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    The Before Times
    Long ago, In the before times our Gods fought on this land we now call ''Ventorum''. The destruction that was left behind was great, however with their disappearance evolution began again as trees reformed and sea animals raised from the water to walk on land. Gradually with time everything had returned back before the God war, Men and women walked on land and built homes and made clothes out of the skin of the animals they hunted. Books, Religions, and small hut groups formed from different beliefs, although all beliefs tied to that of the God war. Two questions remained to everyone and that is why did they leave so suddenly? And Why did they go to war with each other? Even till today no one has been able to answer these two questions.

    Not much is known about these times, although it is worth knowing our modern technology isn't advanced enough to know anyways...

    The Modern Times
    Today kingdoms have been built and many has stood for many years, some gods came back and yet they all disappeared once again. Currently the ruler of Vestoria had received a message via traveler granting her entry within the strongholds of Alatum Hastam, The kingdom of dragon slayers. This visit was to determine if the two lands and in between would be at peace with one another.

    Meanwhile our Adventurers Visit abandoned kingdoms, slay monsters and animals, and without rule they live the way they want to on the land and nothing else.

    As you post it would be helpful if you stated where your character is, it would also be even more helpful if you also added a image of your character too. All of which is optional however.​
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  2. eaa52cb3c429010b77b938bae7d7c1bd.jpg
    "This is for my Kingdom."
    ~~ Lady Esta ~~
    Location: Vestoria [Castle} >> [Town]
    Destination: Alatum Hastam

    Mood: Anxious

    And so a day had passed since she received the message.The woman was sleeping in her bed, where she had toss and turned all night long out of anxiety. Suddenly, she heard a knocking on the door, and a soft voice emerging from it. "Your highness, it's time to get ready." The voice rang out. Oh the words that she wanted to hear the least. The woman with the silver hair sluggishly got out of her bed, sitting on the silk sheets for moments as seconds passed by. She shouldn't waste time, since it wasn't like her to be tardy. "... Alright." She finally answered, hearing footsteps scurry as the sounds became more and more faint. Once the steps were gone, she stood up, walking over to the closet and grabbing her underwear. After that was done, she walked to the bathroom to get herself ready by brushing her teeth but that was it. By the time she spit out the last bit of toothpaste, she rung a bell.

    A few moments after the bell resonated, multiple footsteps began rushing up to Esta. She let out a soft sigh, sitting down and silently letting the maids freshen her up. One of them did her make-up, one of them did her hair, and one of them began applying lotion to her body. It took a couple of minutes, but by the time they were finished, she appeared practically stunning. Her dark, sapphire blue eyes perfectly contrasted with her pale, snow skin. Her silver/white hair was put up with the tiara, leaving her pointy ears in the open. 'Another day like this.. As always..' She thought to herself, walking over to the closet where a few more maids were standing. The woman walked into the closet, where the two maids followed and closed the door. They were thinking about what colors Esta should wear, and one woman suggested red as the other kingdom had red as a main color. "... No. I will wear our kingdom's colors." She said, in a calm tone. It was rare for the queen to suggest clothing, but never the less, the maids nodded and picked out a light purple dress, with gold trimmings and a thin, silver cape. Her hair was then adorned by green crystals, and she really gave off the aura of royalty. Though, Esta also wore black shorts and a black crop top underneath, which allowed her to be mobile. At least, more mobile than she would be in a royal dress.

    She was nervous.

    "Milady. It's time to depart." One of the butlers said, knocking on her door as she nodded. She turned to the maids for a moment, smiling warmly on her otherwise saddened face. "Thank you." She said, bowing and walking with the butler. They were all waiting outside for her with a carriage and horses ready, with two guards standing by the entrance. "Are you sure you don't want to bring more guards, milady?" The butler asked. In response, Esta shook her head slowly. "No... We are trying to declare peace, not start a war." She said, and the butler nodded back. She finally arrived to the carriage, stepping in firmly and seating herself down on the red velvet couch. The carriage was pretty fancy, as it was adorned with roses and lotus flowers; Esta's favourite flowers. One guard sat next to her, while the other guard sat across from her. Then, the horses began moving to town in order to walk out of the gates.

    Though, as they were headed through town, she saw that many people had cleared, and began cheering. Slowly, she looked out of the window, finding many of the peasants cheering, jumping, and even the nobles were among them. This made her happy. The two guards noticed her smiling, and couldn't help but to question her. "Your Majesty.. why would you unite the commoners and the nobles?" He asked, as the other guard had failed to stop him from asking the question. Esta froze for a moment, slowly looking over at the knight. "I don't disrespect the queen, not in any way. But I want to know that I am serving someone who knows what she is doing." The knight stated, and Esta nodded. "... Well.. I wish for us not to go to war. If we were to go to war, I want everyone to be unified. It'd be worse if we had a civil war while another kingdom attacks. Does that make sense?" She asked. The knight was caught off guard by that answer, seeing that someone as young as herself had already planned so far ahead. He put his head down, understanding.

