Medieval Weapon of Choice

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  1. An archer, a spearman, a knight in shining armor, and a swordsman (with a shield) stand before you... Each will fight you in turn, should you survive to meet the next in battle...

    Beside you, an arsenal of nearly every medieval weapon known, besides cannons, and other powder based projectiles...

    Which will you use to defend yourself? Why would you use those weapons, in particular? And if you're up to it, SHOW us why your weapons are the best choice, in battle!

    <3 Lyli
  2. Just a few questions so that I can give a more clear answer:

    Do you mean the entire medieval time or any specific span?

    Are the weapons focused on any place in particular? Or is it the entire world within the Middle Ages?

    What sort of weapons, specifically, are these opponents using?

    What kind of armor, if any, is each combatant using?

    What kind of shield is the swordsman using?

    Am I allowed armor?

    Am I allowed a shield?

    What setting is this battle taking place?

    How many arrows does the archer have, and am I allowed to know?

    Can I have more than one weapon?

    Do I receive any rest between each opponent?

    Which one do I fight first?

    These are the questions that immediately come to mind.
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  3. I would choose mace and spiked shield.

    I am not a fighter. With no real combat experience, I need simple weapons. Anything fancy and I die because I can't wield them properly. Nothing is simpler than a club (which is what a mace is, really), or a shield with a pointy spike at the end for charging and impaling.

    Against archer: Hard, being out zoned. First bull rush with shield to deflect arrows as best I can. If archer evades, thwack with mace.
    Against spearman: Imo easiest fight. Close in range fast, with tactics as above.
    Against knight: Hope that the shield spike pierces armor for an easy kill, else bash helmet until victory or death
    Against swordsman: This one would have to be won the hard way.

    OPTIONAL: If I am allowed a quiver, a set of javelins. Though I doubt effectiveness, it would be good to have some thrown weapons that can be used as an improvised spear.
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  4. My main equipment would be a large iron shield and a glaive of similar material. As a sidearm, I'd have a flyssa rather than a dagger. For armor, I'd take scale mail.

    The Glaive is a long-reach weapon allowing for both stabbing and slashing. The blade itself may be smaller than most swords, but you can still keep out of reach of most melee combatants due to the sheer length of the weapon. The longer handle provides a means to parry or push my opponent back should I be unable to use the shield.

    As for my choice of using a large shield as opposed to a buckler, I ask you to think of the Spartans. A large enough shield can act as both protection and a weapon to bash the opponent. A good shield bash can stun the enemy, allowing me to thrust forth with the glaive even if they stagger back.

    Now to the flyssa. Should I be disarmed and lose the glaive, this would be my other weapon of choice. Though perhaps not as well known, this is a sword that has a narrow tip, yet a widening blade. This baby's designed to penetrate and break chain mail, yet is small enough to be wielded with one hand. As seen below;


    Even with the narrow point, this single-edged blade is still able to get in a few good slashes where needed.

    Scale Mail is a neat combination of tiny plates of metal held together with chains. Essentially, it's a more flexible version of the plate mail. Granted, it may not provide anywhere near as much sturdy protection, but I just personally prefer being able to move with relative ease.

    Of course, that's just my preferred equipment. The rules of the battle as well as whether or not I'm fighting one-on-one, brawling with the entire group, or even if I am able to rest between fights all play a major factor in whether or not I'd have a shot at victory.
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  5. Realistically speaking?

    Spear + Pavise Shield + Crossbow + Caltrops. I'm not trained in medieval weaponry, so I'd have to use my brains to pull through.

    First off: They mass armed peasants with spears and crossbows. If any village idiot can use them, so can I. The Crossbow also has the bonus of putting the draw strength mechanically, so unlike a bow which I couldn't physically use, a crossbow's only concern is reload time.

    Archer: Deploy Pavise, hide behind it and take crossbow. Use superior cover to dispatch archer. Hope I don't get shot in the face when I poke my head out to shoot at him.

    Spear-man: He has no ranged alternative and is likely wearing light armour. I'll dispatch him easily with the crossbow.

    Knight: Presuming full high quality plate, aim for his gullet. It won't kill him but I'm unlikely to hit a weak point, so I can at least injure him. When he charges me, drop the caltrops around him. He can't see well with his helmet on and he'll maim his feet on the caltrops. That in combination with the wound should allow me to finish him off with the spear, which has superior reach to most traditional knight weapons.

