Mein Kampf: The Manga

It's what he would've wanted.
Ojii-Hitler-san~ You're so cool! We just wanted to show our appreciation for you by making you into a manga character desu!
My heresy senses are tingling.
I approve of this. I'm not really sure why, but I think its because I'm hoping for Hitler-Bishie-Sparkle.
If they made a manga about PM Koizumi, this is only fitting.

About damn time, too.
Now weeaboos can be naziboos.

Read it..... though it omits that as a child he had his mother's surname... Schicklgruber...
Way to nitpick about ojii-Hitler-san!

But Japan and Germany were allies, this doesn't surprise me in the least.

hitler is the final boss of that koizumi manga lol

Putin was so moe
I'm gonna need a bigger paddle.
A [spoili]nervous[/spoili] man walked [spoili]quickly[/spoili] towards them with a [spoili]fearsome[/spoili] stare that seemed [spoili]un[/spoili]inviting