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  1. [​IMG]

    Melbourne Ghoul, A Tokyo Ghoul RP

    2020, Melbourne Australia. Three years after the nuclear destruction of Sydney in the first ghoul war, the city of Melbourne is still burdened under the weight of thousands of refugees. With so many people lost and homeless the ghouls of the city have had a veritable buffet to feast upon. In response the CCG has recruited hundreds of new investigators but inexperienced as they are they cannot cope with the growing threat. Many fear a second ghoul war is only months away.

    Worse still a deadly virus has emerged in Geelong to the west. Human victims suffer debilitating pain that eventually erodes their body from the inside out. Ghouls that become infected lose control of their mind and go on destructive killing sprees until their own bodies are torn apart by their kagune. The military has been called in to quarantine infected regions but even with the CCG’s help the virus continues to spread, slowly traveling east.

    The only hope is a new vaccine developed to inoculate the Victorian population. Still in development, the first batch of testers are the students of Bunswisk Street High. The children are the future after all. On this fateful day they line up to receive their shots.

    Just a few kilometres south of the school, in the CCG Main Office, the head council studies the recent satellite imagery from Sydney with worried expressions.​

    (Everyone in this RP will start off as an ordinary human enrolled at Bunswisk high, the ghoulification will come soon)

    Ghouls (open)

    A ghoul looking exactly human barring their eyes​

    Appearance wise, unless their eyes are changed, there are no differences between a ghoul and a human. If you passed one on the street you would have no idea they are a ghoul. However they are physically and mentally different. Physically a ghoul can only ingest water, coffee and human or ghoul flesh. They cannot eat normal human food as it tastes disgusting (giving them a powerful urge to vomit) and weakens their body if it is allowed to be digested. A typical ghoul requires human/ghoul flesh once every month. If they begin to starve they will suffer painful headaches and lose their ability to reason, becoming instinct driven animals.

    Ghoul bodies are much more powerful than human bodies. They can jump several metres, punch through a person, heal fatal wounds within days and their skin is tough enough to break a knife without any damage. Their hearing and sense of smell is also much more advanced. Ghoul eyes also turn red when they use their kagune or are starving and smell flesh, though older ghouls can control the latter.

    Mentally ghouls live a life of constant fear as they are hunted by investigators from the CCG. This can lead to them being paranoid and living lives of isolation, away from any human contact. Those who wish to live among humans must undergo strict training and study of human behaviours as a small slip up can result in CCG hunters coming after them.

    You can get a more detailed description of them here.

    Kagune (open)

    Example of a Ukaku kagune​

    Every ghoul has a predatory organ known as a kagune. Formed within their body by a high concentration of RC cells, it can burst through the skin as a weaponised appendage. For a detailed description you can read more here but a shorter description is included below.

    Ukaku: Resembles a wing or wings sprouting from the shoulder area. A short range close combat weapon/s that improves the ghoul’s speed and mobility. They can also crystallise their kagune to fire a stream of bullet like projectiles. However this mode of attack quickly tires the user. They need to finish the fight quickly or flee. Strong again Bikaku, weak against Koukaku.

    Koukaku: A metallic kagune that emerges from below the shoulder blade formed by a high density of RC cells. They are very heavy as a result, but also have excellent defensive properties and are best used as armour or a shield. They can also be used as a weapon but are heavy and unwieldy. Strong against Ukaku, weak against Rinkaku.

    Rinkaku: Resembling tentacles these kagune come from the waist. Rinkaku are excellent offensive weapons due to their high strength and superior striking power. The ghoul benefits from faster regeneration than ghouls with other kagune but is also more easily damaged. They are glass cannons. Strong against Koukaku, weak against Bikaku.

    Bikaku: Released from the tail bone this kagune appropriately resembles a tail. They are an all-around average kagune with no weaknesses, but also no great strengths. However they can be overwhelmed by faster enemies. Strong against Rinkaku, weak against Ukaku.

    The CCG (open)

    A dove wielding his quinque​

    After the disaster that was Sydney and ghoul-human relations fell apart, the Ghoul Crime Division (GCD) of the Australian federal police was deemed a failure. In order to deal with the ghoul problem erupting in Melbourne high ranking members of the CCG were brought in from Japan to take over ghoul related investigations. Surviving GCD members were retrained under Japanese systems and hundreds of refugees were also recruited and started training. Of course this has led to a bottom heavy organisation that has only a few, critically important leaders directing it.

    Higher ranked investigators use weapons such known as quinque, constructed from the kagune of slain ghouls. These hunters, colloquially known as doves, are very dangerous and a match for most ghouls due to their harsh training. Lower ranked investigators use Q bullets which are coated in quinque material to penetrate ghoul bodies and deal more damage.

    With so many ghouls in Melbourne quinque are becoming increasingly common among the lower ranks (or more accurately, rapidly promoted ranks 2s), though they are not as skilled fighters.

