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  1. (( Note: I'm not sure if this will exactly have any sexual themes but I put it here just in case. ))
    (( OOC here; ))

    It was autumn on august the 4th, when school and work started, that our group found out about a haunted house nearby Mute street whom is told to have scary ghost inside that people have seen by the broken windows. This house is 4 years old and the "For sale" sign is still there, molded and about to crumble into nothing but dirt, I told my close friend Tristan about this place and then reported to Ivorine and decided that a friday would be the best since school is ending earlier and the weekend is too much planned for other things (I've to help my family since a new kid is moving into the orphanage.)
    August the 8th - Friday 6pm

    It was quite calm this evening by the round table, aunt Jercey who have already ate her dinner and now was doing dishes, while singing an old song from the 60th, seemed more happy than usual. Probably because of the new kid I thought, since many have already moved out to live on their own or with another family and it was probably quite lonely now since it was only Eva, me and our pet Rudolf who is a fat little cat that did nothing good at all, except eating the rats down the cellar.
    -"Okay, so let me get this straight." Eva then said, after all the times I've already told her as to why I chase supernatural beings but just doesn't seem to get it.
    -"Since a guy from 10 years ago saved you, you are now trying to get after him? Like... Stalking?" She looked at me with her waaay-over-the-top make-up and the stupid expression, while saying that in a way of an "are you stupid?" tone. I started to sigh, heavily.
    -"Well, both yes and no." I said while aunt took my plate with some left over food, fork and knife.
    -"As I've explained before, is that I try to find out more about their powers and mystery that haven't been found out yet and also at the same time, maybe have the chance to find the man." I tried to explain but her expression didn't change.
    -"Okay, so what? This man who is... probably around 30 by now... I don't think he would talk to you if he isn't some sort of a pedophile who likes 18 year old high school girls. A-and who knows, it was 10 YEARS ago! He could be long gone by now... if he even exists." Those words, "if he even exists" took a hold on me and a bite my teeth together.
    -"He does exist!" I started to scream at Eva that now had a very shocked expression, then aunt Jercey came into the conversation.
    -"Oh, honey. I've to agree with Eva and say that it's impossible, even if he does exist, he could be long gone now. Maybe in another country or city by now." Those words didn't infect me but it was the next thing she said that made me boil inside.
    -"Why not get a boyfriend in your own age? I mean, there must be someone you could be with." It was like it didn't matter if I liked the guy, as long I had a boyfriend in my age, it would be fine. And that made me angry.
    -"Yeah, why not go out with that friend of yours, Trone." Eva then said.
    -"For the last time, it's not Trone. It's Tristan! And no!" I then said and felt that all my anger was going all over Eva, even though she hasn't really done anything wrong. No one did, but I felt that this with a boyfriend that, boyfriend this was getting quite old now. I can find one myself when I'm ready for it. I've told myself many times, but no one seems to listen.
    -"Aaww, what if Tristan heard you now?" She said as if she knew that he would get sad over it.
    -"Well, if he did hear, he would atleast hear the truth and I don't think we would fit together anyway." Or so I told myself anyway.
    -"Then what about that emo guy in the music class? You two could cut yourself together, write shitty peoms and then haunt ghost together!" And with that, I got up from my chair and started to walk to the door and put on my black boots.
    -"Eva!! Watch your language!" Aunt then said.
    -"I don't do anything out of those, except haunting ghosts!" I shouted, shut the door and started to go to our meeting place outside the haunted house at the Mute Street. I just wanted to punch or make my "family" shut up sometimes, it started to get really annoying by now but I could handle myself. I just hope the new kid will feel comfortable. I thought as I started to go uphill and the darkness was soon flowing over and the wind colder and fresh.
  2. Tristan was impatient.

    He had left his home for the night, having told his father that he'd be back at some later time, likely to be the next day. While the family, especially his sister, did not like this, the boy did at least have age on his side. He was an adult, or so he thought.

    The way he strolled along, pacing a few times while waiting for those of his group was enough to spark some concern within his mind. What if they weren't able to get here...

    His thoughts were his only company, at least until anyone else arrived. Playing around with his lovingly looked after hair, the boy soon found himself seated under a massive tree, which was near the front yard of the haunted house. A twirl here and there, and he was content with waiting. I'm sure they'll be here soon... I mean, at least Noah has got to be. This wouldn't be good without her.

