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    Medieval Times Series: Condor
    Condor is one of the smallest areas of the world that is made of many different large to small islands barely connected by man made bridges overlapping large rivers running between lands. Home of the world trade and many types of merchants, cons, and warriors alike. This land made the coin that all the lands use as currency today alongside the shipments of food, tools, merchandise, and rare crafting materials over all the lands. Many myths and relics surround these islands that reveal the distant past and it was said that these lands separated from different parts of the other lands to eventually flow towards the eastern open seas to form what we now call ''Condor.'' In the before times during the war of the gods one folklore spells that Condor was a kingdom ruled by the 7th lord of the eastern seas whom became enraged by the immediate war and summoned forth his destructive waves to crush and separate parts of the lands around his throne to punish the other gods. A rumor passes throughout all the lands that the main ocean that filled the middle of Condor lays the ''staff of the 7th sea'' who was controlled by the god whom created Condor during the war before men. If this staff was to be captured it might reveal some of the past that could be used for the benefit of the world... or to destroy it.

    You might be wondering.. hey.. why the hell is this the same as the OOC thread? Well this series is based on your own adventure. So basically.. you make your own start.​

  2. ✿◉●•◦ Sereph Rune ◦•●◉✿
    [ Prædictas Fatales caelum |-| Morning |-| Calm ]
    A woman who was appearing no younger than mid twenties was sitting in a field full of flowers in complete bloom. The land was peaceful, quiet, as the breeze rushed over the field of flowers and plants. A single tree was nearby, as the rustling of the leaves filled the air with the sound. Of course, here we find that the woman was sitting down, staring up at the sky and clouds. There were the cries and gleeful chiming of children in the distance, running to the woman they thought was but just a young adult. "Auntie Runie! Can you do that magic thing with the plants again?" An elf child would ask, holding up a pot with a single, sprouted plant. The woman slowly got up, on her knees, and placed her hand on the soil. The little sprout was just between her fingers, and yet, not touching. Not long afterwords, the sprout began to grow to be a larger plant, eventually blooming into a beautiful tulip. The child watched in amazement, smiling brightly at their newly grown flower. The kids around were crowding, admiring the vivid colors of such. However, there was a single child who looked out of place. Dull, and tattered, holding a single bowl full of soil and a flower that has not yet sprouted. As the other children were playing around, the woman approached the child, looking at the bowl. "M-My ma is sick.. and I wanted to grow a herb to help her.." She child sniffed, staring down at the bowl. "But no matter how I try to grow it.. It's never going to bloom.." He sniffed, and the woman could just gently wipe away his tears. She gave him a smile, before cupping the bowl in her hands. The cells in the seed would not move, and she was able to quickly figure out the problem. Gently digging the seed out, she replaced it with a different one. The child was about to panic and cry, but all she did, was rest her fingertip on the child's lips. The seed that he had planted, wasn't fertilized with pollen, thus would not grow.

    She pat the boy's head, and to make him feel better, she picked up her watering can and let him water his own plant. While he wasn't looking, she began to let the seed sprout, and it showed a single leaf. The child was overjoyed, and ran back home to tell his mother. After, dawn began to break along the horizon, and the woman decided that, that would be enough for today, and walked off into the deepest part of the Shrine, which was deemed off limits to all civilization, asides from a single entity and their servant.

    Upon reaching the main building, one would find that it was made entirely out of wood and covered in vines. However, these vines weren't weak, and it was as though they were what was holding the entire building together. Otherwise, it looked rather well kept, and the golden lining was still as clear as day despite no one visiting. There was a single, yin-yang wind chime over the edge of the roof. The woman walked to the back, where the stone foundation was also kept together by vines. In a certain area, the stone could be removed by moving the vines in a certain way. If removed incorrectly, the entire Shrine would go crashing down. The stone was also big enough to allow a fully grown woman in, and thus the woman was able to slip in easily. Under the Shrine, was a path way that could have gone for a long while, so some walking was needed.

    By the time the woman had reached the end, she had made it to another brick wall which has symbols scattered across. Incantations were chanted, and the brick walls moved apart like a door. The woman pressed onward, finding herself in a large, empty palace. Of course, this was to be expected. No one, asides from the queen, was to be in the palace. It was just about the time everyone was getting up, so the woman found her way back to the large bedroom, and climbed into the bed, only to be woken up by the chime of the bell later on. Unlike Vestoria, the Kingdom famous for their mercy and peace, Praedictas Fatales Caelum kept their castle doors shut. However, they also were not barbarians like a certain dragon kingdom. The bell's chime became increasingly louder, annoying the woman as she finally picked up the rock with a message attached to it by the window. See, this contraption would ring the bell when something was sent to her by the birds, which was pretty much how she communicated with the outside world. She made way for the throne room, wearing a light green robe and a black veil over her face. Her hair was tied up in a bun, and she wore heels.

