Melagrana Di Castello (R)

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Rated R for gore, possible violence, and sexual situations

Melagrana Di Castello
(Pomegranate Mansion)

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June 17, 2010
Location: Johnathan Cross' Mansion in rural seaside Italy


BloodFlo Inc. The company that keeps all of us alive. If it weren't for them, both of our races would be dead. However that won't stop the H-Flu from killing the humans. 18 years ago a world wide sickness took over and turned nearly everyone into vampires. The year after that was a blood shortage nearly killing everyone, human and vampire alike. Then came along BloodFlo Inc. They caught, bred, educated and sold humans. It is not as if they were given a choice. The human could either be a vampire donor or supply donor. The vampire donor would get to donate blood directly to the vampire and live a slightly stress free life while the supply donor would work on a farm, foster and teach children for BloodFlo,  and give blood only once a week in bags for medical and reserve use. But for many it is scary donating for the first time. They revolutionized the market and the law while keeping everyone safe. Now vampires no longer had to hope to find a blood stand that was stocked with blood. For years the vampires and humans have thrived. Until now, the H-Flu has begun to infect and kill the humans one by one. No one knows where or why it has started. One of BloodFlo's biggest investor and scienctist, Johnathan Cross who was studying the virus, has recently passed away. It was assumed he killed himself because of the H-Flu killing his lover and donor, Elizabetha. He had prepared the house for his follwers of his household by buying multiple humans and stocking the fridge with instructions to reside there for a year. Was his death truly a suicide? And who will become the next Sire of the house? And what causes the H-Flu?   

Quick things
1.) I have 3 spots left I WILL NOT EXCEED 10 PLAYERS
2.) all vampires are "sons" or "daughters" of Johnathan Cross
3.) all humans are new to the mansion
5.) there is extra information in the OOC of you look
6.) all other or any questions please just PM me, any longer discussions just ask through PM and I'll get on IM


Current players
1.) TranceKitsune - human
2.) Katsugi Kaji    - vampire
3.) Orion             - human
4.) Vay               - vampire             
5.) Loveless.         - human
6.) Big Redd         - vampire 
7.) Kitti               - human
8.) QuellMyHeresy - human
9.) empty
10.) empty

Gold. Orange. Pink. All streaking boldly throught the sky. Night would be coming in about 2 hours or so. Waves from the ocean rocked gently against the shining glowing orb of the sun. A black town car made it's way up the road, an elegant and bold print of 'BF' was calligrapher on the front door of the car. The humans Johnathan Cross had ordered before he died had arrived. The pomeranate groves were almost in full bloom as were thier flowers which smelled lovely. One star and slowly emerged from the evening's sunsetted sky.
Yvette stepped out of the car alongside many of the other donors, gazing out at the mansion with squinted eyes (That car ride was SO dark.... it seemed bright out to her) She was excited and immediately, among others, raced to the front door, wanting to explore her new home. As she waited, though, she noticed the beauty of the sky and the sweet, subtle fragrance of the groves of some type of fruit. The place was beautiful, looking both entirely as though it was conquered by civilization with the building of the mansion, but yet, in subtle ways, the nature of the area fought back. There were aggressive vines growing in some places, adding a kind of wild beauty to the stonework. She smiled brightly and waited for the doors to open, then explored the inside of the mansion.
Dahlia's eyes fluttered open. Her red curly hair cascaded over her silk pillow. She awoke in her large room it was the largest room on the girl's side in the lowere level of the mansion. The room was decorated in jeweled tones, deep purple, blue, mangenta, and gold. Dahlia slide off her large bed and into her private shower. She might be dead but she prided herself in looking her best. She took a hot shower. It always felt nice. With her red mop soaked, she padded her still nude body down the girl's hallway, through the common area, to Gawain and Groben's room opening up their doors. "oh darlings! Wake up! The humans are here!" she said in a sing song voice. It would still be an hour and a half til they would be able to ascend up to the first level. She giddily walked and skipped at times back to her room. She began to blow dry and curl her fiery hair. She sat on her vanity with her legs crossed and humming a tune. When she was finished curling her hair into curlers, she rummaged through the suitcase which she hadn't quite unpacked but she wasn't exactly sure how long she would be here either. She decided to try on a vintage white one piece bathing suit with a silk robe. She twirled in the dull length mirror, for too revealing. She had to leave something to the imagination. She finally decided on a red and white floral circle skirt dress with red roses with a high square neckline that was sleeveless and knee length. She smiled at her self when she twirled in the mirror. White pumps to go with the what backdrop of the dress. A simple gold chain hung around her neck as well as some gold circle earrings, she smiled. She turned and made her large purple bed and applied some make-up. A little bronzer to seem lively, a few swipes of mascara and some bright red lipstick. Her white teeth gleamed in the mirror. She turned on her heels, hoping that Gawain and Groben were ready as she was. Gawain was the oldest by far, he didn't quite act as if he was. Next in line was Dahlia, the rebellious sexpot of the three, and finally Groben the stern one. It was quite funny how backwards it all was. But so was living forever.
Miri stepped out from the car door, looking like nothing more than a small silhouette against the marvel of colors. Stepping away, in a different direction, she stood in awe for a few moments at the play of light across her skin. Seeing another girl, who looked as exhilarated as she did, Miri stepped towards her.

