Medieval Times: Condor

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    Medieval Times Series: Condor
    Condor is one of the smallest areas of the world that is made of many different large to small islands barely connected by man made bridges overlapping large rivers running between lands. Home of the world trade and many types of merchants, cons, and warriors alike. This land made the coin that all the lands use as currency today alongside the shipments of food, tools, merchandise, and rare crafting materials over all the lands. Many myths and relics surround these islands that reveal the distant past and it was said that these lands separated from different parts of the other lands to eventually flow towards the eastern open seas to form what we now call ''Condor.'' In the before times during the war of the gods one folklore spells that Condor was a kingdom ruled by the 7th lord of the eastern seas whom became enraged by the immediate war and summoned forth his destructive waves to crush and separate parts of the lands around his throne to punish the other gods. A rumor passes throughout all the lands that the main ocean that filled the middle of Condor lays the ''staff of the 7th sea'' who was controlled by the god whom created Condor during the war before men. If this staff was to be captured it might reveal some of the past that could be used for the benefit of the world... or to destroy it.

    If you have any questions please ask them. :)
  2. Oh, a sequel?

  3. Though I know nothing of this new place I get a distinct greco roman feeling when looking at it. Anyway I am here for it.
  4. I agree with Dakota. I get that vibe as well... I know that the series is 'medieval'... But... If this is classical antiquity stuff i'm interested for sure!
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  5. And I'll be wiggling on in >w>
    Though, I'm keeping Esta and Zerachi (WOOO THROWING BACK CHARACTERS)
  6. In a way it is, however due to the lore it is also a mix of other cultures around each island.
  7. Can you see the map picture i added?
  8. Ya.
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  9. what does ''rolling'' mean?
  10. I'm in.
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  11. Already got my character made in my head.
  12. working on the OOC guys. :)
    But because of the new update coming along i wont give it rules or cast list because it will only be removed during the update.

    I will also wait a little bit longer.. minutes at best in case people still wanna join.
  13. Right behind you..
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