    The throne room was almost nothing that anyone has ever seen before. It was large and grand, with plants and fountains, however, there was also a large, red curtain obstructing the view to the throne. All you would be able to see is the shadow of the chair, and the silhouette of the ruler. The woman sat on the throne, as she saw through the curtain. She would be able to see them, but they wouldn't be able to see her. Lines and lines of knights had approached her, as the head knight saluted. "Your highness! We have come to give you the report!" The man yelled out, holding his helmet under his arm. The man was a large, grown dwarf. Well built and clearly trained. "It appears as though more humans are approaching the main land, what do you think about that?"

    The female paused for a moment, some fear had overtaken her train of thought. However, she was able to pull herself together. She looked over to her parrot, and whispered what she needed said to him. "SQUAK. THEY SAID WELCOME THEM HERE, WELCOME THEM HERE, SQUAK." The parrot yelled. The guards thought that, this would be the case, and began to march away. Alas, yet another boring day for poor Seraph. "Of course, King Rune."

    Okay, she may or may not have lied about her gender either to them.
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  3. Wyl overlooked the main hall, as the village leaders intended to speak their ills to their new king. As of late the kingdom had been in anger, some raiders had come from the other islands and taken crops. Wyl was listening intently with his uncle in full plate at his side, though his uncle was old he still held a watchful eye over the main hall. The man before Wyl was a large man, bushy beard, he seemed no older than 30 but spoke with the voice of an old man.

    "The raiders have taken my farm lands and slain my kinfolk. My brother was murdered before his wife and child, shortly before they were taken by these raiders. My father spoke to you of this a week before this attack, and you sent no one. You said it was nothing to fear. Now I demand that this boy send troops to reclaim my home!"

    Oren Coalil leaned close to his nephew and spoke, "Do not..."

    Wyl raised a hand to silence his uncle. Oren leaned out and corrected his posture. The man stood with fire in his eyes and stared at the young king. Wyl stood, he wore the clothes of his title. A brilliant red cape, over his form fitted tunic and jewelry. On his head sat the gem adorned crown which his family had held for many generations.

    "You will remember, sir, that you speak to your king..." Wyl said malice in his voice, "And that this king may very well determine the fate of your brothers wife and child, that you seem so concerned with. You respected my father and you will respect me. I will send 30 of my finest battalion to fight for your home. And you will see that your village provides ample food and shelter for them and any of my subjects should I call upon it."

    Oren nodded at his nephew and nodded for him to return to his seat. But before his nephew began walking back he turned around and looked at the court around him. He smirked and looked at his uncle.

    "I will ride with my soldiers, and bring my royal guard along. We will slay the raiders and I will command the attack!"

    Many in the court sounded surprised, the boy king had never seen combat. His uncle was in anger but kept his arms at his sides, fighting the urge to strike his nephew in the full view of the court. The boy wore a smile as he walked back to his throne but it soon faded at seeing his uncle's scowl.

    "Nephew, I believe the court may be adjourned for the day." Oren said, the boy waved his hand and the room slowly cleared. Once it was clear Oren began his speech, "You ignorant boy!"


    "Stay your tongue!" Oren shouted, "You've not seen the perils of battle, men die. You are but a boy, you cannot lead men!"

    "Uncle, stop."


    "I will watch the battle, from horseback, surrounded by guards." Wyl began, "You will keep by my side and I will observe the battle. Get a feel for how fighting is, I am no fool. But I must learn how these conflicts go."

    At this Oren was slightly taken aback by his nephews wise decision. The boy would be easily seeing combat but not participating, he would also be instilling morale in his troops with his presence. Oren stood dumbfounded for a moment before clearing his throat and bowing to his nephew.

    "I'm sorry my king," Oren said calmly.

    "Rise uncle, you've done me no dishonor. You are looking out for my interests and it is appreciated but do not treat me like a child again."

    With that the orders were dispatched that the boy king would ride with his 30 soldiers and 20 kingsguard to defeat a band of raiders that dared to invade his lands. If all went to plan this would be his first noble act as King of the Southern Aisles, after this no one could call him the boy king again. Or so he hoped.
  4. The leader of the before mentioned raiders was a muscular, grizzled man that towered over his subordinates with threatening, silent authority. Bandages ran across his bearded vestige to cover one eye, while hardened hide with crude metal spikes protected the man's body. Atop his head sat a helmet with proud horns reaching to the pale blue sky, within it lay his small pet rabbit obliviously munching on a freshly picked carrot.

