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  1. Ahhhhh, a series that is very near and dear to my heart, both as a video game and as an RP. I actually started my RPing shenanigans on a Battle Network themed RP forum and of the Mega Man games, its one of my favorites in the various series'. So, with that said and my summer break almost upon me, I think I might like to cut my teeth here running a Battle Network themed RP! Nothing too fancy, just a good old fashioned story about NetNavi's and their Operators saving the day; it would likely be something updated weekly or bi-weekly for a nice balance between having a centric plot and letting the players drive the story. Together, I think we could make this something great, but what do you all think?

    Good idea? Bad idea? Use a different Mega Man series altogether? Let me know what you guys want and I'll do my best to accommodate!
  2. Use a different Megaman series? Hell no, this is a great idea! I've always loved the MMBN series, I'm pretty sure it was one of the first video games I ever played on Gameboy. MMBN3 to be exact.

    But anyway, yes, I'd love to do an RP revolving around this series. It's been much to long since I've done anything related to it, and I think experiencing an RP about it would be sweet!
  3. Yeah, I have many a fond memory myself of Battle wasn't my first GBA game, but I do remember I ended up borrowing and then subsequently buying my friend's copy of BN1 for 5 bucks when I was younger, so its up there in my top favorites. XDc

    As for the RP itself, right now I'm just trying to figure out a nice balance between letting the players run it without things getting too out of hand; I want people to be able to drive the story while keeping things along a certain story Arc, and then there's the matter of battles, Navi and Virus alike. I have to be careful so things like godmodding and power playing don't become so prevalent, so I'll be working on a system as this idea progresses. There will be a battlechip system though, that I am also working on...what good would a MegaMan Battle Network RP be if there weren't Battlechips? XD
  4. Sounds good! I'll be brainstorming to come up with a decent Navi and NetOp, as well as what chips I'll be using. I'm probably a bit rusty on the chips I used to use though, the only things I remember is that I'd just stash my folders full of the strongest chips I could find!

    As for creating a balance, I think that initiating specific events would help with that. Like in the games how things would start out normal, but all of a sudden, boom. You have animals going insane because of Beastman, and he's trying to find some code to unleash Alpha.
  5. Yeah, that's true. As well, for the beginning stages of the game I think I'd like to keep Chip Folders down to the more basic chips with a few powerful ones thrown in. What would be the point of progressing if you could just start with all the most powerful things, you know?
  6. Giving this thing a bump, I'd love to see this thing happen!
  7. I hope it happens too, if anyone out there has any ideas they'd like to see or is just interested at all, let me know here or in a PM!
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