    For now, it would take a while. If they were attacked by bandits, it would take even longer.
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  3. [BCOLOR=#800000]K[/BCOLOR]ing [BCOLOR=#800000]A[/BCOLOR]lister
    Kingdom of Alatum Hastam
    Within the walls of the red kingdom the king lays slumbering restlessly upon the golden throne that stands tall on the pile of dead dragon children. Everything seemed quiet till a thunder bolt struck nearest to his ear causing him to jolt backwards, His head tilted and his eyes open wide in the direction of the sky. Among the clouds and glare of the sun that peaks through between the floating rock formations awakens a new day. His eyes matching the color of the sun that looks upon him and clarifying the essence of the golden armor that he wears. ''The meeting.. Its today'' The words echoed throughout the corridors of the kingdom, His voice strong yet smooth charmed even the knights whom stood beside him at every sun cycle. ''Rally the waters'' He commanded his guards, his thralls to begin his bath, Without hesitation from he kneed position all of the knights whom was within his presence ran directly towards the bath houses to which they would warm the pool in his honor. The king stood from his throne and as he walked down from the stairs made of dragons his red cape overlapped the sky creating a massive shadow over the room, his golden prowess shined even brighter within the darkness and his eyes enlightened the way to the bath house.

    The steam from the bath house flowed out of the entrance doors and surrounded the city, Hot just the way the king requires everyday. Some beliefs in the ''knighthood of the red'' or the knights of Alatum Hastam state that immensely hot bathing waters cleanses the soul of curses, This obviously applied to the king as well. A knight awaited him within the house, although he was required to remain clothed with his armor he was not overwhelmed with the heat due to immense training. All knights within the kingdom are trained in high temperature resistance, this method of training began during the time of the first king as he soon discovered that most dragons are equipped with fire magic.

    Meanwhile back at the bath house the king begins to undress as his clothes is traded to the guard, Although naked his prowess was even greater this way. His muscles shined as sweat dripped down from his glaring chest and ran downwards between his abdomen. After the long awaited and restful cleansing he steps out, steam rolling off his chest and arms showcasing his true stature. His eyes fixed downwards as he focuses where he was walking then as he looked up to talk to the guard his eyes shined deeply within his, brown although now the same color gold as the kings. The guard's knees trembled from nervousness, yet not strong enough to shatter his respectful stance as he offers his clothes back to the king, eyes already focused on other things attempting to not look directly within the king's eyes again.

    After the king dresses into his normal attire of gold armor and a crown he walks back to the throne as he awaits word of the guest's arrival.
    Alexander Henry! He travels through the vast lands of Ventorum, yet he stumbles upon a abandoned kingdom.. Why is this still standing? And is his search to a end as his quest thrusts him upon this journey to hunt the magical dragon called ''Highseever''!?
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  4. Anton sat in the alcove of the temple, his body surrounded in a cloud of frost and lightning as the tomes of Tzeentch sat open around him. It was quiet now as most of the members had left or died long ago and now Anton's only companion was the quiet and it drove him mad at times so he found solace in learning of the ways his god had intended, as the tomes had told that anyone with magic potential could access the powers of Tzeentch allowing him to physically alter the world around him but they were written in the sacred script that only he was able to understand but he wanted this power to try and change this world for the better, try and get rid of the old hate and fear that caused the death of his brothers and sisters here. He stood and cast his eye's upon the empty halls and made the decision that this place needed new followers and loath to do it he needed to go out and start spreading the word of Tzeentch to the world again, he placed on his armor and scrolls before grabbing a tome to read from if he found someone who wished to here of the word of Tzeentch. He stepped out of the doors of the old monastery for possibly the last time, it was in a forest where they had cleared the trees and farmed the land relying on themselves but now the forest had reclaimed much of the land and the monastery was being covered in vines, it was natures now and he would let it take it.
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  5. Kinzey was out and about once more, ignoring the groaning of old houses being worn down by nature and trying to find the nest of some good-sized birds she had caught sight of the other day. She was roaming in her normal, human form, not feeling the need to hide at the moment. She felt a bit too irritable this morning, she had noticed, along with her normal boredom and distaste in the lack of anything in the area; no people, hardly any animals out in the open, nothing. And not even the said "ghosts" of this abandoned kingdom gave her comfort, because she wasn't so sure they existed. And if they had, she hadn't found one yet. The one scare she had had was when she stepped into a house while looking for a place to call home, only to be stopped by some random rage-filled screaming that made her rather happy to turn around and gather supplies for her own little makeshift home. She decided then that she wouldn't step into any of the houses anymore, even to look for food, and so she found herself blocking some of the ones around her own home to the best of her ability. That way, anything she was hunting wouldn't be able to run into a house.
    A twitch in some nearby bushes caught her attention, and Kinzey immediately slunk into an alleyway. The next thing anyone watching (which there most likely wasn't, since this place was empty) would see would be a wildcat of sorts prowling on the roof of a small store, leaping towards the bush and starting to chase a rabbit that had burst out of the brush.
    It took a while, but she finally managed to catch it, taking it and making her way back home. Once there, she simply set the rabbit down, washed any blood off of her fur, finally shifting back into her human form. Kinzey set to skinning the rabbit, cooking it, and so on, waiting patiently while also attempting to make tea with what little herbs she grew. It wasn't strong by any means, but she preferred it to just plain water sometimes.
    Kinzey's little shelter, a makeshift lean-to, was balanced against the wall of a house in a wide alleyway, branching outwards a bit where it was then balance on a wooden post. Behind it was a small area that Kinzey had packed with dirt she had found around the city, blocking the other end of the alleyway with some thorns she had pulled up to keep animals from getting to the small garden. It had been painful but worth it, as no animal had found its way in yet.
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  6. Annette Grigor
    Location: Latrosalus
    Specified: Noble District