    The man groaned as the former owners of the land in which he now stood began complaining again. From the large cages withholding them came promises of vengeance, demands for freedom, pleeds for- "SHUT UP!" One of the leader's warrors shouted while slamming a battle axe against the prison bars. The prisoners shut up.

    The leader began to move towards a barn which had been taken in the raid, taking a look at his fellow barbarians as he did so. Bored faces, hands fiddled with weapons, some neared the imprisoned farmers but backed off with a cold glance from the man. They had been here for too long, everything had already been raided, under normal circumstances they would be moving on to the next village to plunder. These were not normal circumstances.

    Upon opening the barn doors the man was greeted by a wave of death-stench, not something he was unacquainted with but unpleasant nonetheless. The corpses of livesock and two human skeletons lay scattered across the ground. The sound of the knife that skinned these corpses was still clear in the leader's head, he had to find somewhere to vomit away from his men last night. Entrails and blood were caked across the dirt floor, the rabbit quaked from within the helmet.

    In the center of it all was a individual in a dark grey cloak, blood coating his sleeves and hands. He was crouched over a large humanoid figure, even taller then the man, sowing it together with black twine and muttering incoherently. The man held his stomach, the figure was made out of the flesh of the farm animals and men that were skinned, a faceless head lay in such a way that it seemed to be looking at him. "Do' it eva stop stinkin'?" "You get used to it. It's almost done, then you can take your new 'warrior' and we can take our prisoners."

    "Speak'n o' deh prisoners, yah sure we can't 'ill em? Not even a little?" "We've discussed this before, the meat must be fresh or it's completely useless." "Yer a fickle bunch yeh-" a raider busted into the barn, panic evident in his voice. "Suh! Suh! Deh King be comin' with ah whole bunch of dem knights!" "Deh King 'mself eh? Well den! Get that golem of yers ready as fast as yeh can mistuh necromunsa!"

    The man came out of the barn, glad to be breathing freash air again, and let loose a thunderous bellow. "ITS KILLIN' TIME!!! READY YER WEAPONSES! SHEILDS IN FRONT, ARCHIES IN THE BACK! AXES SHARP, BARRICADES STACKED!" It took the leader five years to think of that but it worked like a charm. The barbarians took their positions and began to make small walls out of former homes. The man drew a massive two headed axe from his back, and took his place valiantly umong his finest swordsmen.

  5. Rolland sat in front of his council, relevant persons of different associations that had impact in his kingdom. A long flat rectangular table filled with tightly packed paperwork, ink pens and inkwells was in front of him. The councilmen sat a few inches apart from each other were glaring each other down and convincing Rolland to allocate more funds to their respective associations. However Rolland was more interested in the report in his hand than mundane squabbling, he was just too accustomed to it now. Flipping through the various pages of the report however he had noticed key pages were conveniently missing, pages about the inquisition and the manufacturing of a new type of weaponry that would revolutionize how war was fought or at least a little. Placing the report down on the table the council immediately went quiet as it was a sign that the king wanted to speak his piece.

    “I thank you all as always for your continued endeavors, however today is not the day for such things. I speak of something grander.”

    Rolland scanned the councilmen’s faces most of them filled with curiosity as to what he might say next but some of them already knew what the agenda was.

    “I speak of my plans of an Alliance of all the kingdoms of Condor one that will shake the very foundation of our world, no longer will the other continents looks to our lands as easy pickings.”

    One of the councilmen raised his hand and spoke with a very cautious tone.

    “M-my liege! I believe this would not work! Condor has always been at war with each other and-“

    “That is why! Our ancestors may have fought with other kingdoms in Condor but that is the past, our time is now”.

    The room was immediately filled with sounds of mutterings as council members whispered to each other either to believe this is madness or the coming of a new age one with no war. Satisfied Rolland readjusted his sitting position to a more comfortable one.

    “Now before I discuss my plans in full, I would like the Lord Inquisitor and Archmage to tell me of their progress with their current projects. Lord Tarius and Lady Vigliv if you would so kindly”

    The limelight immediately shifts to the two, each council members turning their head to look eagerly waiting for their unraveling.
  6. She took a sip from her warm cup filled with her favourite blend of tea, and placed it back onto the saucer. The council was still a bit too noisy for her liking, but she placed herself in this position all those years ago, did she not? Vigliv patiently tasted her tea, and allow the sweet flavour of the red petals to bloom in her mouth, and she let out a silent sigh of satisfaction. It was not everyday that an old woman like her could still enjoy her tea while in the middle of an extremely rowdy bunch of nobles and councilmen. She absentmindedly warm up the pot in front of her with a simple wave of her finger, and poured herself another cup as the argument continued. Just as she was going to pour herself another cup, the king's attention turned to her.

