Melancholy Dreams

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  1. Hey, this is my first self created RP, so please enjoy!

    Jake laid down on the futon, and flipped on his playlist of smooth jazz. He ran a hand through his hair, and closed his eyes. Jakes eyes snapped open, and he sat up. Looking around the room, he found the music to be gone, strange... It was on a loop... He rose from the futon, and walked out of the room. Jake pulled a phone from his pocket, and called someone. "Hello?"

    No response. He turned off the phone, and stuck it back in his pocket. He walked out of the house, and stared at the sky, it was a green, blue color. Jake walked back inside, and shook his head. His eyes closed, and he tumbled to the ground. He attempted to rise, but the oncoming wave of sleep overtook him. He slept.

    He woke up, staring at a pair of shoes. He pushed himself up, and looked up at the person standing over him. They helped him up, then left. "What the..." Jake ran, or, stumbled after the girl, and stopped at the doorway, she had disappeared. Staring at the sky, it seemed normal. Shaking his head, he walked inside and into the kitchen.

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  2. The window was open as the rain came in. It always was raining. I’m cold. So very cold. Here is a key. Another key? I saw a key last time. Is that the moon or was that lighting? How can there be lighting and no thunder? Am I dreaming again or is this winter?
    Mom? Are you calling me? I’ll just keep walking and I’ll get up to close the window. I can reach it. It’s not that far. I can stand on my tip toes. I can. I’m not that short. I’ll show them. No one will know I got the floor wet by leaving the window open. Did I? Or was it like this already? I can’t remember. I can’t remember anything.
    MOMMY!! Can’t you hear me? Look at me. I’m right here. I’m right here. I’m cold. Please hold me. Please. I’m here. Come back. Mommy? I can hear you. Don’t you see me? Hello?

    “Sorry folks visiting hours are over. She is resting well enough for now. You can come back tomorrow.”

    “She looks like she is in pain.”

    “We gave her medication not too long ago.”

    “I see. Well thank you, goodnight then.”

    “Goodnight Mrs. Masterson.”
  3. ((Ok, so if you sleep under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then you would go to the Unnatural.))

    Jake walked into the bathroom, and took a sleeping pill. He laid back down on the couch, and let himself fall into slumber. He awoke, and walked outside. He spotted the girl shifting between waking and the unnatural. He approached her, and spoke, "Hello? Miss? Are you alright?" He looked at her with a caring, and worried gaze.
  4. Raven looked up and thought for a moment. “Am I dreaming? Can you hear me?” She wanted to stand but found that her feet didn’t feel like they were touching the ground.

    “What’s going on? I want to go home. I just want to go home now.” Letting out a very tired sigh she tried to offer him somewhat of a smile but inside her heart was losing its hope.

    “I don’t understand what’s happening.”
  5. "I, erm, I don't know either... I think we're asleep, but I can't be sure." Jake helped her up, and got her over to a tree, so she could support herself. "I'm Jake, you?" He tried to be comforting, and calm the girl. He took a small candy bar out of his pocket and gave it to Raven.
  6. He was a total stranger but he was being kind to her? This was new. What did he want? “I don’t have any money. At least I don’t think so. I don’t have my purse. I can’t find my shoes. I don’t know where anything is even. Oh, is that for me?”

    Her stomach was growling and Raven didn’t even notice until her eyes fixed on the chocolate bar before her. “Cool. My names Raven.” She was trying hard to put away her fear but it was bubbling up inside her. “I… just want to go home. I miss my cat.”
  7. "Well, um, I guess I could give you some money for a taxi... I don't know if anyone else is here, though..." He scanned the area, and spotted a figure walking towards them. He waved to it, and it raised it head toward the two humans. "Hey pal! Are you ok?" The figure faded out of existance, then reappeared closer to them. "Holy crap!" Ahzera fell back in surprise, but stood back up.
  8. Raven looked at him and blushed. "Why? Why the candy bar?" Her eyes fixed on it in her hand and she just held it. "I just want to go home but I dont even know where I am." A part of her felt like she was talking to herself but then she found her lips were moving.

    "Can you hear me? I'm not dreaming am I? Or am I? Damnit! Wake up!" Raven screamed and fell foward landing on her knees. The candy bar was still in her hand and she gripped it tight.

    "This is this real? Am I real? What was that?" Looking around and feeling around for the candy bar she thought she was still holding Raven looked up at Jake.

    "Where did it go? I just had it didnt I? I lost it. Oh no." Pawing around on the ground she tried to find it. A bright light burned her eyes as something cold touched her chest. A sharp prick to her foot made her look back and then Jake was gone.

    The gray walls of some room came into view but only for a moment.

    "Ah, she is here with us. At least for a moment. Call her parents. See if we can get some food in her the old fashion way. Call the kitchen. If not set her up for a tube."

    "Yes Doctor."

