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  1. Muse A undresses habitually in front of their bedroom window, one day discovering that Muse B is watching them from the building across the street. Rather than shrink away from the attention, Muse A embraces it and makes a little show of undressing the rest of the way for Muse B before pulling the curtains closed. Over the course of the following few days, Muse A and Muse B meet at the window for some shared exhibitionism. Muse A and muse B both shed their clothes with the express purpose of teasing the other into a state of sexual frenzy. This little game is thrilling for muse A because they know absolutely nothing about each other and anyone could catch them if they look up to their windows at the right time. One day, after a particularly steamy session, Muse B presses a note to the inside of their window asking if they can meet Muse A face-to-face.

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    I'll re-open spots when we have finished

    Spots open: 0

    Thread: @XWhySoSeriousX
    Message: @JaneXJeff

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    To grab a spot reply to the thread with a (none anime) picture of your Muse OR a link to an Iwaku character of yours

    I'll happily let you choose which person to play and first things first tell me your rules/boundaries
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  2. I was still wondering if any spots were open before I posted a picture of my muse.
  3. You're the first one, go ahead! c:
  4. Yay! Here's a picture of my muse!

    Keara O'Hara*

    *Pronunciation= (Key-ar-a)
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  5. brunette.jpg

    Celeste Martins

    I love your muse! Her name is gorgeous
    Oh, would you like to be Muse A or Muse B?
  6. Could I be muse a?
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  7. yep! oh, originally muse a would start but I'm flexible to start that's up to you also ♡
  8. Oh could you start, I've never really been the best at starting
  9. image.jpg
    Evangeline Valentine
    "Eva" or "Angel"
  10. Yeah totally, I understand

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    Placing her tea on the window sill Celeste turned to the kitchen island to grab 'The Stand', sitting down on the sill she looked around the quiet city. 'This place is so peaceful at night' she sighed looking out so the apartments in front of her. Glancing at the balconies of the apartments she was noting the plants when apartment 4C's window caught her eye. Dropping her book Celeste gasped and rubbed her eyes, "I-Is she undressing?" she murmured looking closer at the window. The girl was in fact changing with her curtains wide open, "I really better not, I mean that would be super creepy" Celeste argued with herself grabbing her tea and book and retreated back to the kitchen.
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