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  1. Apparently I'm coming back to this place now so stop the presses and please, stay dressed:
    BASK in my radiance!

    I blame Firewolf for everything.
  2. lol... well welcome back Mr. Wolf fan.
  3. LOL Mr Wolf Fan
    oh thats epic,.. You do realize i'm going start calling you that now LOL

    and I never said GET BACK OVER HERE,.. I am glad that you did.. So the trying to corrupt you once again is going to start. So heads up
  4. Oh god...Please don't do that.
    And you can't have clothes on to corrupt me, those are part of the rules I'm sure.
  5. Welcome back! 8D
  6. You again. Didn't we have a long conversation last I was here.
  7. I didn't have the pleasure to meet you before so here I welcome you back.

    My name is Doxa nice to meet you.
  8. I can't remember you either, although perhaps I met you already....
    Welcome back, and pleased to meet/Remeet you!
  9. You don't remember me because I make it a point to blend in. Either way Some one has coerced me to go active.