    In the confines of the noble district, a young girl hummed softly to herself as she carried a small bundle of purple and red flowers. The tune echoed through the district, even to the point that the other districts could hear. If there was anyone there to listen. There was no one in sight, no noise except for a couple of groups of animals that made it to the kingdom. The kingdom was dead, along with most of the residents. It had died long ago, but one resident remained, all before it was found by the traveler Kinzey. She made sure to keep her distance from the werecat girl, going to the other side of the kingdom when she moved, keeping the ghosts at bay to keep from frightening her. The young girl even had supplies out for Kinzey, but the older girl seemed to overlook them.

    Annette had walked a couple of miles before coming to a large home with skeletons hanging in the front that were within her reach, surrounded by transparent citizens completing their work. Beside the skeletons was a stool for her to stand on and a basket with flower buds, thorn vines, and four apples for her to eat. The young girl placed the flowers inside the basket and proceeded to carefully climb up on the stool. She managed to keep her balance as she held her hands on the outside of the house, sighing softly with relief as she got up without falling again.

    Annette glanced to the right and stared intently at the skull of the skeleton of a woman, thinking of which color would look best on it. "What will you like to have, Miss? Red or Purple?" The girl waited as if waiting the skeleton to respond. After a moment, the girl smiled at the skeleton as she nodded and turned to the basket. "Purple, then." The girl chanted quietly before a spirit of a young boy appeared from the home, his blank and eyeless sockets staring at her. Annette looked down at the boy and gave a big smile as she spoke with a warm voice. "Do you mind helping me? Can you give me some of the flowers down there?"

    Annette pointed down towards the basket, waiting to see if the boy understood. The spirit glanced down to the basket, then looked back up at her and nodded slowly, receiving a command that the young girl didn't know she made. The boy plucked a flower from the basket and held it up to Annette, picking up more when she asked as she started to make a flower crown to match the other skeletons in the noble district, the ones hanging and the ones sitting in chairs in front of their homes.
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  7. [BCOLOR=#800000]Enya Dragonbane[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#800000]Kingdom of Alatum Hastam[/BCOLOR]
    Enya was cooped up within the castle library that morning, looking over her tomes again. She prefered to be here than near the king but she knew that she could not hide away for long otherwise there would be consequences. Heaving a deep sigh, the fire mage closed her tome and put it away on its proper shelf before taking her leave. The Queen of the kingdom of Vestoria was going to be visiting to finalize the peace treaty between her kingdom and Alatum Hastam. Enya hoped things ran smoothly, as this could be very beneficial to the kingdom known for it's constant death for little things. Stopping in front of a window, Enya watched the outside world with an air of stoicism before turning back and continued her walk towards the throne room to await her king.


    [BCOLOR=#008080]Queen Chrystalis[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#008080]Regnum Deamoniorum[/BCOLOR]

    Chrystalis sat in her throne room, reading a report that her scouts had sent to her. It would seem that Alatum Hastam and Vestoria are creating peace at last. She smiled a bit and rolled up the scroll before handing it to one of her servants. "Make sure to have some scouts keep an eye on this. I wish to be informed of this every step of the way." She states to the leader of the scouts, who bows and leaves. If the treaty works out, then the kingdom of Alatum Hastam may just see a few more years of being in the realm of the living. She stayed in her throne room, awaiting for more news of this treaty.
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  8. General raikov
    Kingdom of alatum hastum

    The general looked up at the sky to judge the time before turning back to his captain to give orders. "It seems time for me to make my leave for the meeting. You will continue with the training captain suigetsu." The young captain came to attention and saluted the general in which the general returned the salute, before turning towards the castle. He began to walk swiftly knowing full well that the king did not tolerate tardiness. His silver armor gleamed in the sunlight has his cape wrapped around his body. It did not take him long to reach the castle know which the guards opened the door immediately. As the doors closed behind him , general raikov heard the sounds of foot steps and fixated his attention to where they were coming from. That's when he saw Enya making her way to throne room. "Hello there enya. How do your studies go?"


