Meilance City - The shinshi (深死) City

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  1. Hi, hey, hello!

    I'm quite bored and want to do a new roleplay but don't really know how to do it and wonder if I can get help from you guys and also get someone to rp with. ^^

    My plan was that this rp would be some sort of mystery rp and also supernatural with ghosts and vampires etc.
    I was also thinking at some point to make it mature because of the violence and swearing, maybe some sexual parts in it but thinking of skipping the sexual part since it maybe isn't so fitable into the rp. I just wanted it to be more realistic since it's also an irl rp. But anyway...

    There is a city called Meilance (pronounced something like... maailance/meilance) and in that city lives supernatural creatures but they are hiding themselves exept for one month a year when darkness is coming over the city with cold snow and almost no sun at all. People are dying for unknown reasons but since this is happening every once in a year in a whole December when it's the coldest month, no one really takes the chance to do something. Except for the vampire-, ghost-, werewolf-, etc -hunters and one girl who wants to find out about the supernatural world together with her friends.

    Noah lives in the Meilance City that is also called the Shinshi (深死) City that means deep death City since there are so much murders in only one month every year.
    Noah is a quiet "emo" or "goth" child who is seeing as weird to believe in the supernatural but she doesn't care what they think but the one who is mostly concerned for her is her "not real mother" Aunt Lincey who took care of her when her parents got murdered in this december month. Though Noah also have another reason to go after the supernatural beings, and that is a mysterious man who saved her from the death month december from the one who murdered her parents. So her big main idea is to go and search for this mysterious man and also the supernatural beings but there is a problem however, they don't show up often until december and that is why she want to search for them before that happens and find out why the supernatural beings only go out on December and what more secrets they hold.

    So this is a (kind of) haunting roleplay after the supernatural beings and to find out about their secrets, why they are only going berserk only one month (I'll have to find out a reason for that later) who are the they and what sort of powers do they really have? But the most important thing of them all, do they really exists? Or it is something else that is happening in this city?

    I thought it'd be pretty hard to rp this sort of rp so I had to make a few changes, but I'm not sure if this will still go in the mature because of the violence and swearing or is the mature section only for the sexual part? I'm a little confused by that.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.