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  1. Howdy everyone. I am one of the newest newbs to this site. I was dragged here, against my will I might add, by Kitti. She forced me here...

    ...ok, not really. She mentioned the site and I got pretty excited. I used to RP a lot in my younger days, but haven't gotten involved on a forum for a few years now. I've been wanting to try to get back into it though, so here I am :D

    I'm a 25 year old male. I'll generally play male characters, but I don't mind trying the challenge of a female. I can do most any genre. I like both one on one and group RPs. I'm pretty flexible in general. I tend to be fairly detailed and verbose, although looking through some of the threads, I wouldn't consider myself an expert compared to some of you. Experienced? I think that works.

    I dunno what else to say, so moo.

    Feel free to message me if you are ever looking for someone to join an RP :)
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  2. Hello! Imma newbie too! :D
  3. *waves*

    Hi random newb!
  4. Well hi there guy kidnapped by Kitti! Welcome to the community!
  5. Thank you :)

    I'll do my best not to disappoint.
  6. Hey fisho! We've met already in the cbox but I thought I'd still welcome you to Iwaku here in your newby newb thread. :3 Welcome, welcome~!
  7. Thanks Dawn :3

    Do you like my thread? It's very nice and comfy. I might live here ._.
  8. Welcome to Iwaku, fisho!
  9. Thank you, Seth :)
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  10. Excellent, excellent.
    So it has begun.
  11. Shall we start the revolution, ma'am?
  12. Welcome to Iwaku ^^
    You might find that revolutions are hard, there are alway so many stories to enjoy and partake in, swallowing your whole mind in their wondrous views xD
  13. I don't have a mind left, tho ._.
  14. Well, we cant have that can we O_O
    Now go grab at those candy-looking stories and nom until you are satisfied ^^
  15. Soon. I see a few that I'm interested in joining, but they already have a decent number of posts and I'm to tired to try to learn an entire story right now. In the morning, sure.
  16. Then in the morrow your adventure begins, the world awaits, the armies are amassing their banners. You will make the final decision...

    Of which RP to join :3
  17. Yes sir :P

    I do have two started in chat, so I got that going for me at least.

    A third should start tomorrow as well.
  18. meep meep!

    By which I mean hello.
  19. Dont you meep me that way sir!

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