    Field Marshall takeru
    veteran to alatum hastum

    Field Marshall takeru rode alongside the carriage, keeping his eyes out for trouble. As they were leaving the kingdom, takeru looked on as the people began to cheer for their queen. He smiled knowing that the queen had changed this kingdom from what it used to be a few short years ago. He looked out towards the gates that began to open, as they passed through the gates. Takeru and his men went on high alert prepared for anything that could happen.

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  9. [BCOLOR=#800000]Enya Dragonbane[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#800000]Alatum Hastam[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#800000]Interaction: General Raikov - @wolfs rain [/BCOLOR]

    Enya looked towards the voice that called to her and saluted the man. "General Raikov." She greets, her stoic mask never breaking and her voice is even. "On your way to the throne room as well, I presume." It was more of a statement than a question but she waited anyway, continuing to walk with him to their shared destination. Her heels clicked along the floor, making an echo within the halls of the castle. She was always wary of the man next to her but never voiced it, as he also held her respect.
  10. Anton was walking through the forest now, it was thick with branches and fallen trees but was rather peaceful. He heard talking in a clearing ahead of him, he got down and crawled to look through a bush at who was in a clearing. What he saw was something that appalled and angered him, it was a group of slavers 5 men and 3 women who were drinking and eating around a fire while they had a wagon filled with 4 women and 2 children their faces full of fear and desolation at their fate. His anger got the better of him as he stood and before anyone in the camp was able to move a ball of compressed ice smashed into the head of one of the men caving it in like a rotten fruit, he stepped out of the trees and faced the last seven slavers. Two ran at him a man and a woman, their forms were sloppy and when they swung he merely took a step back to avoid the swings as he froze one's sword to the ground while he used a palm strike on the other hitting them in their throat crushing their windpipe before he turned to the woman who's sword was still frozen to the ground and fired a spike of ice into her chest killing her as she slumped down to the ground. Only five were left well two since three had run off into the forest, one of the last two tried to grab and arrow to fire at Anton but a streak of lightning from one of Anton's fingers lancing through the archers head ended that and now their was one. This one seemed to recognize who Anton was and took a knee while holding out a pendant with the symbol of Tzeentch but before she could speak Anton grabbed her by the head and slammed her against the slave wagon filled with those women and children who looked on at Anton with both fear and hope. "You dare try to appease me as a follower of the god of change!? Our god declared that the right to change one's life is the most sacred of gifts we are given yet you try and take it from these people!" Anton's grip tightened, you could hear the leather of his gloves creak as a testament to his rage. "You do not deserve the gift of life for spitting on our god like this!" He started to surge lightning to his hands and into the female slaver's head, at first she tried to scream but it only took seconds for her vocal cords to burn out then was her hair followed by her eyes. before Anton was done her whole head had turned black and was stuck in a permanent state of fear and pain. He grabbed the keys to the wagon and opened it, the occupants tried to get away from him but the wagon only offered so much room so they closed their eyes for the pain...that never came. when they opened their eyes they saw Anton standing there with his arms crossed, they all looked at him in trepidation before he spoke. "Go to your families or find somewhere safe to live, if you have nothing left then look a group called the servants of Tzeentch and tell them that the prophet has asked that you are taken care of and they will help you." He walked away and started to pile the dead bodies together while the women and children ran, he lit a fired under the bodies then formed an ice dome over it before leaving. The only thing left after the dome had melted putting out the fire were ashes that blew away in the breeze.
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  11. Alexander Henry stood upon a rocky formation, His elbow on his thigh and his hand resting firmly upon his helmet cheek. ''What is this then?'' He questioned as he suddenly made his presence known, He had seen everything that these girls did and especially the kid. ''Hold thy tongue!'' He shouted as he pointed with a dramatic tone, his voice yet smooth and young. With a quick motion he stood attention, his back still and straight, ''Alexander Henry at your service'' He then bowed with grace. ''Who might you people be?.. With the magic and such.'' He asked without fear.
  12. "Why yes miss enya I am on my way to the throne." Raikov was careful of what he said around the mage knowing full well of her capabilities. "You never did answer my question of how your studies are going." He walked next to her matching pace as the sound of her heels clicked. Raikov boots were silent as if no one was moving.
  13. Annette Grigor
    Interaction: Alexander Henry - @Edward

