned to normal as he continued his maintenance.
A jester in light, mithril armor, checkerboard painted in black, blue and silver, stepped out of a small tent, and sat next to him with a clank. He yanked off his helmet, and relaxed with a sigh. "If this doesn't end soon, I don't think we're going to last through our rations," he said blandly.
"I think these rations taste like a horse's ass to begin with. I might have to curve a piece out of the captain's mount just to taste something better." he said, shaking his head.

"Though I do believe you are correct my old friend. We can't just keep advancing forever. It defeats the purpose of trying to crush this demon threat."
Nexus chuckled. "I'm not so much worried about the random demons so much as the one leading them. Splice is know to do some really horrible things to his slaves, and from what I gather, he's got an entire legion of them aiding their side of the troops, as meat shields. If we charge in full speed with our spears and axes, he's going to throw every single innocent out to slaughter first, get our weapons stuck in their bodies, and then, then friend, he'll come for us. We need a battle tactic. Not a fish sandwich," he said, and lifted up a limp piece of bread slathered with oil.
"At least a fish sandwich we fill your body in the right way. I just wish that the captain was open to suggestions. He doesn't seem to care."

Cerulean finishes cleaning his armor and dusts himself off.

"I understand meeting thing head-on, in fact, I usually would agree. This idea of his can't lead to anything but death for all of us--Wait--What if we were to use Graccus's magic to somehow....make the ground cave in. Not far, but just far enough to get our brothers out of the way of a nasty volley of arrows and magic?" Cerulean blabbers out with excitement.
The fool cocked his head to the side. "Are you talking about during the war? Dropping the ground out from under our enemies feet, or... Slow down, damn you! Sheesh, when you get excited, you sound like a giddy school-girl," he scoffed. "Relax. Magic... Magic I don't know if that would work for, but certainly a volley of arrows." He lifted his hand, and produced an icy orb. "I could potentially shield a few of us here or there with a wall of this, but I most certainly can't handle an entire army myself..... I think we should reconsider. We have to get the captain to retreat. Shameful it may seem, but in the long run, we can prepare more. My brother is a bastard. I don't want any of us to die when we don't need to," he thought bitterly.
Cerulean shook his head quickly.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no." He slows so he can speak clearer.

"I am saying just the ground beneath just captives. Then we use the volley. We would not have to retreat. If you, Graccus, Zaikay, Aramar, and I stand out in front. The captain could be there too. The rest of the men could flank around as we engage them from the front." He sits on the ground thoughts just running through his head.

"The shield idea of your would be of great use until the get around them. He may be a bastard, but Splice is not one to back down. If we can keep his attention, we have a chance." He says, standing up quickly.

He then puts a hand on Nexus's shoulder.

"We have to do something. This good luck will not last forever, my friend. Death is a natural part of life." Cerulean whispers touching his dirty face with a wet rag.

"Besides, someone has to help you whip some demon ass."
Nexus smiled, and showed him his teeth. "I think you forget exactly who all is demon-blooded here, Cerulean. It's not just my brother who has a tendency to be a bastard." Each fang gleamed, and he tossed his prong's away from his face. "All that matters is getting his slaves away from him. We do that, and we're home-free. He has no meat shields, and we save the innocent. But consider this," he raised a clawed gauntlet in the air, "we're all most likely going to die. Most of this army is human. The few who aren't, like me, are likely going to wind up retreating with tails between our legs. I feel like our captain is flat insane."
Cerulean raises an eyebrow.

"No need thinking one is to big for his house, old friend." He said with a smile.

"My only concerns are those particular slaves, and making sure you get your "appointment" with Splice. It is the only reason I am here. Maybe if the men had a better leader, they would not run. Sometimes, soldiers need to be reminded of hope. All they think about now is surviving to see the sunrise. That is no way to live. It isn't a good way to die either. Which is why I agree that we need to get the meat-shields out of the way. Which is also why I hoped that maybe the caving idea would be suitable. So they we can strike to the heart of his.....foul forces." He mutters, throwing the rag onto the ground.

