Melagrana Di Castello (R)

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  1. Rated R for gore, possible violence, and sexual situations

    Melagrana Di Castello
    (Pomagranate Mansion)

    This is a KKTK production!

    June 17, 2010
    Location: Johnathan Cross' Mansion in rural seaside Italy


    BloodFlo Inc. The company that keeps all of us alive. If it weren't for them, both of our races would be dead. However that won't stop the H-Flu from killing the humans. 18 years ago a world wide sickness took over and turned nearly everyone into vampires. The year after that was a blood shortage nearly killing everyone, human and vampire alike. Then came along BloodFlo Inc. They caught, bred, educated and sold humans. It is not as if they were given a choice. The human could either be a vampire donor or supply donor. The vampire donor would get to donate blood directly to the vampire and live a slightly stress free life while the supply donor would work on a farm, foster and teach children for BloodFlo,  and give blood only once a week in bags for medical and reserve use. But for many it is scary donating for the first time. They revolutionized the market and the law while keeping everyone safe. Now vampires no longer had to hope to find a blood stand that was stocked with blood. For years the vampires and humans have thrived. Until now, the H-Flu has begun to infect and kill the humans one by one. No one knows where or why it has started. One of BloodFlo's biggest investor and scienctist, Johnathan Cross who was studying the virus, has recently passed away. It was assumed he killed himself because of the H-Flu killing his lover and donor, Elizabetha. He had prepared the house for his follwers of his household by buying multiple humans and stocking the fridge with instructions to reside there for a year. Was his death truly a suicide? And who will become the next Sire of the house? And what causes the H-Flu?   
  2. Vampire Ordinances
    1.) Never kill a donor

    2.) Every household must stay under the 3:1 donor to vampire ratio

    3.) Never abuse a donor

    4.) At the age of 55 a donor is permitted to leave at his/her discrestion

    5.) It is illegal to turn a donor without proper forms 

    6.) Every donor must be from BloodFlo Inc.

    7.) Every donor must be over 18

    8.) You must always take care of your donor(s)

    9.) Never overfeed on a donor, you will have your fangs removed

    10.) Never use another households donor

    Human Ordinances
    1.) Never kill a vampire

    2.) Never kill a donor

    3.) You must be 18 to donate

    4.) It is illegal to willing be turned into a vampire without proper forms

    5.) You are required by federal law to report any crimes to local authories

    6.) If you are ill, you are not allowed to donate.

    7.) You may not change households without proper forms 

    8.) Do not willingly over donate

    9.) At the age of 55 you are permitted to leave at you discretion

    10.) Never wear silver when donating
  3. Vampire myths and lore in this RP!

    Good hearing and eyesight
    Needing human blood to live
    Sunlight is deadly
    Need an invitation to enter room or house that is not their own, can be revoked
    No heart beat
    Stakes kill
    Silver burns
    Lilith is the first vampire
    A drained human filled with vampire blood will turn into a vampire in 3 days
    Scent of blood or sex will make your fangs grow
    Pale skin
    Super strength 
    Older vampire you are the less blood you need to survive on
    Regenerative healing
    Christian themes
    Turning into a bat
    Turning into smoke
    Glamouring (type of hypnosis)
    Being super quick
    Not being able to walk across bridge/water
    Not having a shadow/reflection
    Sparkling in the sun
  4. Johnathan Cross' mansion seated on a seaside cliff in rural Italy 

    2 stories with basement

    2nd floor infront is a living room that leads to a balcony, left is girls rooms to the right is boys rooms 2 rooms have a connecting bath

    1st floor foyer, greeting room, living room, kitchen, dining room, ball room, patio, music room, garage 

    Same as 2 floor except underground and wine cellar

    Garden, pool, beach, pomagranate groves
  5. Character Sheet

    Age: or appears to be but is actually, whatever
    Country of origin:
    Appearance: height weight ie



    How about advanced regenerative healing though?

    And I'm curious if the H-flu is deadly just to humans or if the Vampires can catch it too. Or is this just fearing for the future of their food supply?
  7. Making Charsheet right now, OF COURSE!


    Race: Human
    Name: Yvette 'Evy' Lamb
    Age: 19
    Country of origin: USA
    Appearance: 5'7/ 121 lbs/ Lanky/ See picture below:
    Personality: Kind with good intent, but just a little different, SHE'S SPECIAL. Ed. Ok, in all seriousness, she can be a little hyper or overly joyful. But on the bright side, she's easily amused.
    Hobbies: She likes playing instruments, but she's not good at it, and the vampire she donates to doesn't exactly appreciate her constant attempts to play "Moonlight Sonata". On ANYTHING. She like trying to draw as well, but her favorite thing might just be singing when she thinks she's alone.
    History: Evy was brought up and raised, knowing full well that she probably would have to feed a vampire at least once in her life. She was educated, but had a hard time learning. Eventually she found herself in a vampire's care and in a way, caring for a vampire. She doesn't think much of her situation, and doesn't list it as a bad thing, or as a good thing, but does, CONSTANTLY try to be a friend to anyone, earning her a reputation of being far too outgoing for a donor.
    Strengths: She has a knack for telling when someone isn't in a good mood and being able to help their attitude. She also is very enduring and can be very patient with others, her anger never seems to take control.
    Weaknesses: She LOVES sweet foods. She also is truly afraid of being alone in the dark, and will normally BEG for someone else to be in the room with her, or to sleep with the lights on, or to just forgo a night of sleep, and sleep during the day, which never seems to interfere with her job as a donor, having told anyone who needed to know that if blood was needed, get it. She doesn't mind waking up to having the blood siphoned from her neck or other key points for drinking. Either way, she's also HORRIDLY afraid of mice.
  8. It's deadly to humans Orion but yeah I can add the healing
  9. If there's any problems with this let me know.