"Bonjour, c'est magnifique, n'est pas? Je me sens comme une princesse!" realizing, from the blank look on the girl's face that she didn't understand, Miri switched tactics with a blush. "It's so beautiful, all this light, it makes me feel like a princess on top of the world bathed in light". Miri smiled winsomely, hoping to gain some form of companionship. She had been so lonely on the trip here.
All of this commotion just to get some people to a house, why?

The only reason a certain skeptic among these donors had even agreed to come out was due to who had given the invitation. Jonathan Cross was one of the few Vampires who had ever managed to earn his trust in this world. As for the rest he could still count them on one hand. Nothing in this world really put him at ease while seeing fellow humans turned into walking snack packs. Each and every one of them treated just like the cattle which was now herded by more intelligent cattle. The food chain had gotten a new leader sitting at the top and somehow humanity had just let it go without a fight. Every day of his life since the first Vampires appeared the feeling of becoming a second rate citizen and the loss of pride just started to eat away from within.

Akio watched as one of the brainwashed donors ran so eagerly to get herself bitten inside a strange house. Once more, all that truly kept his feet walking foreword was keeping in mind who the host of this mansion was inside. Just what exactly did Cross have in mind to go on here? Regardless, Akio walked toward the front door while keeping watch on the area surrounding him as best he could. The best that which a man with only one-remaining eye could handle to do anyway.
Up and dressed before the dusk, as always. Exercised and dressed even before the gates opened to deliver their supply of fresh blood. So fresh it was still living. Closing the aged book Groben stood from the bed we had been sitting in and picked up the glass from his nightstand. The small amount of amber liquid that remained swirled around the glass before he put it to his lips and swallowed the perfectly chilled drink, it was after 5 after all.

He stood and admired his haunt, his fortress of study and mediation, the one place in the world he could call his own. On one wall of the small room, next to the full length mirror was a n antique bookcase filled with the autobiographies of the great madmen in history, Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler, Genghis Khan, Benito Mussolini, Nero, and many others and in this he placed the book he had been reading before checking himself in the mirror. Not a thread has out of place on his ta loured suit yet he straitened his tie anyway, then on second thought pulled it off and undid his jacket and the top button of his silk shirt. The effect was a far more relaxed and open looking image and he smiled.

It was time to go and meet Dahlia who was no doubt up and exited about meeting the humans and strair\tening his jacket he opened the door and walked briskly down the passage to the common area.