    "...Lady Vigliv if you would so kindly.”

    She raised an eye brow at the king. And she was quite enjoying being sidelined too. She remembered when the king was much younger - and even now, he still kept the same fire that he had back then burning. This was the man that they had all chosen to give their loyalty to, and they did not regret it one bit. She faked a cough as the councilmen stared at her, reminding them that despite her age she was still a lady.

    "Of course, your grace." Vigliv stood up from her seat and graceful bow to the king with a smile. She then turn her attention to the spell that she began to weave, and a three-dimensional representation of a ship-like mechanical contraption made out of light began to form on top of the table. The ship itself looked like an ordinary sea-faring vessel, but instead of a mast it had a ring-like structure surrounding it. Despite the bowels of the ship was clearly shown, only those who were experts in the ways of the arcane and machines could even begin to decipher its use. "The cooperation between the Mage's Guild, the Fabricator's Guild and the Tinkerer's Guild had finally bore fruit. Usually, I will make sure that everything has been tested and the finer details confirmed before revealing any of our projects. However, I believe that this is too important for it to remain under the shadows. Our newest project is simply called 'The Airship', and as its name implies, it is a ship that... flies."

    "While the body of the ship is mundane in nature, the ring is the key to keep the Airship afloat. It is the structure that lifts the airship up from the ground to the air and propels it forward. To the uninitiated..." She scanned the entire council with her ancient eyes, "the specifics are nothing but technobabble, so I would skip that part. Suffice to say that as long as the integrity of the hull and the ring is not compromised, it will get you anywhere as long as you can see it from the sky. We already have a working prototype, but it will still take some time for final adjustments to be made. We have to be caution with such technology, yes? A full report will be handed to you once preparations are complete, your grace."

    With another snap of her fingers, the image of light crumbled and shattered in front of the council. She gave them all another simple bow before taking her seat, finally taking her sip of tea.
  7. Loque had been watching this group of raiders since the village elder had first put out a bounty. 30 pieces of Southern Aisle's gold, in some of the other islands it was worth twice the regular currency. He spotted several barbarians, from how they spoke and the weapons they were untrained. The apparent leader wore bandages across his face, and a horned helmet adorning the damaged head. On top sat a rabbit, a good meal for someone brave enough to cut that barbarian down.

    They'd taken captives, likely the only reason the king had not rode down and killed them. That or lack of interest. But the troops did not seem prepares for any kind of fight, they seemed bored. Some occupied their time by gnawing on blades of grass, but upon hearing horses and armor ride near many sprung to defenses. Loque had lost sight of the big man, then spotted him exiting a barn that another raider had ran too. Loque gazed up the hill are the knights in various forms of plate, and The King in his golden armor. Thought it was hard to see the King's face through the visor it was not difficult to make out he was a shorter man. The raiders began forming ranks, the leader shouting and setting shields in front with arches at the back behind cover. Loque saw a set of 10 knights move forward, 3 with halberds, several with bastard swords and shields, and one with a three tailed flail and shield. They moved quickly against the shielded raiders, some clashing and being pushed backwards, others taking stabs. Loque saw his chance. He had several weapons decorating his furs and leather, but at this moment he stood from his spot in the fields near the village. He drew back the string of the bow with an arrow knocked and angled it, he loosed his fingers and watched the arrow soar. It found it's mark in the neck of a shield wielding barbarian. A knight quickly broke through and gazed around, the king had brought no archers and it was a surprise to have arrow's hit the enemy. Once that first knight was through the king was left with 5 guards and his adviser, the rest went to break the raiders up. Lark let loose several more arrows, mostly aimed at the other archers. Eventually he heard arrows whizzing past and some landing within feet of him. He pulled the bow around his chest and began sprinting down the small hill to the fray of things. He made sure to charge into the raiders and kill one right off the bat, to let the knights know not to come after him.

