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  1. Well I might as well start somewhere. A few frustrated days of figuring out what I'm doing with my roleplay life and a number of google searches later I've stumped upon iwaku. Made sure the community isn't dead which is always a plus. Anyways I figure I should fill out this little qeustionaire you have laid out.

    What do you prefer to be called? Megraw is my typical name. Some also call me Everett. Call me what you wish.

    Boy, girl, or a mystery? Oh wouldn't you like to know? Nah I'm male.
    How many years young are you? How young am I? I'm fucking old. I'm nineteen years old. So old...
    Are you new to the site but not to roleplaying? Quite so. And I'll go into detail. TL:DR I've been rping since I was 12 or so. Real roleplay starting round 16. Well, I originally started roleplaying on an old star wars game. (Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Specifically forcemod two.) Wide eyed and young I got picked up by the head of the server and I stuck around there for a long time. Learned my basics, witnessed and partook in the two roleplays that lasted years in that community (Sith Order/Legacy RP). Then a friend invited me to join a small side thing they started up that broke off from the group. It was my first time actually having full control over a story along with my friends. Boy did we not butcher that roleplay into the ground. The roleplay itself was still star wars as my group of friends it was what we were comfortable with being well nerds you could say. From there we stopped using the Jedi Academy for our roleplays opting to simply roleplay over chat programs and the like. We never looked back on canon worlds or settings always opting to create our own. We started with a Sci Fi Universe that I could go on about much like any of the other ones we had for a long time though this is already long as it is. Eventually things got out of hand though for a first original roleplay I'd say we didn't do too bad. So next we turned completely out of our normal comfort zone to a fantasy setting. Maps, lore, and races were all made and we actually got through the whole roleplay plots and all that. We even added onto it rather easily it really only died cause two of us started college and our interest already was wavering. To shorten things up again we rebooted the sci fi roleplay once. Then we rebooted the fantasy roleplay which was alright. Then we did a completely new Sci fi rp though we probably should have time managed and needless to say it crashed cause of college and once more a new fantasy world I created. That's my main history. I've been in many a misc roleplays that lasted anywhere from a day to a month or two.
    Groups or One on One? I personally love having more than one person to roleplay with. Though that being said I believe that the group doesn't always need to exist. Many a times I have roleplayed especially with multiple characters one on one and bigger exists in group roleplays too.
    The Harlem Shake or Gangnam Style? I prefer Tripp Roll.
    SING IT OUT LOUD! What song is tormenting your mind? Well now that I just linked it... But no I'd probably say Resurrect the Sun by Black Veil Brides.

    I'll always hear out any roleplay ideas. I'm here to find a group and a persistant roleplay that doesn't last a day. And one that can be taken seriously. Now that's not to say it has to be some kind of war or super serious setting. I think the closest thing I can call my normal roleplay too is something you'd see out of a RPG video game. Big sprawling plots, character interactions, choices are yours that kind of thing.

    Anyways. I'm waiting for the chat to go up to see if anyone lurks there. And since that isn't tonight more than likely it's time to add avatars and shiznip.
  2. Hey there! I too did some heavy roleplaying in a game setting, although mine took place in World of Warcraft. Lots of roleplay with guilds, friends and sometimes strangers - it was pretty cool. But yes, I hope you find the roleplays here to your liking. It's the spring season and summer is sure to be on its way so you'll have plenty to choose from.

    Have fun!
  3. Megraaaaaaaw. That is a fun name to say with a deep south accent. >:3

    Welcome to the site, Mister Megraw!
  4. I had a couple friends try and get me into a private WoW RP server. It was alright though I felt completely like a third wheel so I didn't stick around for long.

    It does sound rather southern don't it? I get called Tim or quick draw Megraw quite often. (Much to my annoyance I might add. :D) I actually got it from the redwall book Marlfox, and specifically a Scotish Owl named Megraw. It stuck so well that I kept it. I guess it helped that my fathers side is rather Scotish.

    Thankyou both for the warm welcome. I plan to adventure through the forum a bit more today/tonight depending on work and a little game called bioshock. I'm rather optimistic about the whole place, over the past year it's mostly just been me and one friend roleplaying and that's gotten somewhat old and we want to broaden our horizons. That being said if I like it here I'll more than definately be bringing a friend or two to join this community and myself.

    One question I do have though is if it is alright to bring in other sites/programs into a roleplay. Say if I ran a tabletop rpg campaign from the community and used a site for character sheets/dice rolling. And for programs I am rather useto using skype and other messengers for roleplay. While I am still exploring you're chat it seems somewhat... Unstable though then again I didn't have much time to explore it. (And by no means I mean to disrespect your site. :3)
  5. I dun care what you use to enhance roleplaying! >:3 Do as you will!

    The dragonbyte box is a liiil shaky, but only during high traffic times. Out RProoms are WAY better for chat roleplaying and they have a built in dice rolling thing (/roll 2d20 <- for example)

    But we also have plenty of people who roleplay via messengers, forums, bananas, so we're not all that concerned about the how/wheres/why as long as it's not something evil. :D
  6. Nothing evil you say? This means I need to work around most of my life! Heheh, thanks for giving me the setup. Happy to see a warm welcome something I'm have not seen in roleplay communities in a while.