    Previously Australia had a unique “Ghoul Relations Division” (GRD) formed by the government with its own frontbencher portfolio. The GRD allowed ghouls to register themselves and receive human flesh from corpses to feed upon. However when the CCG arrived and was given power they immediately dissolved the division citing their involvement in the ghoul war and failure to prevent hostilities. Many ex-GRD members now live in Melbourne trying to make the current situation better.

    Time System (open)
    Totally not stolen from Zodiac, love you Tsu, Volt and Enzo!

    Because of the nature of a ghoul’s feeding, time in the RP will pass as RL time passes. For every RL day that goes by 1/7th of a RP day will pass.

    Real time: Day One & Day Two | Day Three & Day Four & Day Five | Day Six & Day Seven
    RP time: Morning | Afternoon | Evening

    For this reason it is important to post regularly as stated in the rules below.

    1. I’m the GM so what I say goes.
    2. No god modding or meta gaming.
    3. One paragraph minimum per post
    4. One character per player
    5. Due to the time based system being used one post every three days is expected at a minimum. If you go more than a week without a post your character may end up ghoul food themselves.
    6. I reserve the right to add or change rules as the RP goes on.

    Character Sheet (open)
    School Year: (10, 11 or 12)
    (Anime, RL, drawn, all fine)
    Kagune Type: (Remember you’re human atm)
    Kagune Description: (Don’t use more than three colours or be overly decorative. Kagune are meant to be blood red, that’s boring, but don’t go overboard)

    Personality: (Preferably 2 paragraphs)

    History: (Preferably 2+ paragraphs)

    Trivia: (Anything extra goes here)
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  6. Name: Luke Hayden
    Age: 17, born on the 29th of February
    School Year: 11
    Gender: Male
    • [​IMG]
      Kagune Type: Ukaku
      Kagune Description: The ukaku takes an unorthodox form: From behind Luke's shoulder and neck, a skeletal white and black, long blade reaches out with its spherical base covered in spikes. The kagune itself starts round, getting narrower and narrower as it stretches towards the pointed tip. When it's meant to be used for long ranged attacks, the 'wings' (one on each side) shoot out spikes from the edges.

    • Personality: Luke always tries to act friendly towards people, even if he doesn't know them. Once he gets close to someone, he can act more comfortably around him or her. One of his less likable idiosynchrocies is his habit of judging people quickly. After a minute or two with someone, he probably has already thought of what kind of a person that is, creating an image of the person that is very unlikely to change with haste.

      History: Luke's past is hardly a tragic one, when other people living around him were considered. He had a family with proper income that could take care of him with quite ease. His parents were loving and caring, and generally over-protective. His life was as good as could be. That is, of course, until the terrible event that turned everyone's lives into living hells came to pass. On the streets without protection or supervision, humans were just sitting there, waiting each day for their lottery ticket to be called out by any of the hunting ghouls. People would disappear every day, and incidentally, two of the winners that would get their heads plucked off were his guardians. Once everything started to settle down, as much as they could, Luke continued to attend school along with every other child who had survived. As his life continued, he could see his friends disappearing one by one. Though these weren't ghoul victims. Rather the doves' preys. It wasn't that hard to see that things were changing, and it was quite arguable to say that the change was for the good.

      Trivia: When it's not leap year, he would celebrate his birthday on the 1st of May. Luke played the violin for the school orchestra.
  7. @Darkstar Firstly would you mind resizing the pic so it's not as large? Just to make the thread less cluttered (you can use for taht). I'm afraid I also have a lot of problems with your character. The RP takes place in Melbourne Australia, so the Houston Texas circus doesn't make sense as there'd be no way for him to be at Bunswick. There's also no mention of him attending such a school and with a past like he's had I cannot imagine any way for him to enrol in a normal school. His personality is also odd considering his past. A very serious, studious type, I can't see anything in there that reflects the horrors of his past. I have to reject him at this time.

    @Sketching101 I'd like a bit more information about the ghoul lottery and it's direct aftermath. Was it just a random gathering of ghouls or some sort of gang (SH doesn't operate in Melbourne)? Was it occurring in Melbourne or Sydney? And if it was Melbourne did it happen before or after the destruction of Sydney and the influx of refugees? After their deaths who took him in/how did he care for himself until the RP starts? Most children whose parents are killed by ghouls are looked after by the GCD.

    As for both characters kagune, small error on my part, it's fine for kagune to end up as you described them, but they will be starting off weak. So Pete's tail would be thin, not thick, and Luke's wings would be shorter initially.
  8. Lottery is a metaphor <.< Whoever wins the 'lottery' is the lucky guy who got randomly eaten by a ghoul.
  9. Ahhhh ok, my bad not realising that. I still need the other questions about time and what happened afterwards answered though.
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