    His appearance was noticeable on the field, he was first recognized as a large blur dashing through the fields before slamming into an archer. The barbarian was bowled over and quickly ended by a large dagger being plunged into his cheat. His eyes shot open and in front of his face was a bearded man with stark black hair shouting at him with the eyes of a devil. Loque kept his long dagger in hand as he threw himself forward. He had it held blade down as he ran forth and cut the throat of another archer, he watched as the body fell and saw an archer ready an arrow ahead of him. Loque pulled the body back up with ease and heard the arrow sink into the flesh of the dead man. Loque easily threw the body aside and swung an underhanded arm to throw his dagger into the other archers chest. He watched a bandit came running towards him with a sword, this bandit wore a metal great helm. Loque side stepped the blade and turned his fist into the barbarians stomach. The barbarian bent over for only a second but Loque seized this opportunity and grabbed him by helm with both hands. He twisted hard and watched the mans footing fail. Loque quickly knelt down to pick up the sword and quickly begin cutting through more barbarians.

  8. » ♥♥ Alicia Bellemore ♥ «
    [ Kingdom of Erathiel || Morning || Calm & Peaceful ]

    A young women who would appear no older than a child laid on a large bed, curled up under an indigo colored comforter. Pillows and stuffed animals filled the rest of the bed, making it appear extremely messy. A soft knock came from the wooden door, which was soon opened to show a women no older than her early twenties dressed down in a black and white maid outfit. She wore a soft smile when she saw the peaceful sleeping face of the young women. The maid walked across the room to where the large window sat with elegant peach colored drapes blocking all light into coming into the room. The maid pulled open the curtains, allowing sunlight to stream in, lighting up the room in an instant. She tied them off to the sides and leaned over the window couch to unlock and push open the windows. With the morning light and sounds filling the room, the young women sleeping in the bed arose from her slumber. Blinking her long eyelashes, the women allowed her eyes to adjust to the light while at the same time allowing herself to get used to the real world instead of the dream world she'd created for herself. The maid walked over to the other side of the bed where the young women was facing, and smiled down at her. "It's time to get up, Miss Alicia." The women said, her voice soft and kind, pulling Alicia completely out of her dream. Slowly, the young lady sat up in bed, causing a few of the stuffed animals to fall off. Her long blonde hair was a mess and fell around her body. Yawning tiredly, Alicia turned her body towards the maid and allowed her legs to dangle over the side. She rubbed her eyes like a child before sliding her body off the bed. The maid walked over to Alicia's closet and opened the double doors, before proceeding onwards into the walk-in closet to find an outfit for her mistress. While she did that, Alicia slid out of her silky black nightgown that reached to knees and had noodle straps. The piece of clothing fell to the floor around Alicia's feet, leaving nothing on her body but her white undergarments. The maid exited the closet, closing the doors behind her, and walked over to Alicia with the dress she'd picked out for her to wear. Thanking the maid, Alicia dismissed her and the women left the room. Alicia threw the dress and the bow that went with it onto her bed. Turning to the wooden dresser that had been painted white which sat beside her bed, Alicia pulled open the third drawer of the five. Inside was single dagger and Alicia grabbed it. Closing the drawer. Alicia slid the dagger into the band of her upper undergarment that went around her body and clipped. Once she had placed in comfortably, Alicia walked over to her window couch and lifted the top carefully. Inside, laid her double swords. Grabbing them, Alicia pulled them out and placed the cushioned top back down. She quickly strapped the scabbards to each side of her waist and checked to make sure the swords were firmly inside. Once her weapons were in place, Alicia walked back over to her bed and grabbed the dress. Slipping into it, Alicia fluffed it out before grabbing the bow and making her way into the bathroom connected to her room. Looking into the mirror, Alicia put her hair up in a high ponytail then perfectly tied the bow into the hairstyle. With that done, Alicia smiled softly and grabbed her pink lipstick. She put on two layers then grabbed the two pink flower hair clips and place them properly in her hair. Stepping back, Alicia twirled once in the bathroom and watched as the dress flew outwards. Chuckling softly, she exited the bathroom and made her way out of the very clean room. she closed the door behind her and continued on her way down the hall then descended down the large grand staircase centered in the middle of the entrance way. Delicious aroma's filled the air, leading Alicia to the Dining Hall. Upon entering through the open archway, one would see a large rectangular table in the middle with 10 chairs on each side and one on each smaller side. A glass chandelier hung above the table, every 47 candle recently lit and burning gently. Sitting at the table across from each other right in front of her was Alicia's mother and her younger brother, quietly enjoying their breakfast. Clearing her throat slightly, Alicia announced her presence before walking over to the chair on the smaller side of the table and taking a seat. Before her sat a bowl of creamy porridge, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, and a smaller bowl of salad. Nodding to her supposed kin, Alicia began eating her food, joining in the silence.

