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    Medieval Times:Ventorum !

    The Supernatural Invading!
    Upon our adventure we see things unimaginable and later we gain knowledge, with this intelligence we use against our opponent. Our long journey is only noted by our victors, our world.. written by the sword covered in the most blood. Saddle your horse, Strap on your sword, your staff and ride to the nearest sun for whatever you choose to believe in the sun can only point to victory. Our world may fall but around the corner screams curiosity, A kingdom, A vast open land, A cave, or may it be faith a endless adventure awaits you here till death grasps us. As you travel monsters will hunt you, hunters may attempt to kill you, or even the unexplained may reach you. This world although yet completely known to us will never be boring as your character(s) engulfs newly discovered areas resident of many different people and inhabitants. May you acquire faith or not it is only survival in the end, without living comes the end. Life is important to you even if you don't have a faith in mind, Faith does not lead us, the only thing that leads us is our steel and to some magic may be the lantern that shows the way to victory.

    Your story begins where ever you desire, no map limits us to what we can or cannot imagine; The limitations of our journey is determined by our faith and our adventure is proclaimed by our will to carry our psyche. Our world is full of different races, beliefs, and powers as you can already tell by what you've read so far everything is pretty much limitless to our imagination. We all live together and to some they might not, regardless of what we choose to be we all seek victory.

    Ventorum Axem is our land to be built by only our imaginations!
    System/Rules is located in the ''Rules'' tab

    Signups/OOC is located in the ''Thread'' tab

    Animals/Monsters/Areas/and Characters is listed in the ''Cast list'' tab

    • No godmod/meta-gaming/other​
    • No OOC drama​
    • Posting speed should be at least everyday or before 3 days unless you're not interacting with anyone then your posting speed is a week limitation unless previously notified to why you're not posting​
    • Posting expectation is either 3-5 sentences average unless you're having small talk with either a character or NPC then 2 sentences is the lowest i will allow, To the people that usually post more than 5 sentences i allow pretty much any amount as long as its not as long as a harry potter book​
    • There is no character creation limit, go wild! If you want to make 20 characters i won't stop ya​
    • All gods are NPC unless invasion or pursuing is undergo​
    • All demi-gods have wings until they traverse to the human realm​
    • Kings/Queens/Officers/and Commander positions of Kingdoms/Armies/Military is pretty much free game or ''first come, first serve''​
    • Soldiers/Knights/Mages/Bowmen/and others similar to the list is limitless unless a limit has been set by the leader of a kingdom/society/guild/group/cult/faith/or any other of the sorts​
    • All CS characters cannot be real people, however they can be artful images of made up characters.
    I didn't include ''respect others'' as a rule because i believe we already know that we need to do that regardless if i say we should or not.

    Kingdoms/faith(s)/cults/guilds/ and groups have their own CS(character sheet) form, No kingdom/faith/cult/guild/or group can be relevant in the world unless that group is stated to be all dead then you are welcome to talk about said society in your history and or IC(in character) thread.

    (Regarding Cast list)
    Green means good
    Orange means Neutral
    Red means Bad

    Everything else should be explained via CS form skeletons.

  • Kingdoms !
    Link to kingdom information:
    Ruled by: @Citrus
    Location: South East
    Color: Green, Silver
    -Currently at War
    -Enemies with Alatum Hastam

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    Link to kingdom information: Medieval Times: Ventorum [CLOSED]

    Ruled by: [URL][/URL]
    Location: East
    Color: Red, Brown
    -Currently at War
    -Enemies with Vestoria

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    Link to kingdom information: Medieval Times: Ventorum [CLOSED]"]Medieval Times: Ventorum [CLOSED][/URL]

    Location: Very Far North, Perhaps beyond reason



    Link to kingdom information: Medieval Times: Ventorum [CLOSED]"]Medieval Times: Ventorum [CLOSED][/URL]

    Location: North East
    Color: Gold, Crimson
    -Currently at Peace
    -Currently no Enemies

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    Faith List !