    The time went by for the androgynous male. Time well spent, thinking.
  3. Ivorine decided to go out for a walk, feeling stressed out because her period was about two weeks late. Could she be pregnant? Maybe. However, now was not the time to fret or stress because she was going towards the haunted house. Lately, she's been having vivid dreams about pregnancy and childbirth. Maybe it was just her desire to have a Family that leads to such dreams. Out of curiousity, despite warnings from her Husband Jasper, Ivorine decided to head down to the Haunted House that was a few houses down the street from theirs. "What could possibly go wrong?"

    Suddenly, she started feeling a bit nauseous. But decided to walk it off.
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  4. -"Ah, Tristan!" I called upon seeing him, he looked quite tired and bored but anyone would understand, though, luckily, it wasn't snow and really that cold yet since the summer air was still hanging over the sky. But you still had to have some sort of hood or jacket on.
    -"Sorry that I'm late. I was having dinner and Eva wouldn't stop jabbering." I said out of annoyance and then looked around for Ivorine.
    -"Where's Ivorine? Still not here yet, huh?" But then I started to see someone coming down the road, though it was so dark it was hard to tell who it was.
    -"I think it's her.." I mumbled to myself and looked at the house that was still there, with two floors, broken windows and some sort of bad aura around it that just didn't feel right, but it was this excitement that I really liked. The street lamps started to light up but on this street there weren't many cars that was going through, probably just one or two. But it was good since the noise from the cars, streets and people could be annoying when haunting the supernatural and that is probably why, ghosts stay in places like this, it's probably like that with everyone, vampires, werewolfs, etcetera.
  5. The boy perked up the instant he heard the girl's voice. As if the boredom had been swept clean from his form, Tristan stood up almost immediately and waved to Noah. "Hey! Hey, it's alright... Y'know what it's like with them, always been a little... Hmm, I'm unsure of the word, but it's close to greedy."

    He sighed somewhat, now gazing in the direction of the figure. "How about I go check..?" Without much thought, he was soon walking toward the figure, a curious expression upon his features. "Yo! Ivorine? Is that you?" The simple shout toward the second female could've been disastrous if they had been sighted by the spirits they wished to find, but alas, there was no real danger present.

    Just three friends, meeting, in front of a haunted house. Yep, totally normal.
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  6. After a couple more minutes of walking, Ivorine met up with Tristan and Noah. Looking to pull a prank on them, she had put on a fake pregnant belly before leaving the house, making herself look as if she was seven months along. Her excuse? She was making a short film with her friends but was just taking a break. Well, actually, that wasn't much of an excuse, because she was in a short film with her friends for a College Video Project that she was helping them with. Because it was dark, she couldn't identify the young man calling out to her, but recognized Tristan's voice. "Hey guys, sorry I'm late. Had to clean up the kitchen."

    Tonight was going to be a weird one. You know, a 'pregnant' lady hanging out with two college-age kids and going into a house that's haunted. That's something you don't see every day. Luckily her nausea went away. Guess that walk paid off. Because it was a 'long' walk, Ivorine started holding her back to make the 'pregnancy' look legitimate.
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  7. I made a smile towards Ivorine as the group started to gather around to discuss what's happening, in case someone forgot or to just make everything clear. "Noah, the one who was always ready" took out the map as we all looked down to it and I started to explain.
    -"Okay, guys. As we know there have been gossips about a ghost being seen here by the windows on the second floor." I pointed at the broken windows that really wasn't much left and the cold wind going through started to make this weird noise together with the tight glass.
    -"Sadly we don't know that much, but apparently according to Mr Brocklyn, the ghost was a shape of a small boy around 8 or 9 years old and the boy stood here." My finger pointed at the left window at the second floor and a bit by the side so not much of the boy would be seen, probably only half of his face or maybe a little more. The house had a kitchen on the first floor and then on the left the living room , in the hall where you get in, right infront of you, there would be an old wooden stair going to the second floor where a small bathroom on the right side by the stairs would be seen. Beside the bathroom where a bedroom, quite big and probably for the parents whom lived there and on the left side also a big room and another small room at the top that is written on the paper "unknown room."
    -"Though, he couldn't see much of the closes so it's hard to tell from what century he is from and when he died. But!" I rolled the old map of the house together and put it in my black saggy backpack I always had with me in the adventures of haunting and then turned to the other two.
    -"We will find that out, wont we?" I said with a smile on my cheeks and felt a bit happy and exited about it. My idea was not to make the ghosts or other supernatural beings die or disappear, but to know all about them, who they where, who they are now, how long they have existed and so on. It was just simply exiting to be able to hear such stories and if this boy now can't rest in peace and they need a way for him to do so, "the book of supernatural" would always come in handy which lies deep within the backpack.
  8. Tristan looked over the map, his locks of hair daring to fall over his shoulders; something he fixed almost immediately. He took in the information, seeming to be overly concentrated on the map, and where Noah's finger went. "So, this ghost boy... Do we know anything, anything at all, about what he's capable of? I mean, besides what we already know... Maybe there's something unique about him."