"I.....I just don't want to die this way.....without trying to really accomplis something....that's all."
"There's no need to be the fool here," he grinned. "That's my job. If you live one day to take him out another, that's the point of living and getting through the war. Either way, let's go. I'd rather not stand around and talk about it. I plan to go over there. Besides, shouldn't it be about time for the crazy captain to blow the horn for rally anyway?"

As he said so, a horn blew, and men began shouting to each other, scrambling for their swords and sheilds.

"Welp," he said matter-of-factly. "That kind of does it, eh? Let's go."
Cerulean regains his composure and nods as they join in the scramble. They all assemble in front of the captain and his lackeys. Aramar nudges Nexus.

"You ready to kills your brother, de--?" He begins to cough with a gut-check from Cerulean's shield.

Graccus and Zaikay both smirk as the captain beings to speak.

" is going to be a great day. Perhaps, it shall be the most important day in your careers."

He goes on about how it is our duty to the Queen to die for her. He even sidetracks about the history of Stalewine Meadow. Cerulean leans over to Nexus.

"You think I at least bring up the idea of not charging in and maybe trying something else." he whispers.

"We will charge in with no remorse--" The captain bellowed.
At the nudge, Nexus held his head high in an aristocratic manner, and then let loose a musing large grin at the hit with the shield his friend gave him. "Got a punch, Cerul. I think you should watch that once in a while, no? Might break a rib or... something," at this he gave the man a disgusted expression. "Aside from that, yes, this is probably the best time for you to pitch your idea on dropping the ground below the prisoners. What's the crazy going to do? Refuse it?"
Cerulean smirks.

"Always dry with words are we?" He asks. Before Cerulean can make a move, the Captain towers over them both.

"Is there something your worthless rumps would like to share?!" He said, face inches away from Nexus.

"Actually, we had an idea. It is an idea that I think the men should hear." Cerulean retorted. The Captain turns his glare to Cerulean.

"What exactly would that be, dirt-sack?"

Cerulean then steps out of line and takes the former placement of the captain, much to his superior's dismay.

"We all know what our enemy is capable of. He decided to use our own men against us. They will stand in out way, just as cattle. Which contrary to normal logic, our leader has decided to say, that we should make them the ground in which we walk on. To that, I say NAY!"

Cerulean begins to pace, as the captain begins to get irritated.

"If Graccus would be so kind...I wish to ask you to perhaps collapse the ground, so that our arches and mages can take free shots at the main horde. Everyone, except for the infanty will keep their attention long enough for you to flank. A good leader does not deliver their men to victory.......he delivers them home. Quite frankly I believe our beloved captain has failed. This is way this plan was formed. I want to keep your brothers safe."

The captain can barely control himself as Cerulean attempts to see what the reaction of the men would be.
Nexus, in his jester's armor, clapped loudly, and proclaimed, "Here ye, here ye! I'll use this," he placed his hands directly out in front of him, and sapped water from the atmosphere to freeze into a wall in front of him, "to protect those in the front lines, or those in the middle of battle who cannot defend themselves at the moment. I can't be everywhere at once, but perhaps this is a good way to at least aid you all."

Nexus noticed the angry captain, who had been but a few inches from his face a couple of minutes ago, and then smiled a large, fangy grin, walking up to him in a lithe, cat-like stride. "And for your information, I do have something I'd like to share. You're fucking crazy," he said slowly, and the most mocking tone he could come up with.
The Captain immediately goes to hit Nexus. The force behind his blow is stopped by Graccus's head. Cries of anguish and pain come from the now prone captain. The portly man turned to both of the captains lackeys, which their response was to run away. Cerulean then stands in front of the man who had turned an attempt to save a kingdom to a suicide mission.

"I officially strip you of your duties. You can either follow us or be used cannon fodder. What is your answer?" Asked Cerulean softly. The captain slowly gets up, still angry.

"I suppose that at least I can take out they hate I have for you....on our enemies. It is about time you acted like a Lightheart." With that the men start to cheer and rally around Nexus, Cerulean, and Graccus. Cerulean draws his floral engraved long sword and lifts it into the sky. The rest of the men follow suit.

