Medieval Times with a Twist

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  1. A land vast filled with green fields and castle walls, merchants traveling on long roads and brave knights march onward to the battlefield as their commanders point to the sky urging the stronghold to win. Saddle up on your glorious steed as you ride to the sunset seeking nothing but victory. This land we call ''Ventorum Axem'' is not only large but home to many wild life and kingdoms, guilds, merchants, and even cults. Lead your very own group or take up arms to support the cause to change the world of Ventorum Axem... Or, Rise as you ascend down becoming a profit for the people to whom they may worship. Our story begins only from what our beliefs are, our powers can only develop with faith, and our strength can only build our beliefs stronger with our will to carry on.

    The beginning plot will differ between what ''god'' you believe in, Restrictions will be discussed on a later time although everything has already been planned out. This roleplay is a non-anime and anime friendly, however all images must be animated/painted/or drawn. For simplistic sake this is all i am going to say unless asked and or till you read more about it via official thread when its made later on.
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  2. Well i'm interested.
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  3. Count me in!
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  4. As am I. I intend to see how developmental this plot may become.
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  5. Awesome! Thanks for the interest. :)
    How many characters are you guys going to use?
  6. Interested!~
    And I'd only use 1, but that's a personal preference.
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  7. Cool! Glad you decided to join us!
  8. That sounds pretty interesting! I'm a bit confused about the roles faith and gods play in your idea, though, could you tell me more about it?
  9. Sure, Glad to have you! :)

    Their will be Gods and naturally they will have followers, cults maybe. If your character chooses to be religious than they will join a belief, However people will have the ability to create a god in return. Think of Gods as a group to which you can join but they all have different beliefs which may lead to war or death to other ''groups'' whom follow another god.

    Lets see a example. If i made a god of darkness then my followers obviously believe in destruction and evil, on the other hand if i made the god of light my followers believe in peace and love. These ''Gods'' are naturally NPC (non playable character) based which you can't actually control, however you have the option to do so by invading the world of the living which is against the rules and by doing so will cause the other gods to hunt you down and kill you ultimately destroying the faith or ''group'' automatically.

    Angels and other demi gods are a option, however that is a total different system than the one gods have. They can invade the world of the living, however they lose the wings and god like features ultimately turning them into a regular earthly being. Gonna limit these to one per faith group.

    Don't think this whole rp is about the supernatural because if you think about it none of the supernatural can interact with the other knights, mages, rogues, and other classes and races relative to the earth world.
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  10. I'm interested, although I don't know if I'll be able to interact often due to my tablet.. If I do join in, I intend to use 1-3 characters, maybe. I don't like dealing with religion at all, so my character(s) will likely not have a faith.
  11. That's perfectly fine. Glad your joining! :)
  12. I'll probably use two! And one of them is in a death-cult.
  13. Cool, Dark theme. Was thinking to make a dark character also.
  14. One of mine, if acceptable, will be a traveling female swordman, and another, an assassin set out to kill her. I love tiny little personal plots like this ^-^
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