"Good evening sister."he said seeing Dhalia "Wonderful day today.... Isn't it?"
Yvette looked at Miri and smiled widely, and then in the next second, gave the girl a bone-crushing, strong bear-hug. While having the other girl trapped in her embrace, she murmured, probably unheard, how lonely she had been, and how everyone refused to play with her, and how excited but scared she was and, would it be nice to be friends? She let the girl go, making sure that she didn't fall (Seems that after a Yvette Hug, most people fall over, unsure of the reasoning.) and then placed a hand on her shoulder. "Yes, it's beautiful!!.... May I ask... for your friendship? I was lonely, and kinda bored before, and no one would talk to me or play with me!" (This isn't true, people tried to talk to her, but got out-talked, so they left their mouths shut; they tried to play with her, but she has too much energy.) The girl smiled playfully at Miri. "Please say 'yes'? I promise I'll be good, and that I'll be nice to you and I'll try not to talk so much... and I'll try not to wear you out! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?" The girl whined, all the while, keeping a view on the area around them, wondering when their fanged hosts would arrive.
Alev was at the end of the big fuss of all the humans. She was a little excited herself, but not as excited as these people. She looked around at the atmosphere of the place. Dark, but nice, fancy for what she had expected. Looked pretty alright to live at. When the doors opened, she went inside with the rest, but dragging behind all the others. Alev carefully looked at all the designs in the old mansion with respect and pride. Really nice architecture. The way the mansion was built was really well thought of and planned out nicely from what she could tell. Many people talked amongst each other in the group, as Alev gave no attention at all. Soon enough though, a few vampires started coming down. A lot of people got even more excited, some scared, and some responded perfectly to the matter. Alev didn't really give any notice to them, kinda getting distracted by everything else. Being an artsy person and a photographer, Alev paid more attention to the architecture then the real reason for why she was actually here.

Alev knew, and she was the one who volunteered to be a donor, but really because she thought she had to, and she didn't want to be a teacher or live at the BloodFlu inc. anymore. She wanted change, and this is what she was offered and she took it. She had to admit though, these vampires had good taste in things. Alev stared up at the ceiling that was greatly in detail. She wondered if she could take pictures while she was here. It'd be something fun to do, and she may could put some vampires in the pictures and make them look cool. Maybe black and white pictures. She was good at those kinds of things. Alev faced the front for once and tried to listen to anything the vampires had to say, if they had to say anything or not, or if they already said things. She didn't know, she always got distracted easily.
Miri gasped a little at the intense hug, but laughed lightly. "I would be happy for, you say friendship? I also do not have friends and I would like someone to be friends with" Miri felt like speaking English was a lot of hard work but it got easier as she listened more to the people around her. With a generous smile, she surveyed the area.

"I am curious what they expect of us? We are just to feed, then? Or some sort of work I wonder. Do you think we will be shown inside? I am excited to see my new accommodations!" Miri grabbed Yvette's hand and squeezed, her way of showing excitement. Like a hug, she reasoned, but with your hands. Perfectly normal. She paid only slight attention to the others around her. They were not her and they were not involving her and so they were fairly insignificant aside from being here where she was.
Gawain arose, quickly enough to see Dahlia's naked bodice in his door, as he blushed and grinned greedily, oggling her with some confidence. "Alright, alright" he answered, getting out of his bed, the same way Dahlia was when she awoke him. He walked aroud, bending backwards back onto his hands, crab walking into the bathroom, giggling. He showered, and dressed, wearing sandals, arctic camoflauge pants, and black tanktop as he stepped out into the hall. His crimson hair was still damp as he ran through the hall, cartwheeling and such, laughing loudly. He huffed pleasurably, getting a nice workout. Unfortunatley, he still couldn't go out to meet the new arrivals, or their "food" if someone were to be an unfeeling prick. They're new people, so that meant new friends! Gawain was excited to get new people in their house, especially the ladies. He giggled, stretching in the hallway, and began to walk torwards the girls area. He, as usual, knocked on Dahlia's door, calling to her. "Ohh, Dahliaaa~" he said, giggling. He was planning on grabbing her from behind and running with her in his arms aroud the hall. He was bored, and he liked to mess with the girlies in the house to pass the time. That, and trapiezing around the house.
Dahlia Brenan sat on the love seat leather couch reading Vampolitan. Her younger brother had entered first. "Good evening sister. Wonderful day today... Isn't it?" she smiled. " Not yet of course..." it was then she saw Gawain the eldest almost skip his way to the girls wing. "Ohh, Dahliaaa~" he called. She flipped to the next page. "In here brother!" she called from the common area. " I should let you know that I've planned on making steaks tonight for dinner." she chuckled lightly. "I suppose it's a little ironic... Eating dinner with dinner." she passed the BloodFlo Inc files over to Groben that were on the coffee table. "These are the new arrivals" she pointed upwards. She had already gone over the files the night before. She tossed some red hair out of her eyes. She sighed. Dahlia had never owned a human before. "What do you think it'll be like? Owning a human?" she looked over at a painting of Johnathan and Elizabeth. "father would know..."
"Of course, though its not really about owning then, its about survival isn't it." He lounged down into a comfy chair taking out a delicately inlaid white gold watch and checking the time. "They're here right as expected, I hope everythings ready upstairs for them, As I understand it they're used to being looked after, though I'm sure they can be encouraged to help out." he slipped the watch back into his pocket with a small sigh. He hated having to spend half his life underground in this place.

