Mejik: The Quest to Save Madara(Signups and OOC)

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  1. Welcome to the land of Mejik, a world full of unusual and amazing creatures.

    STORY (open)
    Many years ago, many lands were created by the goddess Madara. In these lands, she placed several different beings. For a time, they all lived in harmony, happy and joyful. One night, Madara's father, the god Sasak, awoke from his sleep to see this strange world. He was angered by what his daughter had done. Out of his anger he locked his daughter in a tower, where she felt all the pains of the world. Without Madar's protective light, evil crept into the world. Sasak sent down demons to ruin the lives of these creatures.

    LANDS (open)


    Land of the Cita (Elves) and Dasa (Pixies), it is a beautiful place.
    An N'Daryan Forest; Home of the Dasas.

    A Night Field

    A Tree City, Home of the Citas.


    Home of the Savi (Humans) and the Demons Phasidane (Seductors) Yukti (Thieves), and Raja (Tyrants).

    A Savi Village

    A Savi Castle


    Home of the Nagara (Dwarves) and the Demons Lasa (Greed) and Nusa (Gluttony)

    The Nagarian Mines

    SPECIES (open)

    Anyone I have listed currently is available, you can play the Citan king or the Dasian Queen or the Savian King, just as long as you have at least a basic CS. I would also like it if you recommended any specific people I should create, or add on to ones I already made.
    N'DARYA (open)


    Citan Forms

    ^(A Citan Lady)^
    A regal, proper people, these humanoid creatures prefer the forest to any city or cavern. Their ears can range from any size, and they are always tall and beautiful. Flowing hair is another characteristic. The male gender often wear tattoos to amplify their masculinity. The more tattoos, the higher the rank. If not harmed or diseased, they can live forever.

    ^(A Citan Peasant)^

    Name Length- 2

    The Cita's Social Pyramid looks a little like this-

    Royal Couple (King and Queen)
    (Current King Karta Nete(Kar-tah Net)
    Royal Children (Princes and Princesses)
    (Princess Mahila Mege(Ma-heel-ah Mey-jay) seen with her pet ma'usa(Mi-yoos-ah))
    Regal Couple (Lords and Ladies)
    Regal Children
    Higher Workers
    Lower Workers


    Dasian Forms

    Dasa can range to as tall as 7 feet to as short at 1 inch. Their ruling gender is female. Most have significantly larger and pointier ears than the Cita. All have some point in time have had wings. It is said that if a Dasa is close to you, you will be lucky and successful for the rest of your days, which is why it is common for Citan Lords and Ladies to take Dasian children, (there are very few;the Dasa are independent creatures and hardly ever marry. Most children are given away at birth) cut off their wings, and raise them as their own. Their wings also vary in size, shape and species. They can use magic, but none are as powerful as Queen Aeka.

    Name Length- 1-3

    The Dasian social pyramid works like this-

    (Queen Aeka(Ay-aykah), notice that her wing species is bird)

    Ma'usa (My-yoos-ah)

    The small mouse-like creatures that roam all of N'Darya. Some are able to speak the common tongue.

    Name Length- 1

    Alka (All-kah)

    Deer-like creatures that are ridden by the Cita. Their young are also commonly owned as pets.

    Name Length- 1

    (Male Alka)
    (Female Alka)
    (Baby Alka)

    Wizards & Witches

    Most are of Citan blood, a few are Savian. They only have one element in their control, and one mental ability. Princess Mahila is a witch. She can cast illusions, and control the plant element.

    K'ARA (open)


    These are the humans. They live happily in small villages and large cities.

    Name Length- Unlimited

    Their social pyramid-


    Phasidane (Faz-y-don)

    They may look like ordinary, simple, beautiful women, but they were created for one reason- to ruin the lives of men. They trick men into giving them their very lives, and when they realize what has happened to them, they will have no choice but to obey this demon. Phasidane treat other Phasidane like sisters, sometimes dependent, sometimes independent. It is said that the queen herself was once this demon, until she escaped this spell.