    The boy found himself intrigued, the sense of dread hardly apparent on his form, at least, from what was perceivable. "Getting in is easy, but there's no telling what's going on with the interior. We gotta be careful, like we always are..."
  9. While listening to them talk, Ivorine wondered. She ran her fingers down her hair to straighten it out before resting her hand over her stomach. When she looked over at the house, she thought about the history. She lived a few houses down from it. "What happened to him when he was alive?"

    There had to be a reason why the house by the malevolent spirit of the boy. Was he killed in that very house? Most likely. Despite her Husband's warnings, she still went through with going into the house with Tristan and Noah.
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  10. I looked at Tristan in the eye and then turned to the house.
    -"I don't know what he's capable of, but I wont give up now. There is still so much more to learn about the other side and I want to know what happened to him!" And so, I went towards the house, towards the old dark brown moldy door that seemed like it could fall off any second you touched it.
    -"Though... I don't think the boy is that bad. I hope." I said the last part quiet to myself but I didn't sense this... strange aura or "evil aura" around the house, just the cold air from autumn starting. Slowly the door opened and I went inside, the air was dry and filled with dust and dirt, the floorboards made these squeeky sounds and it was really like no one have ever lived in this empty cold space but some of the stuff where still there, only to be covered in a white blanket inside the living room at the left. In the kitchen however, which was very strange, everything from the kitchen was taken away and the whole room was empty. I walked inside and looked at the yellow white wall that had some sort of grease stains and the dusty tiled floor with some parts missing here and there.
    -"So strange... I thought that atleast the fridge or oven would still be here since some stuff from the living room is still there." I talked most for myself but out loud so the others would react as well.
  11. Ivorine followed suit. The house was abandoned. Could it be possible to lay the boy's spirit to rest? Who knows how long this house has been haunted. Must have been a while. Like Noah, Ivorine too started feeling the strange and most likely evil vibe coming from within the house. Although she was a bit scared and thought that the three of them should turn back, she was still curious about the second floor. For the most part, Ivorine kept quiet. She didn't expect the house to be so empty. At least some furniture lying around. "Well, maybe someone wanted to renovate the place, but dropped the idea after they found out it was, well, haunted."
  12. -"Well, whatever it was, it'll not stop us from finding out what happened here." I said as I kept going towards the living room who was a little bigger than the kitchen and not so empty. Perhaps the old owners could have dropped some important papers, it was just to look around the house and so, I went for the drawers that was not so suprisingly, empty. But there was one paper at the lowest part of the three and so I took a look at it.
    -"Hmm... seems to be some sort of dairy." I spoke mostly for myself though, it was good if the others could hear this as well.
    -"After moving in with my wife and lived here in about 4 weeks, we started to notice the odd stuff happening around the house, the one who was showing us around the house didn't say anything about the house being haunted! I've heard stories but when I found out a family have died here, it was clear that this was not any normal house. My wife who was very nervous about this, started to see things but I didn't. The only thing I noticed where the squeeky noises from the stairs, as if someone was walking down to the first floor at night. But both me and my wife where in bed, she did say though that she saw a ghost of some kind, she said it looked like a young boy. When I heard that I presumably thought that it must have been the boy from the family that have died in this house. Though, I had to get more research about this event. All I know about the family who died is that the were the mother, father and they also had a child. Or so the rumors where told. I will get to the ---" The letter ended there and it seems that the rest of the paper have been torn off as if someone have been in some sort of struggle with the paper. Or angry enough to just rip it appart but whatever it was, this dairy of some sort could be their first clue.
    -"So there was a family who died here... But when? And how? There must be more clues around here." I started to talk to myself as I took a hold of the paper, maybe the others wanted to read it, or have already heard me read it out loud.
  13. Ivorine didn't really wanna touch anything, because it might trigger something horrible. After hearing that an entire family died, she began thinking about the horror movie she watched the previous year; Sinister. She began wondering if there was some evidence to the family that died within the house. She started holding her stomach in a fairly protective matter because the house starting to creep her out. She then took the causes of death she saw in Sinister and suggested them legitimately. "Well, there's no way they drowned in a Pool...Because there's no Swimming Pool in the back of the house. So I'm guessing...Burnt to death in a car, getting ran over by a lawn mower, having their throats slit in bed or even...getting hanged."
