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  1. My characters are looking for roleplay homes. I have the basic rules for roleplaying and nothing more really. All I require is an equal say in how the plot develops. I play will play any gender and I am comfortable in MxM, FxM, or FxF.

    So here are my basic plot ideas to go with my characters:
    1.) Your character is the new neighbors of the Free family and start to get familiar with the odd family while creating an interest in Pearl whether it be a negative or positive at first. Then you find out that he is the sole owner of your favorite clothing line. How will your relationship develop?

    1.) After Sophie gets the plea deal of insane on a murder trail, your character is the therapist of Sophie and begins to pick apart the very peculiar past and present she lives in while being taken in with fascination about not just her story and mental health, but her.
    2.) Sophie shows up at your team of agents’ office with insight on a serial killer at leads to some hope in the case. Your character is put in charge of using her as an asset for the case and others. Slowly, you begin to see what a nut case she actually is, but are somehow drawn in.

    2.) Brand new divorcee, Simon is moving next door to in the small condo. Then come to find out, he is also just employed to be the chemistry professor at the school you work at. You are assigned to help the strange man become accustomed to his new work place.

    1.) Raven has been stealing from your store for over a month now and is causing you lots of problems. You cannot seem to catch him though. When you do, what will you do with the fellow? Throw him back into the streets infested with units designed to track down his kind? Make him work for you as payment for what he had stolen? Just help the poor soul?

    Isabella: (Best for 1800s settings)
    1.) Your character is new to the underground organization which rescues women from the human trafficking ring. For your first mission, you are paired with Isabella. On seeing you both work well together, you decide to become a team. After sometime, your cover lives and lives within the organization start to tangle.
    2.) Your character is a hit man that was hired by a very corrupt organization to take out Isabella. After sneaking around a watching her for the right moment to attack, you cannot make yourself. You turn yourself into her and sees asks you to be her partner for the organization after hearing about your position. She tells you that she will be using you to mostly to track down the organization that hired you last to first prove your trust.
    3.) Your character is a hit man that was hired by a very corrupt organization to take out Isabella. After sneaking around a watching her for the right moment to attack, you find it. Upon attacking, you realize you are equally matched and decide to work with her. She realizes the same and that you would be a great asset.

    Claire: (best for 1800s settings)
    1.) Your character is becomes a new member of the law enforcement team just a new serial killer starts to attack. You are assigned to work with Claire against your better judgment of working with women. Will she win you over or not? (paranormal twist could be nice)

    1.) Cadet's parents decide the best path for her is to join the army. She is your assigned partner at boot camp. Over the next few months you must get to know each other. Will you forma last friendship or rivalry? What will happen to your friendship after boot camp?
    2.) Cadet is draw into a murder investigation when one happens at her shop one night. This is your case, but the girl soon seems to be very helpful. Yet, she also proves to be one you have to keep an eye on.
    3.) Cadet has hired you to help her track down the murderer of her best and only friend. She does not trust the normal investigators to find her answers or to go about it the right way. You are a well known detective for hire. Will it turn out that you might have actually had a tie into the case?

    1.) An avid reader and new to the town, you find yourself in the library. The strange and quiet librarian seems to not like you around so much. Periwinkle is very suspicious of you from the beginning. Can you get him to stop being so suspicious?
    2.) You having been living in the town since you were born, but never can around the library until now. Now, you are a grown adult and also a murderer. Of course, no one knows that you are the serial killer torturing the town. When the librarian starts to become suspicious of you for no reason. Will you try to convince the librarian you are not the serial killer? How will you?

    3.) Your therapist asks if you mind a student that they are mentoring sit in on your next session, you respond yes for whatever reason. The young tall and handsome Damion sits on one of your session. This is the last you will see of him, right? Nope, surprisingly you start to see him around more and more. What will you make of this?

    (out of order. fill free to ask to a used plot or make your own)

    I am will happily accept other ideas to go with any of my characters. The characters are the important part. I want homes for them. I will happily remake a plot with you that has already been used.


    2.) Your character just started working for the a clothing line company as a manager of one of the factories. Through some sort of events, you have to contact the owner about some major problems at that location causing him to fly over to check it out himself. Immediately, you are very strongly opinionated about him.
    3.) Pearl was decided to go to college to hone in on his design skills. You are unfortunate or unfortunate enough to have him as your room mate and in most of your classes.

    3.) Sophie shows up on your character's doorstep one cold morning. She seems to have slept there the whole night for some reason. Being a kind person, you bring her in your home and take care of her. When you really start to talk to her though, you realize just how crazy she is and it may freak you out or really interest you. For some reason, you allow this new guest to stay and a fascination in her real self begins to grow.
    1.) Your character is a student of Simon and begins to take interest in the strange and goofy man
    Your character is a criminal in the town that was just brought in by none other than Claire. As she interrogates you on your case, everything about is starting to get laid out. To your surprise, you seem more interested than terrified. Maybe she will even start to talk about herself some. (Paranormal twist could be added and might be nice)
    1.) Distraught and caught up in an already failed marriage, you find yourself a couple of times a week in the floral shop. Maybe they will love you again if you treat them well enough now. Maybe if you show them how much you care they will stay. Seth notices your charming good looks immediately not saying anything for the longest time. He's smart enough to put together the pieces of clues you left about your life.
    2.) Fantasy A new shipment of flowers come in and along with them a fairy living in one. Seth does not know this and continues through his days tending to and loving the flowers. What mischief will the fairy cause? Will they become enemies or very good friends?
    Damion moves in beside you in the small condo. You think nothing of the handsome man until you realize he is in a few of your college classes. He seems to take an interest in you and your instability and loner nature. Can you get the gentle giant to leave you alone?
    2.) Parting as your little sibling(s) babysitter starting today is Damion. Your parent(s) really seem to like him, but with your bad last year of high school "I know everything because I am 18" attitude you just don't like him. Will he grow on you or will you continue to not like him?
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  2. No one interested?
  3. Which are you interested in? OuO
  4. Well are you willing too do boyxboy with any of your characters???
  5. Yes, I should have probably included that in my post. Thank you for pointing out a flaw. c:
  6. No problem and I'm interested in the professor
  7. pm me with your character sheet and plot you want and he is yours. UuU
  8. your conversation is not open for replies?
  9. Should be fixed now
  10. @MeganFieldsman I would like to inquire about a roleplay with either Pearl or Sophie. The first option for both of them! Tell me if your interested in roleplaying with me, and I will send you a character sheet as soon as I can.
  11. very intereted. Pearl would be preferable as I already have for Sophie, but it is your decision. And yes, please get me your character sheet OuO
  12. Hello, I read over Pearl’s bio and thought he’d be a fun character for one of my own to play opposite of. The second scenario caught my attention, so I’m glad nobody has picked it yet! I’m trying to decide what type of character I want to make/use.
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  13. pm me with a character when you can c:
  14. No problem, I drafted someone yesterday. Out of curiosity, does it matter if the characters’ relationship is platonic or romantic? Lots of people enjoy romantic plots, as do I on occasion, but there are plenty of times when I think characters don’t match well (in a romantic way). It’s fun to test out how characters get along over the course of an RP then make a decision. How do you feel? Also, I’ll send a character sheet in a few minutes.
  15. I usually enjoy romantic but i love slow very slow developments also. I have never actually done a platonic one so it might be very interesting and sounds like a good concept of seeing how it plays out.
  16. Number one for Sophie.
  17. Character sheet in a om nd you got it UuU
  18. What do you need included in the cs?
    Also I did a typo, i ment number 2.
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