    Race: Human

    Name: Akio Achille
    Age: 29
    Country of Origin: Italy




    Outer- A man who is not happy with the way things are done due to a slightly paranoid yet possibly accurate idea of how much corruption exists at BloodFlo behind the scenes. He shows much more initial kindness toward humans than he does the Vampires. If a Vampire wants to befriend him they have to earn his trust whereas a human has to rub him the wrong way or betray his trust before the friendship goes down the crapper. But more than anything, one can tell his sense of justice far overrides any prejudices.

    Inner- He has taken pride in being one of the few humans who survived the initial outbreak that turned nearly everyone into a vampire and survived. Friends and family have both been 'taken' from him by BloodFlo and because of this feels no overwhelming sympathy toward them. Akio despises the feeling of how humanity seemed to go spineless and just let the Vampires sell them around like cattle without putting up a fight. Deep down his fight for justice might not just be to prove corruption within BloodFlo. . . but to give what humans are left their sense of self-respect back.

    Hobbies: Detective Work. Polishing silver.


    Akio was born to a Japanese mother and an Italian father before the outbreak of the Vampire infection first took place eighteen years ago. Separation from his friends and family soon followed as BloodFlo sorted everyone into different categories to make selection and what some feel is 'brainwashing' easier for the Vampires. In his free time he often read mystery novels & developed a fascination with solving such important problems in the name of justice. Of course what he read usually predated this new age of Vampires, which meant several stories were human centered, rooting in him what the world had been like for others before his generation and the ones after it.

    Luck came when a female Vampire offered to take him in as at the proper age after graduation. The "daughter" of Cross no less. She actually legally adopted him, trying to teach the angry and confused teenager not to hate all the 'Vampires' just because of what they were. While old enough to be bitten by her, she indulged his fear of being bitten and allowed for less direct methods during their time together. This caused a bond of trust to form over time. Her profession was as a detective on the police force and would tell him about getting to help people.

    Akio's desire to become a police detective grew, but being a human could not pursue that career. Like everyone else he would have to live here with her or go out onto a farm and teach children things he did not believe in. Regardless of the restrictions in place she decided to teach him the tools of the detective trade anyway. It made him happy and gave them something to bond through even further.

    During this time he learned about investigating crime scenes, discerning evidence from random trash, questioning suspects, and several other methods. It exposed him to how corrupt people could be beyond what was released in newspapers. By the time Akio reached his current age, he knew more about detective work than other facts the BloodFlo teachers had tried to 'brainwash' him with in the schools. It caused his mind to mature in the ability to solve mysteries or find clues. . . but left him lacking in other manners of maturity.

    When she died it saddened both men, though it seemed that it was when Cross lost his lover was when he was 'driven over the edge' to his supposed suicide. The suspicious appearance of not only the H-flu has left him bitter. After all of his time with her. . . his axe to grind with Vampires remained.

    Teaching unofficial history to the kids is his favorite thing to do when he isn't out farming. Akio's lessons come with his own true stories about what went on while BloodFlo took control, and in the sense he tells the children about what life was like before the outbreak. He has done this the best he can. . . hoping someday the children will grow up to realize what has been done to their species.

    With the breakout of the H-flu, he feels more defensive of what scattered bits of 'real' humanity are left than ever before. Akio believes that Cross did not commit suicide and was in fact murdered for reasons he is still working out.
    If there was one thing he trusted less than Vampires. . . it was a police force run by Vampires. That is why when people are not satisfied with what the police have done they hire him in secret to do his own investigation.

    Cross was one Vampire that had earned the trust of Achille, who had known the man before the Vampire outbreak as children. It was why he knew the research into a cure for H-Flu was not some selfish bid for keeping the Parasites' food supply around. Even if some may look at searching for a cure just because his beloved had been afflicted as rather selfish.

    Regardless, Akio feels indebted to the departed Cross to solve the case for good.

    Strengths: Detective skills. Adept sword-fighting and gunslinger skills. Sense of justice. Immune system.

    Weaknesses: Tendency to believe Humans over Vampires. Paranoia. Dislike for 'the infected' even though it may be a genuinely nice person. Lack of romantic emotions toward either race.
  10. Vamps age?

