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  1. Greetings. I'm seeking a variety. Anything crossed out means I've had my fill of it.

    About Me:

    ☠ I'm comfortable playing male, female, transgender, and non-binary characters.
    ☠ Romance is welcomed to be worked into any roleplay I do.
    ☠ All pairing types are good with me.
    ☠ It isn't likely I'll partake in any furry or anime roleplays.
    ☠ Regarding length of replies, I match my partners.
    ☠ I'm pretty adaptable when it comes to writing level.
    ☠ I'm able to reply daily.
    ☠ My roleplays can take place in either PMs or threads. I have no preference.
    Content Warnings:
    ☠ Past abuse is often included in my characters histories.
    ☠ Current abuse may be involved in some plots.
    ☠ Killing off of characters happens in my roleplays sometimes.
    ☠ I write graphic violence.
    ☠ If my partner is 18+, sexual themes may be included.
    ☠ Please make me aware of any limits or triggers.
    ☠ Abusive Ex
    ☠ Runaways
    ☠ Alien Invasion
    ☠ Adoption
    ☠ Crime Drama
    ☠ Family
    ☠ High School
    ☠ Broken Family
    ☠ Kidnapping
    ☠ Band
    ☠ Assassins
    ☠ Magic School
    ☠ Alien Hunters
    ☠ Time Travel
    ☠ Serial Killer
    ☠ Super Humans
    ☠ Haunted Mansion
    ☠ City of Vampires
    ☠ Terminal Illness
    ☠ Summer Fling
    ☠ Best Friends
    ☠ Celebrities
    ☠ White House

    ☠ Harry Potter
    ☠ Lost Girl
    ☠ Orphan Black
    ☠ Sherlock
    ☠ Doctor Who
    ☠ Orange Is the New Black
    ☠ Dragon Age (Origins & II)
    ☠ Fable (II & III)​
  2. I would be quite interested in the band RP! That one really piqued my interest. And who doesn't love a good old fashioned vampire one as well? I have also read your rules and am aware of them :3
  3. I'd love to do a band RP with you. Mind sending me a PM to plan?
  4. I would love to do abusive ex or assassians with you!
  5. Which would you prefer more?
  6. I would actually love to do abusive ex more, do you have a plot?
  7. Celebrities or Lost Girl, if you're still interested! :D
  8. Would you be intrested in a paranormal type investigation team?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.