    Annette stopped what she was doing, before she glanced to where she heard the voice. She stared up at Alexander Henry as the souls of the citizen disappeared into their homes, leaving the girl and the spirit of the young boy outside with the older man. The small girl smiled and hopped down from the stool, accidentally rattling the bones behind her when she got down. "Oh, hello, Sir." She gave the man a polite courtesy, slightly lifting the bottom of her dress as her hazel eyes stared up at his helmet. She seemed more curious than anything. "I'm Annette Grigor." The girl slowly let go of her dress before she extended her hand, waiting patiently for him to give her the toll.
  14. [​IMG]
    "One step at a time, no rush."
    Zachariah Maxwell
    On the Job: Escorting Her Majesty Estra
    Mood: Darn it, I wished I could slack off right now
    One of the best aspects about being a militia is that you either use whatever gear you got or get a set of poorly maintained pieces of equipment. The life of a militia is very simple you train, go on patrol, keep public peace and get payed. Though the salary is nothing to dance in joy about it's enough for personal needs since the guards are basically gave free bedding, breakfast and dinner to anyone joining the militia. That was a huge incentive if only lords in Latrosalus was this kind, it's been years since he had return to the land of his father's but as soon as he gathers enough gold he would travel and returned what he owe to his parents.

    Zachariah was staring into space outside one of the guard posts in the city. "Hey James wake up!" a voice shook Zachariah out of his thoughts and back to reality. Turning to look who had called him, it was a friendly face, a royal guard he befriended awhile back. "I wasn't asleep, I was just thinking." said plainly. The Royal guard shook his head "Well you get to think a lot later when you are guarding her Majesty's carriage."The Royal guard gave Zachariah a nod of approval as if he just gave him a big break. Zachariah eyes opened wide in shock "You finally getting rid of me!?" He joked and tried to pull the Royal guard into a headlock. The royal guard easily counters and places Zachariah in a head lock of his own "Now now, you can try this after you returned safely. Also pretending to be on patrol does not work on me. Now head to the castle they will be leaving shortly." letting go of Zachariah then pushing him towards the direction of the castle. There were a lot of questions in Zachariah head but he didn't want to ask the royal guard again since he knew the next time he asked he was going to be in a world of hurt. "Should have learned martial arts..." Zachariah grumbled as he marched towards the castle barracks.

    There was a sense of urgency in the air as he reach the castle barracks, the captain of the guards were frantic since most of his best men were out clearing a bandits hideout and all the got was a few rookies knights and a guy from the militia. If he had any hair left he would be tearing his hair out right now. "Alright maggots your mission is to guard her Majesty with your life, if even one of you is second guessing right now I suggest you leave!" he practically screamed at his troops. Seeing that everyone having steeled themselves for the assignments the captain nods in satisfaction. "Next, I don't have to tell you this but just to be safe since you guys are nothing but maggots. Surround the carriage and be sure to keep up your guard at all times."

    Several minutes of boring orders and shouting later, the group heads out and went into formation with Zachariah behind the carriage with two other guards. There were about 11 guards including him. Then the carriage started moving signalling the start of his assignment. As they went through the town everyone seems to cheer and the departure of this Majesty. Having never met her and only heard about her he was curious and asked the two guards about it but both of them ignored Zachariah.”Well this was going to get boring fast.” Zachariah sighed to himself.
  15. Enya Dragonbane
    Alatum Hastam
    Talking to General Raikov

    She looked over to the general and assessed his question. It was rather simple and made fore a good start to small talk. She nodded and continued walking. "My studies are going well enough, General." She answered, taking a right to the throne room. "How are the soldiers coming along?" She asked, though she could care less on how the soldiers training was going. She hated being in the army but didn't have a choice in the matter, seeing as how her parents refusal to let her go caused their deaths in this forsaken kingdom.
  16. homesick_by_wlop-d8vlh61.jpg
    "... This is nerve wreaking.."
    ~~ Lady Esta ~~
    Location: Town >> Path
    Activity: Sitting & Looking out of the Window
    Mood: Anxious/Bored

    This was horribly nerve wreaking, even for herself who is usually calm and collected. Who could blame her? She could be the one who started a war, or she could be one that had brought peace between the two kingdoms. She found that they had good resources, and a very good military in comparison to Vestoria. Perhaps they could form an alliance if things went well, and she could borrow a few troops in the event that Vestoria were under attack, and they could talk over a nice cup of tea. That would be ideal, no really, she could really go for a good cup of tea at the moment. Since both the kingdoms were in the east, the trip wouldn't be far too long. A little rocky, but not too long. As much as she would love to fly around.. It would be a long trip, and might cause panic to her people. Then again, anything beat sitting in a carriage all awkwardly as two guards were sitting. She could have sworn that she heard more horses from far away, and her senses were pretty sharp. However, she decided to brush it off. It could be that the knights ordered others to keep watch over her, as usual. They were always so over protective, but she found it sweet of them to care. They would probably reach the kingdom in an hour or two, so in the meantime, the only thing that she had to entertain herself was the passing scenery, the scenery that was beyond the glass window. "... How much longer?" She asked, looking out of the window. The guards were a little put off, as the queen had asked such a childish question. Was she really fit to be a queen again?

