megane-kun says hello again Iwaku.

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  1. Hello again Iwaku, long time no see.

    I don't know if anyone even remembers me anymore, but yeah, I was a member here for quite a short while a few years back but real life took me away. At any rate, I'm back, hopefully for good.

    On with the questions...

    What do you prefer to be called?
    You can call me Megane.​

    Boy, girl, or a mystery?
    Boy, though you're free to wonder.​

    How old are you?
    Old enough.​

    Are you new to the site but not to roleplaying?
    Paradoxically, I am old to this site, but I consider myself as new to roleplaying.​

    Do you like group RPs or just a single partner?
    I prefer group RP's but if I really like working with a person, I might do a 1-on-1 RP with him/her.​
  2. Hey there, Megane!

    Been a loooong time, for sure. Hope all is going well with you : )

  3. Yeah, it's literally been years! I'm doing okay, for most part. How about you?
  4. megane. zetsubou-sensei caught my eye. um. hi.
  5. Welcome back once again, megane! 8D
  6. I think I remember you! But because back then I spent most of my time in the cbox, being shy, I can't say I know much about you ): Regardless, here's a warm welcome back: <3
  7. Here's where I'd usually put something to try and scare the newbies, but as you've been here before, it seems a little redundant.

    I have no idea who you are. Mostly because I'm not one of them there battle-scarred veterans. But drop me a line if you want to chat anyway, it's not like I've got much better to do.
    Alright, I have lots better to do, but that's not the point.
  8. I am gooooood as gravy, baby!

    Come say hi in the cbox when you get a chance : )
  9. Hello there Lorchenne. Yeah, that's Itoshiki Nozomu as my avatar. I've used him as an avvy since a while back, and I never saw a better character to replace him.

    Hey Diana! Good to see you guys do a great job on making this site grow and thrive.

    Hi Dawn, yeah, we met each other in the CBox as with most of everyone I met. And like you, I was a regular in the CBox just because, uh, I don't know honestly.

    Laggy Lagiarcus, can I pretend to be a newb newbie so that I can be scared to wetting my pants? XD /jk Thanks for the offer though, I'll definitely consider it.

    Yes October, you know me. I will definitely lounge in the CBox when I have the chance.
  10. Hello and welcome back Megane-kun! Glad you could join us here at Iwaku again. :)
  11. Thanks, CrashAriMP5N20! Glad to be back here too.