    Alicia left the Dining Hall having just finished her breakfast. Walking towards the double doors that led into the castle, Alicia was sided by her personal maid who now wore the appropriate attire to escort Alicia into the town below like she normally did. They exited the castle and were met with a beautiful view of the town as it shone with the sun just perfect overhead. Smiling to herself, Alicia continued forward and watched as a man opened the door to her carriage as she drew nearer. Upon reaching the carriage, she thanked him and climbed in, followed by her maid, Riley. The carriage began moving after a minute and made it's way down the hill on a well worn path that had been cleared of all rock so that it was not a bumpy trip. The ride took but a mere seven minutes before they were riding through town. As they did, people would wave to them and Alicia waved back from the confines of her ride. Upon reaching the fountain in the middle of the shopping district, the carriage came to a halt and Alicia got out with Riley right behind her. Turning to the man who drove her here, she dismissed him, telling to come back within an hour and a half so they had time to do things. The man merely nodded before taking off, and Alicia walked over to Riley. "Now then, how about we visit Feire Fashion? Then go to Jane's Jewels, and after that we stop by Everyday Goodies." Alicia said, her voice soft and kind as she spoke to her maid/escort. Riley agreed with her and they made their way toward the first store. However, Alicia stopped when a group of three young girls ran up to her with a flower crown in their hands. Alicia watched as the girl in the middle stretched her hands up towards Alicia with the flower crown in possession. "T-T-This is f-f-for you Princess Alicia, miss." The girl stuttered, making Alicia chuckle. Squatting down, Alicia lowered her head and felt the pressure of the crown as it was placed atop her head. Looking up, Alicia saw the three girls shaking nervously and fidgeting with their clothing. Standing up, she rested a hand on each of their heads for a mere moment. This caused them all to look up in confusion. "There is no need to be nervous, little ones. There is a princess within all of us. However, you need to learn a few things if you are to truly allow yourself to become a princess/ For starters, have confidence in yourself. Look straight into the eyes of the person you're talking to, and never let them see you're nervous or afraid." She told them, her voice kind yet firm like a teacher's. The girls stared in awe as they fully took in Alicia's form. She stood with a straight back, her head up, and eyes locked only on what she's focused on. The girl's immediately did the same, all looking up at Alicia. Chuckling, Alicia removed three flowers from the flower crown and gently rested it on all of their left ears. "Remember to be the princess you were born to be." She added, winking to them as extra before walking onwards towards her set destination with Riley walking a foot behind her off to the right. "Magnificent Princess Alicia. As always, you inspire those around you." Riley commented, causing Alicia to smile. "Yes.." Alicia replied, her voice softer than usual as though she was thinking of a distant memory. Mentally shaking her head, Alicia erased any feelings she had been feelings in that moment and focused on where she was going, however keeping aware of everything going on around her.

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  9. Tarius was sitting beside Lady Vigliv with one elbow on the table,with the hand being tucked neatly under his chin, while sporting his signature carefree grin. He slowly grew bored of the other council member's talk about how their association needs more funds than the other association. However, as soon the King asked him and Vigliv to give him a progress report on their individual projects the grin on his face immediately disappeared and turned into a more stoic face.
    Tarius was not surprised that Vigliv decided to go up first to present her project to the King and his council, in fact he expected as much. He was impressed that the Old lady's project also involved taking to the skies. After intently listening to Vigliv's project, Tarius was very excited on presenting his project to the King since they could benefit from each other in many ways.

    When it was his turn, Tarius got off his seat and calmly walked towards the area where Vigliv was presenting her project. "My turn." Tarius muttered as he positioned himself in front of his King and councilmen. "I present to you.." Tarius started as he signaled the guard to open the door to let three armored individuals in. "The Angelo armor!." he said with excitement as the three individuals marched in a single file fashion turned to face the King in a synchronized manner while the guard pushes a weapon rack next to Tarius.

    "These armors were created through collaboration of the finest blacksmiths of Gavalion and High Mages of the Inquisitors. Using information gained from studying the ancient battle armors found in our mining caves, we were able to reverse engineer the battle armor and made some improvements to it." Tarius said. He felt that it was important for the King and his councilmen to know what happened to the battle armor that was found in their mining facility. "The armor itself is made of an extremely durable referred to as "Titanium" by many. Because of this, it is very resistant towards conventional weapons as you can see..." Tarius ended his sentence as he grabbed a steel sword from the weapons rack and started slashing the armored individual multiple times with little to no effect on the armor. "The most durable part of the armor is the shield on the shoulder which is enchanted to shatter most normal weapons that strike it." Tarius said as he
    returned the steel sword to the weapon rack in exchange for a mace. Tarius then swings the mace at the shielded shoulder of the armor only for it to shatter when it seconds of making contact with the shield.