    Swordsman + Shield: Assuming he isn't a poor SOD dropped into this like me and knows how to use them, I'm straight up fucked no matter what weapon I use unless I get the luckiest crossbow shot of all time and blow out one of his legs when he raises his shield to defend his torso and head.

    Fantasy speaking?

    Polearm or Zweihander. Bullcharge all the things and hope I'm not dead before I get the chance to swing, because if I can swing before they can, they're so dead.
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  6. image.jpg image.jpg

    Doesn't require great strength or skill. Also doesn't restrict movement.

    Maybe add in a helm, crossbow and a dagger in the event I am disarmed.
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  7. Well, I would go for poison. It's an easy way to kill someone undetected whether through food, skin contact or even clothing. There are countless ways to kill a person with poison and there's something appealing about doing it that way. Less blood, depending on what's used.
  8. I think she was speaking of dueling. Mono y mono combat.

    But poison is very effective.

    I would prefer a silent blade.
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  9. One of the most effective weapon combinations I've seen is a shield, strapped to your left arm rather than a buckler style shield... Use your free left hand to guide the polearm (spear or glaive) and your right to thrust and row (think rowing like a boat... You get the leverage, and no matter what you hit your opponent with, it's going to hurt... )

    Aside from that, these troops usually stood in a line, behind swordsmen with shields, but in a one on one battle, a skilled spear man could (like the spartans) pretty much annihilate anything that stood in their way...

    With this particular setup, you would include bracers, or vambraces, as well as thick shin guards, and a single pauldron on your right shoulder... (if you put one on your left, it blocks the shields movement, and could possibly low you down)

    Archer: Charge your opponent, taking time to watch where the arrow is aimed, and blocking with the shield accordingly. Upon reaching striking distance, simply close in and eliminate him...

    Spear- Man: A Spear - Spear fight requires care, and strength to manipulate your opponents spear so that you can slide the tip of your weapon into his guard and harm one of his hands or arms... Once you manage to take out his forearm, you can finish him off easily...

    Knight: Take GREAT care, and circle your opponent, keeping the full length of your spear between you and your opponent. You are lighter, and faster, and must use your speed, against his armored immobility... Slowly tire your opponent, and strike at his legs with the full length of the polearm... If you manage to strike his leg and do harm, you can simply bash his shield or sword until they break with the overwhelming power of the leverage your polearm offers you.

    Swordsman: The greatest challenge for a spearman... His mobility allows him to quickly overtake your spear / glaive and shield... If you do not maintain a distance from him, he will slide under your guard and quickly dispatch you. The best defense against this, is to wield at half shaft, keeping your weapon aimed at him, threatening impalement if he charges... You're holding at half shaft, meaning he cannot sweep the tip aside with his blade, nor with his shield... His agility means that he can match your steps though, and if you do not keep your distance, he will close in...

    Attempt to maim a leg, or if possible, a foot, stealing away his mobility. If you cannot, use the spear or glaive to manipulate his shield... The strength of your polearms strikes may break his arm, or the shield itself (Straps)... Once one of these goals is finished, he will either charge without his shield, which is suicide, or have to take a knee from his injured leg... Also leading to death...
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  10. Seriusly? I am a pretty big and strong dude. War hammer, Two Shields, a Bearded axe and a bow.

    I can use a bow. I can hit a target pretty far off, rather accurately with a 50 pound bow. I own two such bows, and my best friend compete in it so i havea good teacher :D.
    Shield is a given; I would go for a large round shield, easily to carry on my back. A easy to use maneuver is to "turtle" if you cant pull the shield up.
    warhammers are the bane of armor. The point on the side is really making a knights day a bad one if hit. Its also very simple to use, the smaller ones at least.
    And The axe is for shields. Seriusly, if facing a guy with a shield, and he has a sword. Prey you have a axe. A bearded one is exellent to damage shields.

    Spearman; Oh dear. I feel people totally miss the point of a spear. Getting in close to a good spearman is a fucking night mare. I would have to take him out with arrows as he is likely without armor or cover such a shield.