    The children of Nyxs: "]Medieval Times: Ventorum [CLOSED]"]Medieval Times: Ventorum [CLOSED][/URL]Medieval Times: Ventorum [OPEN] | Page 5 |[/URL]
    Tzeentch: "]Medieval Times: Ventorum [CLOSED]"]Medieval Times: Ventorum [CLOSED][/URL]Medieval Times: Ventorum [OPEN] | Page 3 |[/URL]
    Endoraism: "]Medieval Times: Ventorum [CLOSED]"]Medieval Times: Ventorum [CLOSED][/URL]Medieval Times: Ventorum [OPEN] | Page 5 |[/URL]

    The Shadow[/B]: "]Medieval Times: Ventorum [CLOSED]"]Medieval Times: Ventorum [CLOSED][/URL]Medieval Times: Ventorum [OPEN] | Page 10 |[/URL][/FONT][/FONT]
    Eothy: "]Medieval Times: Ventorum [CLOSED]"]Medieval Times: Ventorum [CLOSED][/URL]Medieval Times: Ventorum [OPEN] | Page 7 |[/URL]

    The Worshipers of Amon: "]Medieval Times: Ventorum [CLOSED]"]Medieval Times: Ventorum [CLOSED][/URL]Medieval Times: Ventorum [OPEN] | Page 12 |[/URL]

    Ventorum Creatures !

    Similar to dogs, however pretty much all wild. Be serious around these creatures.

    • [*]Common Creature
      [*]Weak Individually
      [*]Strong in Numbers
      [*]Usually travels in a pack
      [*]Afraid of Fire or sudden bright lights
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Any possibility that I could be a young princess who feels like (s)he is a young prince?


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If I were to make a young elvan queen... That could use magic.. would that work or nah?


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If I were to make a young elvan queen... That could use magic.. would that work or nah?
That is fine! You will need to make a kingdom sheet for her to be a queen though.


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Kingdom Creator
Citrus (MEEE)

Kingdom Name

Kingdom Motto
"To have beauty in similarities is to have Peace and Understanding of one another."

Kingdom Appearance/Residence
[spoili] windsor_castle_at_sunset_-_nov_2006-570x379.jpg [/spoili]

Peasant Housing
[spoili] UP_010.JPG [/spoili]

Noble/Knight Housing
[spoili] Huis_te_Warmond.jpg [/spoili]

Kingdom Residence Location + Geography
On the Coast, South Eastern. The Kingdom's main city is surrounded by mountains, hugging the main city like a crescent moon. The rest of the kingdom''s borders are surrounded by grassy fields and hills.

Kingdom Laws
1. No acts of violence, assault, murder, or theft.
2. All crimes are to be reports to a Royal Knight/Guard.
3. No criminal will be held for more than 5 years after imprisonment.
4. All criminals are allowed to visit their families under heavy supervision.
5. All citizens have a say when creating a new law.
6. All will be treated with respect, regardless of social standing, class, and race.
7. All citizens have the right to lead their own life.
8. All conflicts are to be resolved through reason.
9. The only time violence is allowed is in training, however it is not allowed to inflict major injuries on purpose.
10. All crimes are to be reported to a Royal Guard/Knight
11. Royal Guards and Knights will be stripped of their place if they are to go against any of said laws.
12. Travelers are to be welcomed into the kingdom, however must be strictly searched for poisons and informed of the laws.
13. No Black Markets are permitted.
14. Black Magic is not to be practiced.
15. All none magic users must carry around a magic nullification ring in the event that black magic occurs.
16. Harassment will not be tolerated.
17. Self Defense is highly encouraged. When attacked, defend yourself. If you see someone else being attacked, step in or call the nearest Royal Guard.
18. All departing citizens/travelers must be sent off with a grand farewell.
19. All taxes are to go to medicine, education, and research, and a small portion of it will go to royalty.
20. From this day forth, if there is ever only a single female child, she will not have to marry a man in order to succeed the crown.
21. If anyone were to go against these laws, regardless of race, social standing, or ties with the royal family, they are to face the consequences either facing imprisonment, heavy supervision, or (In rare cases) execution.
(Did I forget anything else?)