    "Besides defending the wearer from attacks, the shield also has another function.." immediately after Tarius finished his sentence the shields of armors repositioned themselves to back of the armor to form wings that were in appearance to angel wings. Shortly after that, they began to levitate of the ground. "Once in the sky, the wearer can reach blinding speeds with this armor. However due to the strain it puts the wearer through limiters have been implanted into the armor the ensure they don't fly too fast." As soon as Tarius finished explaining, the three armored individuals slowly descended to the ground.

    "As for offensive capabilities, the armor amplifies the strength of the wearer by a factor of 5." Tarius explained as the knight in the easily lifted the weapon rack along with all of its contents off the ground with only one arm. "The lance they hold also has special properties." Tarius said as he grabbed a shield from the weapon rack shortly after the winged knight puts it back down and throws the shield up into the air only for it to be impaled by one of the lances of the winged knights with ease. "Besides being able to pierce through physical shields, magical shields are also not safe from the tip of these lances." and with that Tarius concentrated magical energies into the his gauntlet to create a standard magical barrier. Shortly after that, the three knights thrust their lances towards the magical barrier surrounding Tarius and penetrate it with ease. The points of the lances were within a few inches from Tarius's head. Shortly after that, the knights pulled back their lances and assumed a neutral stance in a single file in front of their "audience". "As it is now, we have only 10 complete sets Angelo armor. With your approval my King, we are able to begin mass production of this armor by this week. If we start at that time, with the resources we will have approximately 100 sets of Angelo by the end of the next week." Tarius as along with the three knights he humbly bow to their King.


  10. ✿◉●•◦ Sereph Rune ◦•●◉✿
    [ Prædictas Fatales caelum |-| Morning |-| Calm | FC: Megurine Luka ]
    ... Things were too quiet.

    Of course, silence was never a bad thing. But there were those times where silence was just a tiny bit unsettling. She couldn't tell what was happening outside of her kingdom at the moment, since she was never allowed to leave in the day time should someone look for her. There were the rare times where she would be lead by the guards out into the kingdom, but she always stood out front, shrouded in mystery. All the citizens both respected, and feared their king, as nothing is heard from those who break the kingdom's rules. People fear that they will never be heard from again. Even spirit mediums are unable to locate or communicate with those who are dead, and so people have been spreading rumors that the king, themselves, are a demon who imprisons the souls in hell to wander for eternity. This was all penguin poop, but since no one dared to venture that deep, Seraph never had to worry about it. Just when she was about to leave, someone began to ring the bell in the throne room. ".. Yes?" She asked, and the parrot spoke for her to be heard aloud. "YES, SQUACK?" It said. Most people would be put off by this, but the residents of the castle were used to it at this point.

    ".. Your majesty. We have received word that there is some sort of.. plan to unite all of Condor." The man said, causing the girl to flinch for a moment. She knew humans. Humans just wanted her power, they wanted her land, her people, the peace that she had worked so hard to gain. She would have preferred to stay alone, in her beautiful valleys and children running around, laughing. But no. If humans really wanted to unite all of Condor, they would need her cooperation, and she wasn't going to let them gain that so easily. Worst come to worst, she would need to prepare for a war, which she was so much more ahead of. She began wo whisper to the parrot, who repeated what she said. "SQUACK. THE KING CALLS FOR A MEETING IN THE MESS HALL. SQUACK, MEETING IN THE MESS HALL." It shouted out, and the man quickly retreated to call upon the leaders of the kingdom. He quickly told the messager, who telepathically notified the Captain, their own Sage, Pope, and etc.

    ".. It's time to go, right, Polly?" She asked the parrot, smiling under the black veil which covered the black hood of the robe. It didn't take long for her to arrive at the Mess Hall, where countless people who were notified, have already arrived. She had assigned one leader per faction of her kingdom. The Captain Knight was to be guarding the walls of the Kingdom, the Head Tactician was to stay in the faction near herself, the Sage was to train mages and such just by the walls of the kingdom, and the Pope was to train people in the arts of healing and purification. Finally, there was the mysterious one they called 'The Witch'. The witch was an old lady, a lady thought to be a myth in the kingdom of the Fairy's Paradise. She was specialized in the arts of black magic, and had sworn alliance to Seraph after witnessing the girl kill off so many people in the past. There was also a special trait that these people have shared in common, and that was knowledge of their ruler's identity. Upon arriving, Seraph took off hood, revealing the young face of a woman in her late teens, or early twenties. No one would guess that she was nearing her fortieth years, but thats why these people were so special. They knew about her.

