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  1. Hey guys!

    So, I'm interested in seeing if you guys can come up with some new and awesome "medium" level superpowers.

    I would like you to get creative with your powers, not just try to make the "strongest" one you can think of.

    I want to see new ideas, one's that you think would be fun and interesting in action.

    With that in mind, here is a list I made up, on a scale from one to ten, describing different levels of telekinesis as an example:

    1. Awkwardly floating small, light objects like lighters or pencils
    2. Heavier objects (a few pounds or so) can be lifted and manipulated with some difficulty
    3. Objects up to 50 pounds (depending on wieldiness) can be moved and operated with fluid control
    4. A vast array of objects, all the way up to the average sized man, can be lifted, manipulated and tossed about with ease
    5. Able to control any human, and even smaller automobiles with ease
    6. Could toss an f250 200 feet
    7. Able to uproot a large cottonwood and move it about in the air, even snapping off individual branches and Manipulating them individually
    8. "20 piece firetruck sky ballet"
    9. Could create a virtual hurricane or even manipulate a small army (few thousand people)
    10. Supreme control and manipulative ability

    When thinking up your powers, think within the range of 4-6. If you have an idea that is a bit more powerful than that, then you should give it some kind of drawback as well.

    If you would like to flush it out into a full character, then be my guest, but I'm just always interested in what kinds of unusual superpowers people come up with.

    I'll post some myself after ya'll have a chance to do so.

    Thanks guys, can't wait to see what you think of!
  2. 1. The ability to melt objects - could prove very useful in hand to hand combat vs weapons or melting down doors.
    2. A scrying super power - the ability to find/overhear anyone in the world as long as they're near water.
    3. The ability to be able to maximise and minimise the use of your brain power. Thus being able to go from 7% to 100% or 100% to 60% etc
    4. Turning objects into foods - both for survival, upkeep and money - this weirdly enough could also be used in combat. Raining coconuts! xD
    5. Dark vision - Under-rated but not incredibly powerful.
    6. The Ability to see People's Auras - To be able to see how the feel, their core personality and whether people are lying or not.
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  3. Good ones! I especially like the first two.

    So, as far as melting objects goes, let's say I have that power and I catch a sword someone is swinging at me and melt it. Does it become molten? Does it burn either myself or the person wielding the sword?

    P.S. Coconuts!
  4. It becomes a liquid state so liquid metal, metal is quite cold and you're not burning it you're just turning it into liquid by the means of a power so therefore no I don't think it'd burn. It'd just leave the person wielding it with no sword. As long as you've got martial arts on your back. It'd make it easy to win a combat.
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  5. Here's one I've thought of.

    So, everyone knows about ferrokinetic characters like Magneto, but usually they have full control over all ferrous metals (ones that can be magnetized).

    I thought it would be cool if the ability was restricted to only allow the attraction or repulsion of ferrous metals to or from one another.

    For example, some one with this ability could have two sheets of metal of equal size laying on the ground, one on top of the other. In this case, the user would only be able to either tightly hold the two pieces together, or push one away from the other, creating a springboard effect. Or perhaps they could even create a rudimentary rail gun from an I beam and a crowbar, with enough practice, by quickly activating and deactivating the power along the beam.
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  6. How about...
    1:the ability to connect to any wifi nearby with your brain to do whatever you please.
    2: The ability to move from your body with or without ease, while still controlling your body.
    3: Being able to control how fast your blood flows, and even how fast your heart beats.

    I'm running out of ideas here e.e
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  7. Huh, those are pretty interesting.

    But I don't really get #2.

    And what use would #3 be? hen you say your blood you mean the user's right? I guess it would be used to increase physical capability?
  8. Like, for #2 is being able to detach your spirit from your body whilst still controlling your body.
    And #3 it could be used for that, but also to stop your bleeding if you're injured, letting you live longer. (somewhat)
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  9. Only got one idea: Shadewalking. You can transport your body from place to place, as long as you're standing in shadow, and your destination is also in shadow.
  10. Does the second shadow need to be in your line of sight?
  11. No. You only have to know it's there.
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