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Medieval Warfare Roleplay

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ❖iSengoku❖, Dec 10, 2014.

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  1. In the mythical world of the two current colliding lands, Israel Jerusalem the land of the Knights Templar and Japan the land of the Katana and samurais. Most battles were massive and were held in Edo. The battle fields were bloody and cold, Edo was a wasteland and its government was dying, the only place in japan that was safe was the center and the only way to go there is if you became a samurai. Magic was already founded and achieved before the age of the first war. Its said that the knights templar achieved the art of miracles and the Samurais achieved the art of sorcery. Most of Japan was controlled by the Knights Templar and if you were caught using magic you were captured and sent to slavery.

    The origin of this war is unknown sadly however, there are rumors spreading around Edo that there might be clues to where they can find answers... there is a old ex samurai that ran from his crew in mid battle, this battle in which this old ex Samurai ran from is called the ''First War''. This old Samurai is said to live in the mountains near russia and to have mastered the art of miracles, so much that its said that he might be a immortal.

    Will Edo win this bloody war or will they completely be eliminated by the knights templar?

    Would you be interested in this Roleplay?
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