Kingdom Wear
[spoili] tunics-from-museum-replicas-2.jpg [/spoili]

[spoili] knight.jpg [/spoili]

[spoili] c74cafc7f5b863e3ba599741fa6665cb.jpg [/spoili]

[spoili] oath_by_wlop-d8ocx0j.jpg [/spoili]

Kingdom Flag
Colors are: Gold, Silver, and Green.

In the distant past, the lands were nothing more than unknown of farms and villages. Over the years, the area had become a barren wasteland, as there was not enough people to support the life there. One day, a traveler came into the area with his wife, choosing to settle down and rebuild the village. The soon to be first generation king and queen began building a small hut for the both of them, raking up farms and finding a number of merchants passing buy, allowing them to trade, sell, and buy. After many years, more travelers began to settle down as they were touched by the man and woman's determination to rebuild the village. They began helping, and more and more people began to join in. Years passed by, eventually turning into a few decades. As elves lived a long, long time, the man and woman were able to build their village into a much larger thing. They remodeled their house, and began working alongside the others.

Eventually, they had found that their intended village had turned into something like a colony. As the land had not belonged to any kingdom, the man and woman decided to make this, their kingdom. Another century passed, and soon, the king and queen were able to officially announce that the place was to be called Vestoria, a kingdom where all are to be acceptable, understood, and at peace. There was a large celebration that night, and the new king an queen were to have a drink and then settle for the night. However, the newly announced king and queen were found on their beds the next morning, killed by poison the night before. They had left their newly found kingdom, and their young son, who was a mere prince at the time. The prince announced that the same laws will stand and the people govern themselves, however, he will take the name of king and the throne at his coming of age ceremony.

And so, a decade passed. The newly crowned king was 16 years old, and so assumed the title of King. There was a large banquet however, this king was not as peace seeking as the past generation. Instead, he began declaring war upon neighboring kingdoms, stealing their land, homes, and etc. He changed the laws to that he may assume complete control, and all taxes were to go to him. Soon, there were only two types of people. The rich, who lived in luxury, and the poor, who lived everyday only to starve and the possibility of death. The new King did nothing to support his people. It was at this age where people called it "The Unbalanced Era". The King eventually married, and had a third generation, who lead their people in a similar manner. Soon, the Kingdom fell ill of resources, and cut down on population. More people because cautious, and soon disregarded almost every law. The Guards and Knights harassed their own people, the poor began killing others for food. Indeed, this was a terrible time.

Finally, after many, many generations, a new child was born into the royal family. They held the name of Esta, the name of the first generation queen which was never revealed to the citizens. Esta's mother was a kind woman, secretly aiding those who had nothing and no where to go. Her father, on the other hand, was rash, cold, and uncaring. He was much like all the other previous Kings. At the age of 16, the Princess succeeded the throne after the previous King was murdered by Rebels. They had also planned on murdering the young queen who just recently ascended to the throne however, Esta made changes. She changed the laws back to the original ones, also deploying out guards and threatening them that if they were not to follow them, they will be stripped of their position and their nobility. Many of the Nobility disliked their new leader, as she appeared to be favoring the commoners in their eyes. However, they were unable to turn against the Queen, and had no choice but to follow her orders. A year of doing so eventually forced the nobles to grow accustomed to greeting commoners, and the land was no longer leveled by society. Merchants began returning, and in the span of just a few years, the Kingdom began to recover and soon became bustling. The more urban areas were in control. However, there was still a lot of work, such as mending the relationships with the other countries and Kingdoms, along with reviving the fallen villages.

Kingdom Members and Roles:
Queen - Esta Zeno - Citrus

Messenger - Aschton - @Saltlord

9s_by_wlop-d8pa466.jpg o_o_by_wlop-d7hxva8.jpg
Felicity (Former)
Esta Zeno

Esta Zeno
Her Majesty
Esty/Est (E-st)





Descriptive Appearance
Unlike her ancestors and parents who both had either sleek black hair or golden blonde, Esta was born with an odd pale blue, grey/white hair, and deep sapphire eyes. Her skin was pale, however it wasn't pale to the point she looked unhealthy. She still had the long, pointy ears of her race, and an average, yet somewhat slender and curvy frame. She has two beauty marks under both eyes. In the castle, she kept her hair up and decorated with a feather crown. She usually wears a dress that copies the traits of her own appearance, along with a gem that was passed on to all the females in the royal family. She has a somewhat longing expression in her eyes, as though she feels like she is missing something.


