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  1. So these are my plots that I have craved for years and still crave. Most of them have been roleplayed previously (But ended for various reasons). However I currently have no partners for them.
    If they are striked out I am not actively seeking that plot, but message me as I may decide to still do it.

    Lord of the Rings
    I am eager for a Lord of the Rings rp so feel to make a suggestion.
    After the fall of Isuildur many believed the line of kings was tainted, although the ring was lost many searched for it wasting their lives away and neglecting their kingdom in the hopes of finding the ring of power and taking it for their own.
    The Elves turned away from these Numenoreans in shame and many in the kingdom of Arnor rebelled refusing to follow their king any longer. Gondor tried many times to force the Dunedain as they now called themselves to submit, but they refused and scattered vowing never to follow the kings so long as they were tainted.
    Their greed so great they ignored the threat from the East until it was too late and the shadow covered their lands. They were forced to constantly fight and hold back the enemy defending the free people of Middle Earth, but all the while they searched for the ring.
    It was of great surprise to all when Gilraen who had travelled to Gondor to help wounded soldiers in the war against Sauron and fell in love with King Arathorn the second and bore his only son, Prince Aragorn the second. But soon even she saw the corruption of the king, his greed and uncaring nature. She tried to flee with her son, but failed. Aragorn was torn from his mother’s arms and she was exiled. Gilraen returned to the North where she was cared for by her Nephew Halbarad before she passed away from grief, it was then that the Ranger took a vow that one day, somehow, he would change the kings of Gondor and restore them to the glory of the Numernoreans they descended from.

    Other fandoms
    I love crossovers so feel free to suggest crossovers.
    * Has Plot(s)
    + Really wants to do

    Doctor Who *+
    Torchwood *+
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel*+
    Sherlock/Doctor Who
    Supernatural/Torchwood*+++++++++(REALLY WANT TO DO IT)

    Original Ideas

    The CEO
    An MxM version of 50 Shades of Grey. Where a Wealthy CEO with a secret pass time brings his assistant into his world. (I want to play the submissive Assistant)

    The Demon
    Set in an apocalyptic future in which demons rule. A wealthy demon buys himself a young slave boy who he quickly becomes fond of. But not all is at rest in the world. A human rebellion is brewing.

    Please Be of Assistance
    Every wife is worried about their husband sleeping with the female assistant. So hiring a male seems the logical thing to do.

    Love is just another drug
    A romance between a drug addict and his mentor.

    The Pirate's Love
    A swashbuckling ruthless pirate kidnaps a nobleman's son from a ship he just raided. He has every intention of ransoming the young man, however matters of the heart start to interfere.

    The King's Lover
    The King is newly wed to a woman, a queen forging a strong alliance between his country and hers. But there is no love or passion between them. So like many kings before him he takes a mistress, but unlike most he has a male lover.

    By candle light
    It is the roaring 50s. Your character is a wealthy business man with a wife and kids, and a secret. He likes men. For years he has been visiting the local "Gentleman's club". One evening he goes and there he meets a new man who has blown in from across the country. They quickly hit it off and start meeting weekly.

    There will be more to come. Please PM me for more details!
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