    Race: Vampire
    Name: Groben Zieg
    Age: 38 (was 24 when infected)
    Country of origin: Germany
    Appearance: 6'2" 170lbs


    Personality: Driven by a constant thirst for power beyond the constrains of the constraints of the petty rules set in place by BloodFlo and its lackeys. He believes that the virus is the ultimate judgment bestowing great gifts on the chosen and elevating them above the unworthy. He hides his inner thoughts behind a veil in civility as he prepares for the undisputed rein of vampires.
    Hobbies: Astronomy, Chess, Reading books on the occult.
    History: He was one of the first turned by the sickness when it first broke out 18 years ago. Shortly afterward he was sent to prison for masterminding a cult and used his lack of heartbeat to fake his own death before later escaping from the morgue. He changed his name, forged a new identity and started to travel making the right friends in BloodFlo and other powerful organizations making sure he'd be included in any safe refuge should anything go wrong.

    Strengths: Cunning, ruthless, and yet unassuming and he always makes sure he can't be blamed for anything.
    Weaknesses: Greedy for power, quick to anger, hard to befriend.
  11. I probably wont be able to get the sheet up for about a week. (leaving tomorrow for a week, June 11 - June 20th) When I get back I'll have it ready to be put up. ^__^
  12. Kai, shall we plan?
  13. I'm on all day. I wouldn't mind planning some stuff out before I leave, if that's cool? *wishes everyone else was on* -___-
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  15. Plaaaaaaaaan!

    Like, a rhyme or reason to follow the plot?

    (AND NO MAKING IT SOUND LIKE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!) O______________O
  17. The plot is to find out...

    Was Johnathan Cross' death really suicide?
    What is causing the H-Flu virus
    Who's going to be the next leader of the house hold?
  18. I'm pretty clear on what the vampires' role are, but the humans, I'm a little confused on them. I know they are donors, but that's all I really know for sure about... -__-
  19. Quick Note

    Don't post here unless you're asking about the rules. Any other posts here will be deleted. If you need to contact me for any reason you can. Also feel free to post other roleplays too, because a group dedicated to only one role lay is no fun. Just remember no sex or you'll be kicked out. I will be reading all posts so I will know. Follow my rules and Iwaku's rules and we'll all have a good time! ^^
    Rules and Requirements

    Rule #1.

    Read Rule (open)
    No GMing, autoing or powerplay (which is when your character knows OOC information about another character. Info must be learned in a logical way. For example...your character ran a background search on another character. Saying they have been stalking them works

    As far as what is or isn't allowed with character abilities and other things:

    Chara Abilities,etc (open)

    No super strength (Being some stronger than a human is fine), no super speed (Being some faster than a human is fine) and no invulnerability.

    If you're a Telepath (No reading the mind of someone's character unless they gave permission. Moving objects telepathically is allowed but there must be a limit. Like nothing heavier than they can physically lift. Also your character must get tired.)

    If your character is a healer or has healing abilities they have a 3 times a day limit. Unless they're a vampire. Then they have to feed and rest each time to heal. That way things don't get too easy.

    If your character has anything tech-based. There will be a 16 to 20 turn limit on it's use. A turn is a post and all posts count toward each turn. Once the turn limit is reached the tech-based item will overload and explode (or rust up or disappear). If the item explodes any one in range of it will be harmed by make sure to run away, fly away, teleport away or something.

    Rule #2.

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    Rule 3.

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    Rule 4.

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    Rule 5.

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    Some scenes will be time skipped if they drag on too long or get to boring. I will decide if a time skip is needed and it will be voted on to be fair, but most of the time we will role play things through.

    Rule 6.

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    Rule 7.

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    Current Goal/Purpose: Their agenda or goal the character wants to accomplish.

    General History: A basic rundown of the characters past and how that brings them to and relates them to the present events.

    Basic Bio (open)

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    Species/Race: Human, Demon, Etc. Even Race and Nationality.

    Age: How old they are (or look if they're from the dream realm).

    Birthplace/World: Where the character comes from. This is optional.

    Occupation/School/Grade: Optional.

    General Appearance: Eyes, hair, height, and other visual details. A picture or two is also good.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Their agenda they would like to accomplish.

    Talents: Little things your character is good at. This can be anything from cooking to playing Sudoku.

    Inabilities: Things your character is terrible at. For example, spelling or getting along with animals.

    General History: Childhood and important events that helped make your character who they are today.

    Present Life: The events in the present life that tie them to the current plot!

    OCC Requirements:

    Rule #1. If you use a picture for your character it must not be a huge picture that stretches the page.

    Rule #2. You must submit info on your character and that info must at least include basic details. Like what is in a mini bio. A back story is fine but please keep it as short as you can.

    IC Requirements:

    Rule #1. Any teenage character who hears the song and goes to sleep has to end up in the Realm of Dreams.

    Rule #2. Once in the dream realm they have to answer a wake up call in time. That is the only way they'll be able to escape the Realm of Dreams. Once they escape it they wake up.

    Thank you for reading.

  20. ah, Okiday then! Hehee... This is going to be completely different from what I'm use to. (and please don't hurt me if I do a poor job... .__. Was never good with the romance type stuff...)