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  1. Would anyone be interested in a Megaman Classic themed RP?

    I was thinking our RP would start just before the events of Megaman 1 (and continue on through that game), our characters being people who have some connection to Light Labs Industries, along with canon characters like Rock or Roll.

    Anyone interested?
  2. Interesting that you set the stage before the MM Classic series even begins. Although I'm usually not crazy for fandom RP, I love the idea of each player in a Mega Man RP having their own "doctor" character who builds their first robot before eventually having a host of robot masters similar to how Light/Wily/Cossack do. What would we do before Dr. Light makes his breakthroughs, though? Light Labs employees who either assist in research or root out Wily spies, I guess?

    More-controversial idea: after Wily steals the original robot masters and the events that would normally be MM1 begin, Mega Man somehow fails, his parts are each held by a master, and we have to use our own bots to get them back and rebuild him to have a chance against Wily?

    I'm on board if anyone else is!
  3. Dude, I am the super fighting robot from 20XX.

    I'd be down to see where this goes.
  4. Awesome! Peoplez!

    We'll be various associates of Light Lab Industries. It'll start just before MM1 begins, but only just barely. Before Dr. Wily's a known threat, but after Protoman left.
  5. So... is this human focused or bot focused?
  6. Ooh, getting into wacky situations by trying to track Proto Man sounds fun~

    Although then again we wouldn't even know of his existence in the first place, so strike that. I'll see what you come up with in terms of what we're gonna do as associates. xD

    Dang it, you've got me in total Mega Man mood with that avatar.

    ... eh, screw it. WARE WA MESHIA NARI! HAHAHAH—[shot for being in the wrong Mega Man game]
  7. Sorry, I thought I was watching this thread and thought nobody commented on it.

    To answer Maverick's question; it probably wouldn't focus on either particularly, as PCs can be human or robot (our RP would start around Rock's activation) It'll focus on whatever characters players create.
  8. Anyone still interested?
  9. My status remains the same: interested if others are. ^ш^
  10. I would definitely be interested! I've done a lot of MegaMan roleplays over the years and I've always wanted to try one with a simple premise like this, sounds like a lot of fun.
  11. Same thoughts remain to this day :3
  12. Alright. I think there's enough people to actually start this.
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