Kind and understanding, she is probably the first generation King and Queen's vision of the ruler that they wanted to be, and wanted their son to be. She listens to all requests, putting up festivals and celebrations that allows peasants to participate in. She strives for peace between countries, hoping that she can mend what past generations had wounded. She is also quite adventurous, sneaking out of the castle from time to time and throwing the entire royal court into panic (Which she sometimes found funny or amusing to watch their reactions). However, part of her is a bit lonely, despite being around so many people supporting her. She gets bored of the royalty life, and set out to other areas in order to learn more about her people. She is the type of person who thinks in the way that she is not a ruler, more of a friend who is to guide the others, and they will guide her in return.

However, she will not hesitate to kill a man. If, in any event, there takes a place where a man or woman must be killed to ensure the safety for her kingdom (Such as a war), she will not hesitate. However, she prefers to keep deaths on either side to a minimum, appearing to be quite observant and strategic.

So uh... She likes basically everything, but criminals and traitors. But even then, she can't bare the burden of killing a man. She seems to be fond of festivals, holding at least one or two every season, also organizing a performance in the square upon request to throw a farewell party. Despite all this, she does like silence and music, as it helps her soothe her mind. She is usually found drinking her favourite drink; Green Tea.


Gardening, Training, Spell Casting.



High Arch Mage


Stone Necklace

Kingdom, Royalty

The god damn Queen

Large Extent of White Magic/Advanced Light magic (Inactive)
Be it cuts, broken bones, or even a damaged organ, Esta is skilled with the work of white magic. She is able to cure basically and virtually any being's sicknesses, injuries, and even cast holy spells to dispel off curses and the what not. However, this holy magic is barely ever used in combat, if at all. She can also harness the mana of this white magic and convert it into something that people call 'light' magic, a type of magic that is used to be able to shape the very entity of light into whatever weapon or projectile. However, this white magic is most effective as support, and defensive positions, this prompting the girl to barely use her light magic.

Large Extent of Elemental Magic
Call her the avatar if you want to. She is able to manipulate water, fire, earth, and air along with more advanced branches (Lightning, Lava, etc). However, she barely, if ever, uses this. The only time she would use this is if she wanted to protect her kingdom. Though, she has a limit of course. The most she can do before possibly dying or disappearing is the manipulation of the mountains around the main city of her kingdom. But doing that is a high risk on her own life. Instead, however, she will do small things such as teach others to use the magic to aid them in their daily lives. She seems to have difficulty controlling more advanced elements, as she cannot control them unless they were present (Meaning she can control fire by making it herself, however she cannot control lava if it is not currently present).

Large amounts of mana usage, in anyone, could possibly kill them.

Passed down Black Magic (Inactive)

Other Abilities
Enhanced Senses
Enhanced Speed
Vast Mana Pool
The ability to sense emotions

The king and the queen had a child, however, their child had soon died without their knowledge. The child would have been Esta, who donned blonde locks and peach skin. The baby had died the moment they were born, however, as this baby was being born, an angel named Felicity was sent down to find a way to restore peace to that kingdom. Felicity, being a new angel, had no knowledge on how to interact with the living. When she found that the body of the baby had no soul carrying it, and so, she took over the baby's body. The body however, upon merging with the girl, forced her to stay in the body of an elf, and retain the mentality as one as well. However, she did not lose any of her memories upon entry.

She basically just had the mentality of a baby.

As Esta grew up, she learned that she still retained her wings and her halo, however, she was able to let them both appear and disappear upon whim. This, she kept a secret from her father and her mother, and played as the baby elf soon to take over the kingdom. Another change was that her skin became even more pale, and her hair became straight and silver. Her eyes grew to be a much deeper blue, eventually resembling how she looked as an angel before possessing the body. People indeed questioned this however, her parents chose to stop others from questioning it.