    Name Length- 1-2
    (Queen Striata)
    (A Phasidane)


    Common thieves, the Yukti are on the lowest rung of demonkind.

    Name Length- 1-2


    The tyrants of the world, they have a lust for power and always want to put down those around them. They are also very charismatic and clever. There are rumors that the king is a Raja.

    Name Length- 1-4

    K'HANI (open)


    The dwarf people of this world, they are never taller 5 foot 3 inches. They mostly enjoy drinking and eating, along with the mining of precious jewels. They hardly ever venture outside of their lands, and hate the Cita.

    Name Length- 2

    The social pyramid-

    (King Sonar Ane (So-nar Ahn)


    The demons of greed, the Lasa and Nusa get along rather well. They come in the form of rich dwarves that will offer their riches to other dwarves, encouraging their greed until they are destroyed by it.


    The Nusa are the strangest of all demons. They will feed you until you explode.

    THE MISSION (open)

    Madara has sent the people of Mejik a message. She wishes to be freed from this prison, so she can bring light back into the world again. (We will discuss the details of the journey later.)

    RULES (open)


    1. No cursing.
    2. Follow the site's rules.
    3. Nothing sexual. (Kissing is allowed.)
    4. I will decide where the journey will start and end. If you do something without my permission, I will make you leave. (Sorry that sounded mean)
    5. Before doing anything with other rpers, discuss it in private.



    Character Name: Princess Mahila Mege
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Cita
    Age: 2,001
    Birthplace/World: N'Darya


    General Appearance: Blonde, lithe, pale green eyes, pointed ears.
    Strengths: The Plant Element, Archery, Swordfighting
    Weaknesses: The Fire Element.


    Current Goal/Purpose: To save Madara
    Talents: Storytelling, Singing, using her magic.
    Inabilities: Dancing.
    Fears: The Raja Demons
    General Personality: Funny, kind, caring, daring, mysterious.
    Secret: Her mother was a Dasa.


    General History: After the death of her mother, her father hid her away from the world, only appearing on special occasion. One night, a demon snuck into her home, and tried to kidnap her. It was a Raja. Now, night after night she has had the same nightmare- that the Raja will try to take her away.

    Taken Characters List (open)
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  2. Maybe... I am sorting out my RPs at the moment but it sounded so awesome!
  3. Hello, you two. I'm interested.

    I was making a character sheet when I realized this sort of roleplay isn't my style, as it focuses too much on the abstract and demons. Sorry, you two.
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  4. I'm interested too...
  5. ... If this Rp is ever going to start, we need more people.

    (Not trying to be rude)
  6. I'm interested.
  7. I'll definitely want to be a cita or if you add more species a nyad.
  8. Sure thing! Give me more info on a nyad, and I'll add it.
  9. A nyad? Like a naiad (water nymph)?

    Also, I have some interest in this RP but I'd like to ask some questions first.

    Can you play any of the demonic races you've mentioned? Do they have free will, their own desires and so on, or are they purely driven by the narrow minded goal they were created for?

    I like the look of the Phasidane, but I'd rather play a male one. They don't exist, though. ):
  10. Yes, you can play one of the demons, and yeah, they have free will.

    ...Phasidane, I think, will always be female, sorry...
  11. That's fine. It'd be unfair to expect you to change your RP just for me.
  12. I am very interested
  13. Okay! Just in case you guys need to know, use the basic/advanced format for the CS. You don't have to use the whole thing.
  14. I'm interested! Is there any certain characters you need played?
  15. Well, definantly the rulers of all the races, but I also need citizens.
  16. Well if you don't add any more species, I definitely want to be a Dasa! ^.^
  17. If you guys want to recomend any species, or ask for a species with specific characteristics, I'd love that! For now, sure, you can play a Dasa!
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