    "Erm.. We will be there before noon, your majesty."

    A knight replied, looking at Esta through his helmet. No one was able to get over her irregularly colored hair and her abnormally pale skin, not to mention her deep blue eyes either. Her parents always had bright blonde hair, peach skin, and bright green eyes, so it was strange how she got that. People have spread a few rumors, however, never had the heart to spread it further. Now, right in the middle of thought, the carriage suddenly stopped. One of the knights stayed in the carriage with the girl, while the other quickly got out. "Stay here! I'm going to check what happened!" The knight commanded, which was ironic as she was the queen. However, she obeyed. Just as she was about to relax, one of the knights were jumped on by a bandit. The armor was quite heavy, causing the knight to bang onto the ground and be knocked out cold before he could even react. "Hey guys! These people look rich! And there's a cute girl too!" The bandit yelled out, staring at Esta who seemed to be in a light phase of shock. The other knight quickly grabbed Esta's wrist, pulling her out of the carriage in an attempt to get away. She thought for a moment, as she found it hard to run in a dress such as this. "... Guard the inside of the carriage for a moment." She commanded the guard. The guard raised a brow at Esta, as he thought that they should escape right away, however Esta was able to keep him in. They locked the door and he began to protect Esta from any attacks or attempts of getting into the carriage. As he was busy, she took off the dress, revealing the outfit that she sported and it allowed her to be much more mobile. Now for the dress, she wrapped it up and grabbed a rope that was under the seat so that she could tie it up. "Quickly! Grab the other knight and put him oh a horse!" She commanded. The knights were generally well trained, and she expected him to be able to do it. The knight looked hesitant, how could he leave the queen?

    Esta let out a deep sigh, moving her hands around and literally blew the fluffing door open. That's when it hit the guard. She was able to use magic, of course, elves were naturally able to use magic, but he never was able to imagine her to use magic in a way for combat. She held the wrapped up dress under her arm, using her wind magic to keep the bandits away from herself as she advanced to the horse. The knight quickly brought his comrade onto a horse, and they both mounted. As much as Esta hated hurting people, she didn't have much of a choice here. She strapped the rope to the saddle of the horse, and packed her hands together into a ball. Releasing it, water was drizzled over the ground around the horses and the carriage, and a gust of freezing wind was blown over the water, soon freezing it into a thin layer of ice. However, the bandits were persistent, and kept trying to approach them despite the fact they kept slipping. One bandit was smart, and threw a dagger at the feet of the horse, causing it to fall, and Esta falling off the horse and sliding on the ice.

    "Got you girly.." One of the bandits smiled, attempting to grab her. They really needed help right about now.
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  17. Alexander Henry
    He jumped and with a grace he landed in front of the small girl with a knee he bowed to eye level, He held her hand as the other hand extended to his side; A bow yet strange to culture but polite all the same. ''What is a young girl like yourself doing in the corridors of melancholy such as this?'' He asked as he stood and widened his arms in a gesture which obviously meant he was talking about the area they were in.
  18. Annette Grigor
    Interaction: Alexander Henry - @Edward

    Annette didn't like the thought of not getting a flower for the toll, but she brushed it as Alexander was polite and made up for it. 'He must have only arrived.' Annette gave a warm and slightly confused look at the word melancholy as she answered the man. "I'm dressing people up for the coming festival. Do they not look beautiful?" The small girl smiled wider, pointing to the hanging and sitting skeletons with flower crowns. She slowly moved her hand from his bigger hand, her eyes staring at the man before she tilted her head slightly. "But, what of you, Sir? Are you here for something?"
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  19. Emory Ironstrike
    Location: Outside the walls >> Forest/Path
    Activity: Hunting for an Oblomus
    Mood: Scared, Alert, Tired.

    Emmy's breath came out in short puffs as she sprinted, and the ground was excitedly bouncing due to the giant beast that was chasing her. Emory kept glancing back as she ran. For some reason the creature seemed to look angrier every time she checked; she didn't understand why? Emory was nice, you know all she wanted was a little bit of your tusk. She panted, she couldn't run for much longer, so as Emory ran she messily rummaged through one of her woollen sacks that was attached to her waist by a belt. She pulled out a bottle that contained a dark maroon coloured dust, she fumbled it open and as her legs almost collapsed, she flung the dust out in front of her and it lifted her slowly, but not slow enough for the beast to catch her.

