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  1. Greetings ladies, gentlemen, and those of unspecified gender. If I may ask you, what do you think when you think of monsters? The usual answers are something like evil, dangerous, must be exterminated, or kill it with fire. I won't protest against that. There are indeed a lot of monsters that are better made dead. But is that the case for all of them? Think about it. There are exceptions everywhere, so why not with monsters too? This is why I was crazy enough to create a monster to be that exception. Say hello to my latest character.
    Monty the friendly slime monster (open)
    Name: Monty
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: None (But I refer to him as "he" to make my posts look nicer)

    Appearance: Monty is a big blue mass of goo, with a maximum height of 2 meters and a weight of 60 kilograms when having its maximum rations on protein. When low, it will reduce itself to a minimum height of 0.8 meters, with a weight of 20 Kilograms. It has 2 yellow eyes, usually 4 limbless arms, and a semi solid pool of its own mass as "feet", which allows it to "walk" slowly across the ground. It's slime is covered by a quickly building membrane, which prevents Monty from leaving a trail, and loosing important mass. Certain parts of the appearance can change!

    Background: Monty is the result of a mage's experiments. Said mage wanted to research slimes, curious of their diet, motives, thoughts, and abilities. Since wild slimes were not very helpful though, he bred his own version with slime probes and magic. This experiment gave birth to Monty, who turned out to be a lot smarter than expected.

    Monty helped the mage with his studies, and was his servant for a long time. It was fine with how its life was, and was even afraid of other humans. Especially adventurers seemed to be sparking fear in the blue mass, because even the starters slew its kind. But that didn't stop the mage from sending Monty to the world. Not only where his experiments finished, but it felt as if Monty was on this world for more than studies. With protest and a bit of fear in the back of its mind, he ventured out to see the world.

    Personality: Unlike his wild cousins, Monty does not see the need to confront humans for their nutrients/food rations. It does not like that kind of violence, and tries to avoid people.
    It is also unusually smart, reaching human standards, which allows it to understand people's speech, gestures, mimics, and even systems within their society.
    Monty is also very curious. It often watches people when they pass by from a safe distance, but is usually too shy to interact with them.
    Simply summed up. It's a friendly slime monster.

    One should not carelessly attack Monty though. Just because it is friendly and shy does not mean it is harmless. It does not like to fight, but things will get ugly when it is angry. For more info, read the abilities.

    Died: Protein
    Monty's entire body is mostly made of protein and water which it gathers from various sources. Plants, meat, insects, human dishes, and people on rare occasion.

    Weaknesses: Monty is mostly made of water, which may be good in many ways, but it is bad for him to be struck by lightning. It can also dry out in dry areas, and damaged by most magic spells.

    Shapeshifter: Monty is able to change his shape, density and colors, allowing him to look exactly like a human, a monster, an animal, or even like objects. The process takes a few moments though, as well as many proteins to uphold. At least it makes him a master of "hide and seek" when it comes to hiding.
    -Partial shape shifting: Monty is also able to modify only parts of its body. Growing real legs, turning one arm into a solid morning star, and even shooting slime arrows with a slime bow.

    Imminuties: Since his body is mostly made of water and protein, Monty can make itself somewhat resistant to drastic temperature changes (such as fire and ice) by keeping its mass in motion. And since his mass is only semi solid, it is completely immune to physical damage.

    Speech: For one reason or another, Monty knows how to replicate human vocal cords, allowing it to speak. It's voice has a high pitched masculine tone, almost feminine because of that, making it not possible to pinpoint its gender if it is only heard.

    Regenerative Healing Factor: If one actually manages to blow Monty to smithereens, incinerate, freeze-crush, evaporate, or electrocute it to death, it does not mean that Monty is completely gone. As thanks for its long services, his master enhanced its body to regenerate from molecules. It takes a couple of days to do that, but Monty is never truly dead.

    Adapting nutrients: Monty devours a wide variety of plants, and stores each single nutrient inside itself. This gives his body many useful extras since this turns Monty into a living mixer. Its previous master taught it many recipes, which allows Monty to create poisons, aphrodisiacs, drugs, and even potions.

    Potential magician: There are a few kinds of slime that are able to cast magic. Monty is no exception. It has a big reservoir of mana, but has not learned any spells.

    Despite common belief, slimes do not completely depend on humans for their protein. Even a slime of Monty's size can survive on plants only. But human nutrients are considered a delicacy for slimes, so watch out.
    As shy as it is about humans, it is also very curious.
    Monty's mass is cool to the touch, but turns warm when in motion.

    Now then. How about we give this... buddy? Actually I am not sure how to call it. Anyway. Let's give it a roleplay.
    I would like to test it with a Monty x Female pairing before trying my luck with a male. Does anyone out here have ideas for Monty? By all means, let me hear them.

    My ideas
    -None yet. Sorry-
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  2. Hmmm I might have an idea if you want to pm me. Not sure if it will be good but maybe worth a shot?
  3. Even failed Roleplayss can be nice experiences, so it's a win regardless. Check your inbox in 3...2...1...
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