    Archer; This would be a skill vs skill thing. I would likely have to hope my skill is adequette, and hit the first arrow. Whoever hit first wins. Either that or clsoe in with my shields and hack him down. HOping he doesnt hit my leg.

    Knight; Shield vs shield, unless he wields a Two handed weapon.If he has a shield, the problem is that he DOES have the advantage. IF he does wield a two handed sword he is is all sorts of in trouble. Rush with shield, check his weapon, get within range, slam againt his hipbone with the pike end of the hammer. Near Instant limp. Granted, a knight is well trained, he is likely to not go down easy and might avoid me. But he does not want a battle with me on even term as he is less immobile. Also, his helmet doesnt to shit against a hammer.

    Swordsman; I got the axe. His shield is likely to splinter into his arm due to my axe. A bearded axe is made to hook and hurt the shield arm from a safe distance. HE is pretty fucked.
  11. Well I didn't know we could be weapon masters...

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  12. Well the problem there is, how are you going to carry all that? Honestly... Two shields, AND an axe?

    I think the axe is a great idea honestly, and it'd work just as well against armor as the hammer. I'd stick with that and use it like a can opener on the armor, using the leverage in the haft of the axe to peel open the armor to get at the tasty treat inside XD

    But seriously... You can't carry and fight in all that gear. Even if you are strong enough, it'd just get awkward with all the bulk hanging off you while you fight...
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  13. Crossbow. Crossbow. Crossbow. Crossbow. And a short blade to finish them off. Wouldn't want them to suffer.

    A weapon so crude and deadly the church banned it because any peasant could pick one up, wind it up, and nail that lord in full plate armor and kill him.

    That archer? Bet I can nail him with a bolt before he draws it back.

    Spearman? Dead before range.

    Shining armor? GG. No Re.

    Swordsman with that shield? Hope it's incredibly thick, cause that bolt's gonna punch a hole straight through it.
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  14. Actually. I kinda can. I am 6'3 tall, 98 kilos and no slouch XD. A two handed axe i can have in the loop of a belt, kept horizontal with a leather piece to cover the sharp bits. The Hammer hang at the side, it doesn't really get in the way. Note that m biggest weapons are the axe and the Bow. I keep my Bow in hand and if charged I'd fire a arrow and drop it. I drop what I dont need if I have the time in general. It isn't to hard to have two shields. Both Vikings and the Goths often carried two shields, in fact. I do it all the time at Viking Reenactments becouse the second shield hardly ever bothers me weight wise. You strap the round shield to your back, one onto your arm. The one one back rarely see active use, but protects your back from side swings. It isn't fully needed though, and I conceede it might be better off sacrificed for extra mobility. That still leaves me with bow, axe and hammer. ACtually, iam a idiot. I'd have the shield on my back, axe in my hand and hamer for the knight. I don't need the bow, even if irl, its my best weapon by far.

    The problem with a axe is that its still a blade and easily bounce off a good set of knight armor and if your axe bounce you are dead. Thats momentum and sharp biit out of your control. it emeans you have to get foothold fast enough or you risk hurting yourself. And by the time you do that, you get a blade to the torso.

    My biggest fear would likely be the spearman. Spearmen can wack you from afar. They don't neet the spiky bit to hurt you. You take solid oaken spear hilt to the face and you are out.
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  15. I get that. But say your first shot is somehow deflected or strikes an arm, how then would you defend yourself from a charging warrior?
  16. I'm gonna throw this out there. Having gas mask filters rammed into your jaw isn't a very sensible way to handle chemical gasses.

    Also, the thing about axes is they usually had a sharp spike on the back for punching dat armor. OR just go for the neck joint.
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  17. Deflected? Shit, man. You see how hard those things hit? I'm not that bad of a shot with one.

    Should we get into more detail and fan-wankery over weapons?
  18. I was going for the bearded axe. They often lack said spike sadly. The neck is the ideal place to hit yes, you just hope you get past the pesky gorget.

    Also, deflecting a crossbow bolt? if its dead on from a medium distance that is only doable if you have like a rounded metal shield at the exact right angle. Did Wind mention how accurate those things can be`? becouse they are.
  19. At worse you don't cut deep but instead break bone, yeah?
  20. Well. It is a debate.