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Megaman Wars

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Six Million Dollar Man, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Quick Rules-

    - No OC's. I only take canon Robot Masters. You may also use opposite gender versions of a robot master if you wish to play a female.

    - I may allow a couple side enemies (Ex. Metool, Sniper Joe) to be played. Most of them will serve as NPC's though.

    - Mega Man/Bass/Proto Man/MMX/Zero/Roll/Enker/ETC are not allowed in this RP, at least not yet...


    21XX: A Year which shall live in infamy. The year in which the Maverick Virus would reach an all time high, and the Maverick Hunters were up to their necks in trouble.

    But suddenly, the most amazing thing had happened!

    Some afflicted by the virus simply broke free. And most surprising of all, Some of the robot masters… simply woke up, and dug themselves up to the world that had abandoned them...

    And now, every machine is out there, raging to try and get themselves a piece of the action, whether they were maverick or not mattering little...





    Elec Man was sprinting through the fierce storm that engulfed Abel City as he tore through the alleyways. There was simply no doubt that the original robot master was searching for Mavericks. He found himself awakening rudely to the sound of scavenging reploids trying to steal old parts and sell them as 'antiques,' he himself waking up and managing to escape...

    He stopped for a moment to rest himself, his cybernetic body taking a great deal of stress after having lacking amounts of energy and damage from the last time he battled a certain blue bomber. He turned towards a nearby puddle of water, and reached for his mask...

    …Staring back at him was the humanoid face of a young man with short dark brown hair, and the blue eyes everyone had seen one too many times back in 20XX.

    Things were different now though. No Wily to boss him around, and a new enemy to destroy: Those who would attempt to infect him with the Maverick Virus...