    Raven felt her lips so dry and could only think of one thing. One word came to mind. "Jake?"
  9. "No! Raven!" As the girl faded out, the beast faded in, and closer. It grabbed Jakes back, and pushed him to the ground. Jake fell, and collapsed onto the pavement. He pushed himself up, on hands and knees, and swept out the beasts legs from under it. It toppled, and fell, while Jake stood. He looked around for Raven, and ran off back toward his house. He slammed the door behind him, locked it, and ran into the kitchen. He grabbed a cleaver, and stared out the window . The beastie was standing, and quivering. Jake ran a hand through his hair, and paced back and forth. He looked out the window, and the monster had left, he could see it walking in the opposite direction. Jake walked toward the couch, laid down, and stared up at the ceiling. He spoke, "jake, you have seen a strange teleporting monster, a fading girl, and now you have a cleaver in your hand. All this started when you slept, so you need to sleep again." He closed his eyes, and his breath slowed. Back in Waking, he laid there, not moving, not caring. "Damn."
  10. When Raven's parents arrived in her room she was just being proped up with pillows and her lunch was being brought in. Very groggy and not even hungry Raven looked around and thought she could make out the outline of her parents but she wasnt sure.

    "She looks very tired. Is she ok Dr.?" Her mother and father were both very worried and stood near her.

    "Yes, its just her medication to make sure she rest well. You can help her eat. I'll be in after a while."

    Once she was alone with her parents Raven wanted to talk to them. To say something but everything was so different feeling. They were right near her but also so far away. Her limbs felt heavy and she wasnt able to lift her arms.

    "Well, I guess Ill try the pudding cup." Her mother said.

    Pudding? Pudddin cup what am I six? Hell no. Gross. Yet Raven found something soft and room temp in her mouth. Oh god, then she was swallowing it. It was hell. She was eating it? What flavor was it? Why did she even care? Maybe it was choclate. She wanted that chocolate bar. Maybe her mom would have one. She could ask her. Where was Jake. Maybe they knew.

    Now to just get her mouth to open, oh no more pudding. Stop it. Blinking her only thought was swallow. What was she a robot?

    "Well at least that we go in her."

    "Yeah, she looks so weak."

    -Mom I want a candy bar. Find Jake ok. Please.- There I said it. Phew. Raven thought she had. His name is "Jake." That was the only sound to come from her.

    "What she say?"

    "She spoke. Get the doctor."

    "No, its fine. Let her talk. Was that her boyfriends name?"

    "I dont remember." Her parents exchanged glances.
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  11. | Jake's Neighborhood, Waking |

    Jake walked over to his computer, and sat down in the wooden chair near it. He flipped through his bookmarks, and closed back up the computer. He rubbed his eyes with his palms, and sighed. -That girl... She seemed to be in a hospital scrubs. What was her name? Raven? Yeah, Raven.- He walked out the door, locked it, and started his car. It was a dark red electric convertible, and pulled out of the driveway smoothly. He drove down the road, staring out the windshield. Jake pulled over into the park, and locked up the car. He walked though the park, daydreaming. -Raven... A patient at a hospital... She WAS asleep, but we were together. Coma? Drugs? Perhaps, perhaps.- He sat down on a bench, and began to relax. *crack* Eyes snapping open, Jake stared about the park, searching for the cause of the noise. He stood, and started walking back to his car. *snap* His eyes darted about, beginning to become startled. *groan* Jake began to run, jogging toward the parking lot. All of the cars that were there previously were gone, or abandoned. His eyes spotted the source of the noise, it was two armed men, fighting. The two men began to intensify the gunplay, shooting at each other's small heads. A bullet whizzed by Jake's head, stunning him. He shook his head, and snuck over to the car. He started it up, and began to pull out. Jake sped out of the lot, and toward the main road again. He shook his head in amazement, and frowned. He slowly realized that there was a warm sensation running down his calf, his eyes flicked down to his leg, then back to the road. In the flash of leg he saw, the pant leg was stained red, and pain began creeping into his mind. He pulled over, and pulled up the fabric. He flinched at the sight, and pulled his head away. His vision began to blur, and he grabbed his phone. "H-Hello? I need help. I'm at the intersection of Maybelle and Jackson. I think someone shot me. I'm in a dark red convertible. Please hurry." He hung up, and held his head in his hands. Jake scanned his body, the adrenaline running off. His leg, and as his vison darkened, he realized there was a slowly growing red spot on his stomach. His head fell back, and he fell unconscious.

    | In the Hospital, Waking |

    The medics pulled him inside, bustling and yelling. They passed Ravens room, and Jake's still body was noticeable from the room. They wheeled him into a surgical room, and slammed the door behind them.
  12. Ravens parents saw someone being wheeled past and looked at each other. “I hope he makes it. “

    “Me too.”

    Raven just sat there looking at the door. Her body was numb. Something so cold and lonely feeling wash over as she sat there. She wanted to know more about everything but mostly didn’t they seem to hear her. Weren’t her lips moving? Was there no sound? So may questions and not a single answer.
    “Well folks how is she doing?”

    “Fine, just fine.”

    “Good, well you can come back tomorrow she needs her rest and we will run some test on her again and see what’s making her so, weak.”
    -Sleep is you jerk. Stop making me sleep I hate It.-But Ravens voice went unheard.
    “Dr. She did say something she said Jake.”

