Medieval Warfare (Group rp)

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  1. Well I had a brilliant idea. I love to do medieval rps with knights, kings, queens, bishops, peasants, royal family, etc. So I decided, why not make a medieval rp? But then I was like, I should make an interest check first. So, who's interested?
  2. I love medieval times but you say this is medieval warfare, so what's the main genre and secondary genre for the roleplay? How many people are you hoping will join?
  3. I'm not one of those, wait for a long time kinda people. Oh, and ignore the title. It's not just warfare. It's Medieval times period. I added the warfare because when people think of medieval times, they most of the time think of knights and kings and swords and cannons. But yeah. If your interested we can go ahead and start it. Oh, And it's Medieval, Romance, War.
  4. Okay, but because it's supposed to be a group roleplay, how many are you hoping to join, even if you start right away?

    Medieval and war is the type of literature, not the genre, so it doesn't tell me anything. Will there be action? Suspense? Mystery? Drama? Or something else? I'm referring to literary genres not the type of literature.
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  5. I'm interested!

    But, just like PinkArrow, I'm hoping you'll give some more information about it.
  6. I'm also interested. I'd like to see your ideas on this!
  7. Sounds fun.
    I'm interested. Some more information would be helpful though.
  8. This looks interesting. I'm up for it
  9. I'd be down for it! Will the world have any fantasy elements? Or just realistic medieval stuff?
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  10. I'm up for it.
  11. I'm quite interested, and I do think this could stretch the mind of some people here and make them better writers as it helps to write in mediums they dont particularly know well.
  12. Hey i'm interested
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