He caught his line of though and found himself staring at the ceiling and with a brisk shake of the head calmed his mind and opened the files paging through them slowly getting a feel for each of them. "I'd make it to be pleasant, you get someone to talk to, you can ask them to do things for you in the daylight where you can't go and you get a ready supply of fresh blood." the first two 'yous' where emphasized as if he were saying they applied to Dhalia more than himself.
Gawain pouted, his plan foiled. He began to run and jump towards the common area, giggling madly. "Awww, why are we calling them dinner? They're just humans, we were all like them once!" he said, kinda disappointed that they called the new arrivals simply food. "Awesome, steak!" he said though, giggling and placing his head in Dahlia's lap, smiling and closing his eyes. He made sure not to disturb her magazine reading, as he got comfy, humming quietly. "Hmmm, I wouldn't say we're owning a human, but I bet it'd be kinda weird at first."
She looked down and petted Gawain's head. "Regardless they're still here to feed us.... Gosh that's awkward... Though I bet there's one who's bound to hate us for what we are." she looked at the clock only a few minutes left. She stared intendtly into her brothers's eyes. "we must investigate tonight, I know we did not get a good enough look at the scorch mark in the lawn last night. She cringed at the thought of her father's fiery remains burning in the sun. She continued to pet Gawain's head. "are you all hungry?" she asked delicatly. Dahlia stood up and wiped a falling tear of blood from her eye. She walked to her bathroom and fixed her face. She soon returned with a smile on her face "Let's head upstairs shall we?" She smoothed her circle skirt dress once more and turned on her heels as her brothers followed. Dahlia sighed once more.
Stepping from the vehicle, Alphonse covered his eyes from the bright sunlight. Carrying his black, leatherbound journal in his right hand, he gently shut the car door with his left. He took a deep breath as he ran his hand through his hair, looking forward to meeting the man who took him from his daughter.

Walking toward the large doorway, Alphonse closed his eyes and shook his head. He knew he had to calm down, to shake the feelings of anger. They wouldn't help him here, he needed to clear his head and be understanding. He outgrew the renegade vengeance stage long ago, as he aged he learned to let things go. Reaching for the handle, he pulled the door open and a gust of cool air brushed against his face.