    “Really? That’s the name of the lad they just brought in.”

    Her parents exchange glances once more. “That’s odd. Well ok, goodnight.”

    Raven felt something soft pressed to her temple. It must have been a kiss. Yeah, from her mom then a sudden pinch and then everything faded out.

    She outside again only this time she was holding a large Skelton key and missing a slipper. Looking down at her foot she thought about where she might have lost it.
  13. | neighborhood, unnatural |
    -Pain. Pain is all I see. I am hunched over in a ball of pain. Huddling in the corner. Pain. *scream* Was that me? I can't tell.- "P..please..." -Wait... I am the one in pain. Where is this pain coming from?- "oh gog please..." Jake's eyes flipped open, and he fell onto his back. He was inside his house, in the kitchen. "Somebody... P...please."
  14. As Raven stood there outside she felt the need to turn around. When she did her eyes came upon a small house. Who's house was that? Maybe her other slipper was in there. Maybe thats what the key was for. Stupid joke she thought to herself as she headed towards it. Once she was at the doorstep Raven could hear something or someone.

    "Hello?" Working the key into the door it came to lift and opened in the most unnatural way. It opened sideways like a giant clam shell. What the hell she thought. Raven didnt even have to pull on the door it just moved on its own like a giant mouth or something. A bit scared she went inside and headed towards the noise.

    "Hello? Anybody home? Im looking for my slipper."
  15. "Oh god... please..." Jake was sprawled on the kitchen floor. The doctors were stitching him up, so the pain was subsiding. "R...Raven?" Blood on him began to dry up, and the wounds stitched closed. He shakily stood, and held himself up by holding onto a counter.
  16. "Umm Jake? Thats, thats you right?" Raven stepped a bit closer but stopped and gasped seeing the blood. "Oh my God what happened to you? Are you ok? No, no your not. Who did this to you?" Even though she was scared Raven went towards him and touched his shoulder trying to help him stand.

    "Ah, I think you should sit." Looking for someplace to sit down, something anything all Raven saw as way across the room. An old blue milk crate. " Hang on ok."

    Leaving his side for just a moment Raven ran across the kitchen and grabbed the small create. "Here.. its not much but its better then being on the floor. I can sit on the floor for now, I'll look for another one. I'm sure these is one." Blood always made her stomach turn so she tried not to look at his wounds. "Um, your name is Jake right? Do you like live here?" Raven was trying to calm down but the sight of blood. A lot of it was making her feel weak and shaky too.

    "Um.. I'll look for another one." Raven looked under the kitchen sink and then in the large pantry. It was an odd old house with no real furniture. It looked like the place was left in the middle of someone moving in or out. Boxes of random things all over but nothing useful. "Ok a boat propeller in the kitchen? Really?" Letting out a sigh Raven kept looking in another cupboard now just looking around.
  17. "Thanks." Jake rubbed his eyes with his palms and held his head in his hands. The blood was clearing, because the doctors were finishing up. "I... I don't remember if I live here. Everything's so different." Jake began clearing his pockets onto the counter, to try and salvage what he could. He pulled his wallet, a phone, and a small bar of chocolate. Everything except the cellophane wrapped chocolate seemed to have some bit of blood on it. "Are you ok? You seem... Pale."
  18. "I think so." Raven came back to his side empty handed. "No other crate. I dont know who lived here or where my other slipper is. Have you seen it? I seem to have lost it. Nothing makes sense. I just want to get home so I have my birthday." Letting out a groan of total frustration she saw his items and then blood.

    "Um you in a gang or something? I mean because thats, ah, thats ok. I wont tell. I have no one to tell. I dont really care. I mean its ok. Well not ok, but you know everyone has to live some how. Me I just want to go to college. Get a nice job." Raven found herself rambling and blushed. "Sorry I'll shut up."

    Looking around the room she saw the window but nothing beyond it. "This place is strange. Ugly too. What town is it?" Something in the other room made a noise and she jumped. "What was that?"

    Spinning around she looked from the doorway to Jake and back. "Im not going over there."
  19. ((Did she forget me?))

    "No, it's fine. Wait... I see something, What's out there?" Jake stood, and picked up a cleaver from the sink. He held it at the ready, and looked out the window. He ducked back down, and turned to Raven. "I saw something like that earlier, it can teleport to some extent. There's some other knives in the sink if you want one." Jake looked back out the window, and the creature had its back turned to the front door. Jake slowly walked over to the door, then turned back to Raven. With one hand on the doorknob, and one on a cleaver, he spoke. "Should we open it? I think we can take it..."
  20. (no)

    Raven looked at him and sighed. "Wait it can what? Your joking right. That stuff isnt real. I mean not like real real, that happens in movies and stuff." Shaking her head no she backed up. "I.. what is it? We dont even know if it will die. Dont open the door. Dont." She was shaking. "I hate these movies. Everyone always dies. "No." Covering her ears she ran back into the kitchen and screamed. She came face to face with on. It was at least 7 feet tall and had no eyes. It just stood there. It was very cold in the kitchen. The wind was blowing and where it stood there was no floor. Everyhing behind it was gone too.
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