    Now that Em had the advantage of being up in the air, she looked at the creature, to be more exact it was an Oblomus, they were covered in a large coat of greyish fur, it's legs were immensely muscular, with claws that looked like sharpened stone. The nostrils of the Oblomus breathed out heavy smoke, like a dragon, the Oblomus was also able to breath fire but not in any way were they stronger than dragon's, they also don't breath as much fire as a dragon. The Oblomus met her questioning gaze and let out a tremendous rumble as it growled at her, she sighed. She nervously rummaged in one of her little sacks before pulling out a piece of meat that was glazed in bees honey, the blood of a goat, various grinded animal bones and a hint of her own magic, she had made the meat into a little sleeping potion before she had travelled outside the walls to find the Oblomus. She threw the piece of meat to the beast but the brutal black iris' of the creature remained on her. "So much for that working.." She sighed, but she had spoken too soon, the Oblomus sniffed the air and it's gaze reverted to the meat, scrambling to chomp it down. Once it had done so, the beast wobbled and stumbled, eventually the beast fell with a large thud that blew away the dust that surrounded her feet, therefore she began falling and she ended up landing on the hard dirt floor herself. She refused to shout in pain, she was stronger than that, so she just winced and sat there for a few seconds to let the pain release itself. Once the pain had subsided she clumsily shot up and kneeled beside the big tusk of the Oblomus, it was almost as long and wide as her body, she took a small saw from her little woollen bag - which was oddly small to carry so many things, but it's all a trick of the eye - and began saw off the tip of the tusk, once she'd finished, the piece of the tip she'd cut off covered her whole hand. After she had sawed off the tusk she decided to pray for the creature. "By the power of the God Eothy, I pray for you to be shielded from the pain in your tusk, I require for you, the beast, to continue hunting and gaining knowledge to push on your survival. You have won many battles with Wisdom, but I have won this one." She murmured as her hand gently swooped over it's body sized forehead. She then stood an continued her travels.

    Emory had been in the outside forest ever since dawn, she had been collecting little pieces for her journey today. Emory had known a while now that Lady Esta, who she had known since the age of three, was travelling to another kingdom today. Emmy had snook into the kingdom of Dragon Slayers many times before. Alatum Hastam's guards were very keen guards, which made them hard to get past, but because sneaking into Foreign Kingdoms was basically her job, it has to be done. So, she knew that a place like that was no place for her dear friend, she was going to accompany her. The Queen didn't know this yet. Emory continued to walk on into the forest when she heard some commotion from the general direction of where the path was. Emory frowned and sprinted to the path where she found a ragged looking man stood over a womam who she knew all too well. Queen Esta. Emory's body burned with rage as the bandit began to advance for her. She shot forward to the man, as she did so, she received the philosophers stone from her little bag. Just before she reached the bandit she whispered a spell under her breath, just to grab the man with her hand, automatically turning him into silver. He was now pure metal. Emory collapsed in pain and her nose bled a little, it was always quite painful when she used her alchemy skills to create pure expensive metals. Especially a whole person, saying that, the Silver didn't even reach the bottom of one of his legs - she guessed that she just wasn't powerful enough yet. The one leg that hadn't transformed, was of no concern to her. The concern to her now was the several other bandits that surrounded them. Emory looked up at Esta and gave her a weak smile before getting up and beginning to chant something before one of the bandits reached her with their swords, stabbing her in the leg. She screamed in pain but remained alive to chant the rest of the circle and before they knew it, they were being lifted by runes, she was using her energy circle combat to now crush several of their bones so they would be paralysed for a short while - long enough to lock them up and hang them for treason. They all dropped onto the floor and so did she. The world began to spin around her, she slowly and carefully turned to the injured whinnying horse that lay a few feet beside her, crawling, breathing heavily, bleeding from her nose, eyes and ears and wound. She leaned on the horse while trying to take out the healing potion for the horse form her small sack. She eventually managed to do so, but as she tried to move to the wound, the world went black around her and the potion rolled from her hand. That was the problem with Emory. She always cared about others lives more than her own.

    Potion Creation
    I know she sounds a little OP, but alchemy is all I've got to her name, no royality or anything. So I hope @Citrus you don't mind that I did that?
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  20. [​IMG]
    "This sucks."
    Zachariah Maxwell
    On the Job: Escorting her Majesty Esta
    Mood: I wonder if I get extra for this month's salary​

    The carriage used a well-known path that leads directly to where they needed to go. That means a shorter journey and a quicker return trip. Zachariah stretches his arms back "This was gonna be easy." he thought to himself. The reason being that this is a well-known road, so there should be a fair amount of traffic as well as patrols of guards also the fact that the bandits around this area should be pretty much eradicated already since the hunt for them began a few weeks ago. Well life doesn't go as plan ,go figure.

