Meeting the sun.

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  1. Dear brother

    I know for the past few few years things haven't been the same between us, I know that my problems don't make things easy. I have awoken now and come to the realisation that you have grown up and no longer need me to guide you through this tough new world you were brought into. People may call me weak and not deserving of the life that has been bestowed upon me by our father. But I know you will correct them as you are the most loyal creature I have come across in this damaged world.

    Don’t be upset, just know that I am with Adriel now in a much happier place than this. I pray that one day you will not join us here and continue on with your life. I am not afraid of the true death, this is my decision and I will embrace the sun like our loving father did to us.

    One more thing, I urge you to remember me for what I was, your loving sister, and not what I have became.

    Annabelle looked hard and long at the suicide note she had just written for her brothers view and felt her chest tighten. She wasn’t afraid of what she was going to do, but rather excited. Now, would be the time when Annabelle could finally leave this wretched place, of which she liked to call it, and be in peace with her father in the afterlife.

    Finn would understand.

    It was 5:52 am on Sunday and the sun was ready to rise at approximately 6:05 am. Within the very short minutes coming up to her death Annabelle thought of the time she spent as a human. Her human mother and father and how they lived a long and happy life together, even after her disappearance. She envied them that they knew so little, they were so oblivious to what was going on around them, they didn’t know what went bump in the night. Everything was better when humans didn’t know their existence, they could do whatever they wanted but now they were tied down. They were now “equal” to humans in the eyes of the law, but she knew that would never be fully true.

    The bleeds had already started to begin as the blood crept it’s way down Annabelles ears and nose. It had been 1294 years since the sun’s warmth and light had embraced her skin and she couldn’t be happier. Standing in the place she called her favourite, peace gardens, she had hoped that now she would be in peace as well. The sun started to rise, the light and warmth embraced her skin like it used to many years ago before. With closed eyes and a smile Annabelle greeted the sun like a friend, with her arms held wide ready for it to take her.

    It didn’t take long for the sun to claim it’s old friend, the fire grew and now burned furiously on the spot where she no longer stood.
Thread Status:
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