  14. Tristan found himself wandering somewhat, this old house reminding him of the time when he himself was targeted by a ghost. Not so much fear, but rather a sense of motivation, he walked over to what appeared to be an old clock radio, and when he went to touch it, the speakers suddenly let out a loud scream, causing him to jump and shout in return. The kitchen had never been so lively.
    "GOODNESS ME! Argh. That scared the shit out of me. Do you guys think that, maybe, some of these things could've been put in to scare off people? I mean..."
  15. I heard the screams and turned to the kitchen to see Tristan there, it seemed I was wrong about nothing being in the kitchen with the fridge and similar stuff gone but there was a radio there.
    -"I don't know but... Let's just not touch anything for now. I couldn't find much in the living room except for this piece of paper and this small key, so why not investigate the second floor now?" The key I found is very small, not for a door in this case and the golden color was about to fade away though it seemed it was strong enough to hold. "As long we find more clues, we can probably do this." I thought as I started to go up the stairs, they where old and it was very clear with the annoying squeeky noises and the brown wood. It did seem like it could break if too much weight was put on the stairs but since we're not so heavy and takes it easy up, it would be fine. When I got up, the first thing I saw was a white door to the bathroom and out of curiousity I checked inside to see if there was anything, and it was but not a thing, a smell. A very horrible smell at that. I saw inside and there was a white sink, though some of the porcelain have fallen off only to show it's darkbrown nature and there where also a toilet that where about the same condition as the sink and a bathtub with lightgreen drapes with small figures on it, like something from a cartoon. Of course I opened the drapes and when I did, I knew why this bathroom was so smelly. Inside there where really old moldy water filled with a little blood that only colored the water a little lighter red and a boy. The boy was young and looked like to have atleast blonde brown curly hair that was moving with the water, his skin white like the porcelain itself and closed eyes like he was sleeping. Despite the old water he looked rather... well, not chopped in pieces and flesh going out everywhere, though he had some green stuff by his mouth and ears, he looked quite new for have being in the water for long if he hasn't been killed recently because otherwise the boy would have atleast be some sort of zombie like or skeleton looking now. Could this be the boy the people have seen? I was so shocked by the scene that I didn't think of the smell until now and I hold my hand on my nose.
    -"Uugh... Stinks." I said while looking at the body.
    -"Could this be him? But..." I thought for a moment before looking at the others.
    -"If he've been here for awhile, wouldn't the man and his wife that moved in here seen this boy? If he hasn't been killed recently." But he couldn't have been killed now, why? Well I was looking at his clothes, they where really old fashionated, like a farmboy from the 1920's with the white (a little moldy) shirt and the darkbrown shorts but it was also the mark on his shirt that made me think that he was older, it was a mark from a company from around that time. I've heard about Meilance's history and background and this company that was closed, saying to have had dangerous posion on the clothes that made hideous marks on people who wore them. The mark on the shirt had a huge S on it inside a ring and it was a bit golden, though it was hard to see with the moldy water, but the S was nothing like others and I know that mark from a picture when I read about the company and it's the same.
    -"Hey, do you know this mark? You do, don't you?" I asked them and I believed they did since it's a part of Meilance many histories that have been seen in books and this company was one of them.
  16. With the smell of the body, Ivorine's nausea started coming back and she covered her mouth. Even then, she still held her stomach in a protective matter. "No, not really." She answered Noah while rubbing her stomach, then began holding her back. "That body looks fresh...Should we call the Police? Because I feel like we're snooping around on a Crime Scene." She expressed her feelings. However, they decided that they'd let someone else call because Ivorine found herself more and more curious. "I really don't think we should go up on the --" Ivorine was interrupted by a loud bang that came from the Kitchen.
  17. I nodded as I looked down at the body, that once where alive and still looks to be only asleep with his eyes closed. It's sad to think that he's not sleeping.
    -"Yeah, you're right. We should get out of here, I can't stand the damn smell anyway. Ugh.." I said, with my hand on my mouth as I reacted to the sound downstairs, a bit frightened as well.
    -"W-what was that?" I asked a stupid question since she wouldn't know anyway, but it was a habit to react that way. Atleast in movies and such.
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