Mega Giant Forum Update on Sept 13th and a THANK YOU to Donators!

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    Is something you might be saying right now. Well, stuff it, nerds! D:< If we didn't do regular updates every few months, you wouldn't have a nice site to touch butts in!

    The site will be CLOSED on September 13th for most of the day as we do updates.

    This is going to involve a forum software update, updating of modification, security fixes, bug fixes, AND involve some site re-arranging to unveil the new Roleplay Tools! We're not sure exactly how many hours it will take. So just assume it's going to be 24 hours at a minimum, then get pleasantly surprised if it's not.

    While the main site is closed, we will have several chat rooms open, along with random shit you can play with to keep yourself busy. You'll be able to chat, chat roleplay, Cards Against Humanity, voice chat, play games or whatever thanks to wonderful volunteers and staffies who will be trying to keep you entertained and not asking "How long will it be" every ten minutes. 8D

    We want to take a moment to THANK THE DONATORS!

    Not only do your donators help pay the site bill every month, but they are ESPECIALLY helpful during these big updates when it's time for us to renew our product licenses. Updates for those are random and sneak up on us sometimes, so it's super awesome when we have a little bit of moolah left in the till to cover those too.


    Are you broke-ass and still want to support Iwaku? IT IS EASY!

    You DON'T have to send us money to support Iwaku! Just help us take care of the site by other means. You can do this by reporting spam and creepers. Not engaging in troll fights. Posting up really cool roleplays, challenges, or guides. Give people comments or reviews on their writings and art! If you have extra time, be a community volunteer and do boring mod work!

    All you really have to do is be an active member, roleplay lots, and make lots of buddies! <3 It takes good, cool members in order to have a good cool site!

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  2. What?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It'll be closed forever! Nooooooooooooo!

    Cough... ahem, duly noted! Can't wait to see what you've got in store for us!
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  4. *Starts selecting which spanner he's gonna jam into the works to make the update take even longer*
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  5. Well we lose our PMS and posts? I just wondering if this was clean out update?
    As I know I have some post listings they have put into the graveyard, but I still refer back to them..
  6. You never ever ever lose PMs or Posts during updates! (If you did, we would tell you and give you lots of time to save things.)

    Unless something went horribly wrong. O___O But even then, we have several backups just in case.
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  8. [​IMG]

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  9. Are all the groups going to be deleted in this update?
  10. Nope! They will be remaining as is for now!
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  11. Awesome XD thanks <3
  12. It's so sweet that you thank your donators every once in a while. ^_^ <3 I do always try my best to support iwaku with roleplays, donations, and anything I can cause I love this place. :D I'd be cool even being a community volunteer someday if I was ever selected.

    I feel like its you guys who really deserve the thanks though, for keeping this place running and for having brought this wonderful rp website to so many of us in the first place. Appreciate you, Diana, and all our other wonderful mods and admins! Can't wait for the update! :D
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  13. You are welcome for my extraordinarily magnanimous donations of one dollar per month. I am such a philanthropist, a true pillar of the community. Praise me, peasants.
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  14. I actually kind of like these forums updates. It sucks the forum goes but, but that just means we get to come back to a spiffy new toys to tinker with :3

    *Cough*and I get to hold out on replying to everything just a bit longer*cough*

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  15. Do the software updates come with a fancy new text editor or UI or can I expect little change on my end other than adding the roleplay tools?
  16. There is a minor bugfix update for it, but it is unlikely to have anything of major consequence. D: If you are having trouble with the current editor, though, if you post about the troubles in the help desk, people will be able to give you suggestions and work arounds for getting things to work on different browsers and devices!
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  17. If the site is down for more than a day, I will grant your guys' wish and smack Diana with my rubberband mace.
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  18. nah, I haven't any problems with it, it's just that I only just figured out how to use it and what everything does, and re-learning it would be a bit of a pain.
  19. Yay I might not even be here!
  20. [​IMG]
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