Smiling, he examined the gorgeous interior of the mansion and slid his left hand into the pocket of his dark slacks and took the first steps toward the end of his life. He only knew two things, that he wanted to enjoy his time here, and that he wanted to see his daughter's face again before he left the world he'd grown to know.
Dahlia unlocked the door that lead to the foyer and that was located underneath the stairs that ascended to the Donor's living quarters that were much akin to the vampires. She swung open the door with a bit too much gusto. She saw them. Fully, not just them from the neck up like the photos in the files with liveless face and pasts. Real people. She was excited already. Her fangs slowly protrudding thier way out from the rest. She briskly walked towards them with a smile, arms open and fangs blaring. "It is so good you've finally arrived!" she exclaimed. She began to make her rounds and softly but as warmly as her cold body could hug each new member of the house. What a pity only two boys. She thought. She stepped back sensing some might be cautious and befuddled by her actions. The majority of vamps did have cold personalities. She gently smiled. " Welcome to Melagrana di Castello!" she said in her best italian accent. "My name is Dahlia Brenan..." this was going to weird she just knew it...
Akio eyed the other humans as he tried to gauge just how 'far gone' they were into the teachings of the BloodFlo corporation. So far none of them seemed to hold any sense of fear or mistrust toward the Vampires. Could he be the only one here who did not fully assimilate into this world created by the Vampires? Even after his time with her. . . they would not be able to make him forget. Akio could still remember what it was like when humans were the dominant species on the planet. Perhaps this was what all the wild animals felt as their domains were encroached upon by mankind through the ages. It left a partial scowl on his face as he followed the others toward the mansion.

Until Alphonse arrived.

The man looked old enough, older than him even. . . surely this guy remembered how the world used to be before BloodFlo. It made him smile a bit to see someone that he just might be able toget along with. Little did Akio know the man's daughter had become one of them. Perhaps that difference between them allowed the older man to deal with how the world had changed. Would he not share the amount of vengeance inside that Akio still felt? Rage still lived that was only suppressed out of not wanting to set himself apart from the others as a troublemaker of any sort too early on. Not enough time had passed for him to outgrow those emotions and it was unclear if even that would cure him of those views.

Dahlia hugged him.

Confusion spread through his being as he had watched the woman hug all of the new arrivals. But for some reason he felt she might exclude him from such a uncommonly warm greeting. Uncommon for them anyway. While he did not return the gesture, a bit of pink that tried to come to his cheeks found itself drowned under a stern look. How had this woman almost managed to make him blush just from a hug?! Just a polite nod ended up all the Japanese-Italian man could muster to try avoiding outright rude behavior. It wasn't like she had only hugged him after all. For the sake of his former 'owner' he would try to be a little bit nice for now. . . until something crossed the lines drawn in his own mind.
Dahlia's hugs almost made Groben's eyes roll. It was hard to believe that they were connected in any way. He himself greeted the new arrivals with an open smile and for one, who seemed to me particularly affected. His profile naming his as Akio earned himself a handshake. A FIRM handshake the likes of which if applied a little harder would crush tendons an threaten the placement of the bones. The vampire was not without a sense of humor.

"....And I am Groben, we are ,of course, as happy to have you here are you are to be here..." he eyes scanned whose of the humans' "I believe my sister Dahlia has something special planned for us all for dinner. So please don't be late."
Miri balked away from the hug, who was daring to touch her? But she eased, seeing that this was not an attempt to destroy her personal bubble. The woman introduced herself, followed by a man. Miri's heavy lashes feathered out across her cheekbones as she closed her eye to take a deep breath. This was her life now, this was what she was left to cope with. This was luxury, the best she could hope for now, wasn't it? No need to make it any easier on them.

"Je m'appelle Miri. Je vais vous tolérez".

With this, Miri slipped past the present company and moved to the doors, partway there before turning and motioning to her energetic friend to follow. When the girl, what was her name? Yvette, drew near, Miri whispered "They'd better feed us, I'm starved" and began to tug at the door.
Gawain smiled giddily, running out of the door, seeing all of the humans (especially the ladies) and smiling wider. He then proceeded to jump and grab the chandelier, jumping a story and a half wide to grab it, as he flung his feet forward and up, hooking them into the chandelier, letting his upper body hang, as he looked down and waved to all of the humans below, some looking with incredulous faces at his agile feat. "Hello! I'm Gawain! Welcome to Melagrana! Great to see you here! How's the weather down there?" he said, making no sense. He giggled, still watching the humans. Fortunately for him, some of the women wore kinda open cut shirts, as he took a gander at some of them, and giggled more fiercely.