Melbourne Ghoul, a Tokyo Ghoul RP

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  1. Melbourne Ghoul, A Tokyo Ghoul RP

    2020, Melbourne Australia. Three years after the nuclear destruction of Sydney in the first ghoul war, the city of Melbourne is still burdened under the weight of thousands of refugees. With so many people lost and homeless the ghouls of the city have had a veritable buffet to feast upon. In response the CCG has recruited hundreds of new investigators but inexperienced as they are they cannot cope with the growing threat. Many fear a second ghoul war is only months away.

    Worse still a deadly virus has emerged in Geelong to the west. Human victims suffer debilitating pain that eventually erodes their body from the inside out. Ghouls that become infected lose control of their mind and go on destructive killing sprees until their own bodies are torn apart by their kagune. The military has been called in to quarantine infected regions but even with the CCG’s help the virus continues to spread, slowly travelling east.

    The only hope is a new vaccine developed to inoculate the Victorian population. Still in development, the first batch of testers are the students of Bunswisk Street High. The children are the future after all. On this fateful day they line up to receive their shots.

    Just a few kilometres south of the school, in the CCG Main Office, the head council studies the recent satellite imagery from Sydney with worried expressions.​

    (Everyone in this RP will start off as an ordinary human enrolled at Bunswisk high, the ghoulification will come soon)

    Who's interested? :) Feel free to ask any questions!
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  2. Is the sign-ups up?
  3. I had something that was on my mind: It feels like this kinda goes against the whole idea of Tokyo Ghoul. Giving us an enemy that is just there to destroy everything and can be classified as 'evil' quite reasonably is pretty contradictory with the ghoul-human conflict. This really looks like it might be decent, and it's great to see someone trying this outside of Tokyo, but perhaps a more traditional approach with an original plot could be more appealing... Either way, I can see how this could be awesome too, but it's just my opinion :)
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  4. Not yet. It will probably go up in a few days if I get a bit more interest.
    I'll be honest, I'm not quite sure what you're saying here. The CCG is in the RP and there are elements I haven't mentioned here that will have more traditional TG story elements with equality and the like. As a hint to that, the CCG has only been in Australia for three years, before that the country had its own approach to the ghoul situation. There is also a more 'evil' element in the story but it's not there to destroy everything. There are multiple factions at work in the RP all with their own goals. I hope that makes things clearer.
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  5. Well 3 yes and 5 maybe, I will start the OOC tonight/tomorrow morning!
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