Esta lived in a way that would have made others envious. She had luxury, food, dresses, everything a girl could ask for. Her mother was loving, and her father was a king. She practically lived the perfect life while others were out there, starving to death. She idolized her father, seeing him as 'The god that brought blessings down to his people' and saw her mother as 'The angel who brought life to resources' and such. However, those nice times were shattered the moment her mother was exiled from the castle for no reason in particular. At least, she wasn't told about it. Esta was given everything however, in return, she was not to leave the castle, and was not allowed to explore certain parts either. After years of staying in the castle, she finally got fed up. At the age of 9, she sneaked out of the castle while her father was at a meeting, secretly going outside through a secret door that she found while exploring the castle. It was apparently built to be used if a rebel were to kill royalty, however her father didn't know of it. There were no guards in that area, and so she usually changed out of her dress to put on normal pants and a shirt to blend in. As she was running down to the peasant areas (The area outside of the crescent mountain ring), she found that many people were living in poverty. She took a carriage back to the castle, and returned to being the princess.

She started questioning her dad about the people outside, and her father scolded her, telling her that she mustn't worry about trivial manners. For the next few weeks, she was always stealing food from the food stock and bringing them out with her in her pillow sack. She took the carriage down and gave food to people who were starving, and gave people her monthly allowance and old toys. They peasants were more happy and grateful to her as ever, unknowingly speaking to the soon to be queen of the country. She continued to do this until one day, her father caught word of someone stealing the food supply.

Her father grew enraged, sending out knights to interrogate all the peasants and find the one stealing the food by any means possible. Esta at the time was sitting in a peasant village, giving the food out until the knights came by. Some knights began kicking and hurting some of the villagers, completely shattering Esta's image on heroic knights who saved princesses. She asked around, and it shone the truth to the girl.

She walked up and defended a woman who was about to be killed, and was recognized instantly due to her silver/white hair. She was brought back to the castle, where she was slapped by her father countless times. She was scolded, and she had gone without food for a few days, however, her mother always sneaked food into her room every early in the morning. Soon, her mother and father got into more fights often, prompting her father to exile her mother from the castle forever; much to Esta's grief. Esta was put under constant supervision, and was limited to her room in areas to explore.

Finally, when she had turned 16, she was allowed to raise to the crown. However, her father needed her to marry to a prince in the nearby kingdom, whom he knew would offer them even more riches. Esta declined, standing up for herself against her father, causing him to go into a fit of rage. That night, the King was murdered by rebels.

Esta was devastated, as she had lost both a mother and a father. She rose to the crown as she had no spouse, making up new laws and erasing the old ones, also one stating that she will rule the country even if she did not marry. She grew very busy since then, organizing everything and soon growing stressed. However, once that was all over, she was finally able to have free time to herself. In her free time, she went out to see the peasants and give them food, money from the taxes, unused blankets and etc. She started trying to get to know the peasants, sometimes even going alone.

Even up to this day, she is trying her best for her Kingdom, even going as far as to travel to previous enemy kingdoms to offer peace. Some say that she was an angel sent down from the heavens to restore the kingdom that was once suppose to be grand.
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Kelsi Kitsune

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Nickname: Nani
Age: 23
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 136lbs
Race: Kitsune

Descriptive Appearance: Nani has silver-white hair, and carries a katana on her right side. Her magic creates an illusion that she is human, shrouding her tail and ears from the naked eye. Her power lies in herself, though her mask is her link to the illusion, so-to-speak.
Personality: Nani has a rather cold, dark personality. She's a quiet, calm person, who doesn't like to be bothered with trivial things.
Likes: Nani likes to travel, get paid, and tend to her sword.
Dislikes: Anyone who would hinder her progress, or get in her way.
Hobby(optional): N/A
Job: Traveling Swordsman
Class: Knight/Rogue
Weapon: Reverse edge katana
Tools: rope spear
Associations: N/A
Position: N/A
Power: Illusion magick
Other Abilities:
History: Nanikona was a Knight under a corrupt king, and did horrendous things under his order. Upon being instructed to kill her best friend, she refused. Her king thought kitsune were a worthless race, and thus sparked a war with the female swordsman. Nani revealed her true self, and with a swift action, killed the queen, vowing to return to finish the king off after he had lost all else.
Other Things:N/A
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Could I maybe be a peasant in someone's kingdom?