    A loud thud sound can be heard from in front of the carriage together with the convoy immediate stop. Murmuring can be heard from among the guards that surrounds the carriage in a defensive egg style formation. Just then a hail of arrow silently whizzed through the formation taking a couple of the guards down and injuring a few but luckily for Zachariah the arrow meant for him was taken by the guard that was to his side. "Ambush!" one of the guards shouted, taking defensive stances with their sword and shield deflecting the rest of the arrows with ease and before inflicting more damage. With a ferocious battle cry the horde of bandits charges out of the forest and into the small group. What set apart this bandits from regular bandits were their equipment they seem to be better equipped overall some were using full plate mails and they seem to be trained in basic martial combat which means bad.

    There was a fully fledged skirmish happening and Zachariah was right in the middle each guard holding about 2 or 3 bandits at bay, however for Zachariah since he only had a sword and a dagger that was kind of hard to do. His opponents were covering for each other every time either by making sure there was no chance that Zachariah could get a hit in without getting his hands chopped off. With each heavy swing from the bandits ax Zachariah could feel it gaining a few more inches closer to his body but he finally saw a chance as his opponents decided to attack him simultaneously he held both of them off barely by a hair breadth of breathing space just enough for him to cast a spell that he already prepared in advance "Lesser paralyze!" he commanded with authority. Both his opponents then were unable to move or speak but could see, feel and hear everything around them. Wasting no time Zachariah slew them both in one quick motion. Quickly scanning around he hears the sound of the carriage door being blew opened and the bandit that was behind it. There was no time to head to that direction as he needed to help his fellow comrades in arms, there was no way in hell he was about leave them to die if he had a chance of getting out unscathed.

    Luckily he had just the spell for this kind of situation "Lesser Shout" a deafening roar surrounds the bandits attacking the guards disrupting their stance just enough for the guards to find openings and exploit them. Seeing that the situation was about to be handled properly he rushed towards the front of the carriage to see the queen escaping leaving her men to die. Zachariah could feel the bile rising from his stomach but manage to keep it in just in time as a bandit threw a dagger that was about to hit the queen square in the back Zachariah uses another spell from his bag of tricks "Unseen Servant!" an invisible figure appears in between the bandit and queen and manage to push the dagger away from her but only just since this was a weak spell in general and is mostly used for cleaning the houses of most Mages. Instead of hitting the queen it founds its mark on the hind leg of the horse causing it tumble over in pain. The queen fell as well right next to a bandit just as Zachariah was about to cast another spell a bandit from behind slashes at him drawing blood. Zachariah fell forward but not before turning his body to face the bandit that was just about land the killing blow, swinging his sword he caught the attack barely. Catching himself from falling somehow he tries to steady his footing but the bandit raw strength was enough to cause Zachariah to use both hands to keep the bandit's ax at bay. If one of his friends came along right now he would be dead no question asked.

    A minute later the deadlock was still holding up neither Zachariah nor the bandit giving an inch but Zachariah could feel his energy being sap as the blood from the earlier attack was starting to bleed profusely. Another miracle appeared however as screams can be heard from behind him, he doesn't know what was happening he didn't cared as it was just enough to distract his opponent give him enough time to re-position himself so that the ax would not hit him and slid down the tip of the sword, destroying the stance of his opponent. Taking out his dagger he moved in to stab the bandit's upper torso slowly pulling in down, in a mere moments the bandit's body became lifeless. Taking a breather from the intense battle Zachariah used to carriage as a wall to hold him while he thinks of a spell that might slow down the bleeding well he didn't have a spell like that but instead he used a spell that let him endure the pain and blood loss for one hour enough time to find medical attention.

    Rushing to the front of the carriage he saw a scene that horrified him, several of the bandits body lies broken twisted in unimaginable ways around the queen and the mysterious white haired lady. Moving through the body of bandits each of them moaning about the pain and ending their life, he knelt down right beside the white haired lady as she was about to apply the healing drought but failed the drought rolled towards him. Picking it up he applies it on the wounds of this lady who in retrospect had saved him, the queen and whatever guard left standing even if she used the most inhumane way possible he was only returning the favor. He then turns to the sack the white lady had and started to rummage through it taking out a few more identical potions. Zachariah then turns to her Majesty with a disdainful look "Can you help spread this over the wound on my back, I'm James by the way one of the guards you tried to leave behind just putting it out there." He hands over one of the potions to the queen. Zachariah leather armor was bloodied as well as having a long open gash on his back apparently leather doesn't block steel, go figure.

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