"The captain was right about one thing. This will be a great day. Why? Because THIS is where we squash those who mean us harm and bring our friends home!" Cerulean cried. The men cheered and bellowed throughtout the meadow. It was so loud, that it may have be possible the gods themselves heard it.
The fool remained silent. There was no need to talk. Around him, he couldn't help but note that this was the first time a group of anyone surrounded a demon in preparation for war.... On another demon. He grinned, and let all 6 of his fangs show. He would at least try to kill his brother tonight. Whether it was face to face, or the setting of a trap, he'd find a way to at least try. Failure was almost always the case, since his slippery brother always managed to escape. Somehow. There had to be a reason for his supposed immortality. Even a demon could die if another demon stabbed him the right way through the heart, or the head. This is why he was necessary. A mortal cannot kill an immortal. But another immortal can. This was tricky, considering among the troops, he was the only demon there.

He marched, side by side with Cerulean, down the field, and to the encampment. When the time came, the ground would give way, and the prisoners would be out of the way of the archer's arrows. When that first volley occurred, and the first charge started, he would run ahead of the ranks, and try his best to shield them. When his brother shown his red, white, and gold splendor, he would fly to take him down. This was the plan. He set his teeth, and narrowed his eyes in determination.
There they stood. The battle they fought almost every day for the last three months. The ground was stained with red and littered with bodies, neither side taking the time to clean up. There was still a battle to be fought. Cerulean stared across the battlefield as they marched towards their captured kin. Graccus snorted as the main section halted about 50 yards away from the enemy. Amamar drew his hammer, as Zaikay licked the feather on his elven bow. The captain drew his long sword from his sheath, on his horse. There they all stood. Everyone seemed anxious, accept for Nexus. Cerulean noticed this and leaned over.

"I'll bet that if your first wounding strike, on Splice, won't be a killing blow. If it is, first round is on me." He said with a smile.
Nexus smirked, and chuckled. "You've got a deal," he whispered back. "If it isn't, I buy yours, first round." The sky began to dim, and the sun began to sink down. The sight would be harder on the troops, but it would be even better on the enemy. Unable to see what was going on, or the volley of arrows headed down their way. The best part - Nexus could see just fine. If his brother decided to fly up over the army toward them, he would be the first to see.

The tension built. The enemy surely knew they were there, as the clanking of armor is loud, and so are four thousand troops. But where they were would be more of a challenge, since the darkness was closing in. Nexus laughed something that sounded more fitting for a demon, and then his voice became rough, and deep. "Guess what? It's time."
With that, Graccus ran up a few feet and yelled an incantation.

"Faru' Guye Huip!" He screamed. The ground started to cave instantly removing the meat shields from sight.

"FIRE!" cried Cerulean. The archer's arrows and the mage's elemental blasts were unleashed upon the demon horde. This gave the captured the chance to escape, and they did.

"FIRE AT WILL!" yelled Cerulean as the initial onslaught began.
That was it. The first group that ran to the head of the lines to swing their swords, took Nexus with them. The opposite horde gave a startled cry at the drop in the ground, and the humans that went with it screamed in terror at first, until realizing they were safe. In anger, the group of demons, the ones who could fly, jumped into the air and dove straight for the first lines. Nexus spanned an ice wall the length and height of 6 people, on each side of him. From then, he flew around aimlessly, and whenever he thought he saw something about to get speared, and scratched with an unusually large set of claws, he defended in an instant ice block, giving his allies a chance to defend themselves.

Most of these demons, he observed were weak. They were so weak, most were able to be killed by humans. Surprising, and yet not so. Splice liked to make use of the weak when his twisted sense of superiority demanded that he do something large scale, and not want the blame. Figures. He sporadically defended everyone he could think of, until there came a time when the Red Death flew out over the horde, and hovered in the air like an elegant disease.

"Hello, brother!" He yelled down to Nexus, who looked up mid-defense. "I see you're quite busy. What makes you think you can protect so many soldiers? You're probably saving around 1% of them. Why bother?"

"Because 1% is better than none, and it's most definitely better than the destruction you've caused." He flew up into the air to meet him, and Splice merely smiled in response before a large gargoyle-like demon flew up in his defense, and smacked Nexus back down to earth.
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