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Could I maybe be a peasant in someone's kingdom?
Yea that's fine with me. Right now we only have one kingdom and that's controlled by Citrus. How many characters do you plan to make? so i know before time.


Original poster
I hope it's all looking good so far~
Well, I'll be able to finish either later or tomorrow. I'll try to get it finished ASAP though!
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Yea that's fine with me. Right now we only have one kingdom and that's controlled by Citrus. How many characters do you plan to make? so i know before time.
I was thinking one character but if more is needed id be happy to make more


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I was thinking one character but if more is needed id be happy to make more
Well a simple strict peasant probably won't do much in regards to plot unless you plan to become this bad ass traitor who kills the queen or king of the kingdom your locked up in and oversee the thrown for yourself... but that's just me. If your just going to be a peasant and nothing else then maybe making either a very strong tied plot with him would work or perhaps making him a friend at least to oversee a plan to escape. Something.. not telling you what you should do with your character or anything its just what i would do.


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THEY SHOULD BE A CHILDHOOD FRIEND OF ESTA'S (Since Esta was always sneaking out of the castle as a kid, and still does xDD)
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Ser. Alexander ''Henry'' Dragonbane
Master Dragon Slayer

[fieldbox=", silver, solid"]Basic Information
Alexander Henry is 39 years old, standing tall at about 5'9 and weighs around 220p with armor. His race is obviously human, I know, ew! with all the choices in the world his only human.. yes weird we heard you the first time. Although Alexander is human he acts differently than most, brave but yet intelligent like a wizard in a library he can submit another knight pretty much anything below professional status within seconds making him a master swordsman. Traditional in stature and appearance his stance is rather differ from most, his sword guards above him in a downward forward angle which displays his mastery at the art of defense and counter attacks... good luck performing a dashing strike on this fellow because you will be on your arse in a minute, you probably should've bought ass pads because that cold stone floor looks rough.

His armor made of traditional material, his helmet slick and straight near the back for certain protection and his frontal mask made as a flat disk like structure with long rectangle like openings below the disk for breathing. One steel shoulder plate extends above only lengthens to the top of his helmet, His chest plate although curved is thick and is known to be rarely cut through. Regardless where you attack him it is nearly impossible to land a hit if your not experienced enough to obviously attack the back of his legs... not gonna give you a hint or anything but HE DOESN'T HAVE ARMOR THERE! [/fieldbox]
[fieldbox=", silver, solid"] Personal Information
Alexander Henry is a bit kiddie and most times he sounds 20ish than his old age of nearly 40. His curious attitude and way of anonymous behavior makes him one of the most interesting or rather questionable knights in all of Ventorum. In daily situations he is friendly, matter of fact he is always friendly unless directly assaulted, however although he may team up with you and call you his comrade while the two of you just met doesn't mean you shouldn't keep one eye open at all times when around him. It is yet unknown of his true motive of being a dragon slayer, however it is largely debated that either he does it for fun or he is merely a kid in armor pretending to be a adult. His face has never been seen, might have been better to mention this earlier wouldn't it?

Alexander likes pretty much... anything, He never lets melancholy take over him which makes him a pretty nice guy to hang around with. He always sees the good in situations, rather it be his best friend dying in front of him he sees some sort of good in the situations and always attempts to make people smile or at least feel better. Even in a battle, although mostly serious (obviously in the zone) he sees the good and light even if you beat him.

The only job he does is obviously killing dragons for either large profit or for his beliefs and faith in his kingdom.
[fieldbox=", silver, solid"] Power Information
Alexander is within the Knight class category, however of a specific type named ''Draco Knight'' Which means either he makes love to them or kills them... he kills them. His weapon is made of black steel with high flame defense enchantment allowing him to block direct breath from a dragon with just his sword which might explain why his shield is just made of simple oak wood. The only other tools he carries is a simple dagger strapped to his waist and a special made steel pipe that he keeps in a pouch next to his dagger.


WIP, Will finish when i join a kingdom and faith!​
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