    "Now that everyone is here.." She girl began, staring down at the patch of grass that spread across the table, however stopped near the ends in order to allow cleanliness when eating. She placed the palm of her hand on the patch of grass, allowing the plants to grow and play out what she wanted. "I have received word that a few of the other kingdoms, or at least one of them, are planning on uniting Condor together." She said, pausing for a moment before letting out a soft sigh. "Captain Grambly, leader of the knights. Should I be called for a meeting, please send a few of your soldiers with me. Sage Florance, if I recall, you have a few people with the ability to manipulate metal and the earth, yes? Please send a few of them with me as well, and make sure that they develop their abilities." She stated, to which the Sage and the Knight gave her a puzzled look. The Sage rose her hand up, questioning their queen. ".. Your highness, the way you speak, is as though you are suggesting that we get ready for a war." She pointed out, to which Seraph didn't know how to respond. All she could do was admit that she was preparing for one. "... Yes. I know humans, we all know humans. Hungry for power, and will stop at nothing to get what they want. If the peace doesn't work out, they will send their entire army to slaughter us, kill us, and reap whatever power that the kingdom has left. We all know that, that's what is going to happen!" She claimed, showing the large wave of grass, overtaking the smaller one, turning it to waste and shredding it up. This brought visible horror to most of the leaders, and only a few were able to keep in their fear. With that, most of them were able to comply, and thus this began to be put in motion. "Pope, I would like you to train your priests a little more. Also, I have heard that you began to harness the powers of the gods, borrowing them through summons and prayers. I wish for you to figure out a way to transfer that power to normal mages temporarily." She commanded, and the old man could only smile, and nod. The tactician was put to come up with different strategies, and report to her to agree on a good counter attack should their defenses hold it off, and what measure to take should things look bad. "Few of our soldiers are capable with air combat, and we got Griffins!" One woman shouted out. She was the woman in charge of the beasts of their kingdom. These beasts barely hung around people or humans, due to the fact that humans were always trying to kill off and destroy their environment. "Humans can't fly, after all." The girl smiled, pretty confident that they would have the upper hand in any war. She wasn't like Vestoria, she wasn't like that weak woman in Ventorum. Of course, she had heard of her. She could only remember bits sand pieces, but she knew that this woman was.. Odd. She thought peace could be brought upon by those who tried, and she did try, only to have been knocked out and held captive as prisoner.

    The naive little queen.

    "As for the blacksmith.." She muttered, looking over at the Enchantress and Crafter. "... I wish for you to start working one enhanced armor and weapons. By the next meeting, I wish for you to have a concept to share with me." With that, the meeting was adjourned, ringing her bell, and smiling before leaving. The smile practically melted all of their hearts, as their queen was always so serious, formal, rigid, cold.

    "Ugh, why do you always make me sound like some sort of messed up bird?!" The moment the girl was alone with the parrot, it began to speak in a more.. human tone. "Pff.. Calm down Polly. I only ask of this so that people don't find out that you're special, alright?" She asked the animal, who let out a sigh and practically face-winged itself. "Well, are you going to be checking up on 'them' now?" The parrot asked, and Seraph could only giggle before walking up to a wall of different symbols, as though it were telling some sort of prophesy. She began tracing certain incantations and symbols, and then pushed her hand into a certain brick, opening up another secret passage. "I think this is answer enough?" She asked the parrot, and slowly walked down the staircase after grabbing a torch. The door closed behind her, as though it never happened.

    Down the spiral of stairs she went, avoiding traps that she had set. She slipped through, approaching a guardian that she had created. It instantly recognized her, and allowed her through. Now, the room was.. Rather cute. It was all fluffy, and it looked like a room for an infant. In the center, laid a tiny dragon. Already hatched and just a mere baby. She carefully approached the creature, carrying it in her arms as a gentle smile formed on her lips. "Good morning.."


    Pandora (open)

  11. The Red City was in its quiet, drowsy day life. The only thing the sun brought, as far as the citizens were concerned, was work and hangovers. However atop the nameless mountain as it glowered down at the ants below, men and women in fine silk cloths sat at a table, gingerly eating their breakfast. They were mostly regulators of the City's trade, however one man in black was in charge of the weekly supply delivery to the Prison. He looked stony-faced at his food, the sick feeling in his stomach making eating anything impossible. He would have looked suspicious had it not been for the fact that everyone was paying the majority of their attention to the woman at the head of the table.

    The woman sat there, with that confident smirk stuck to her face, calmly answering the plentiful questions that were presented to her. She gave the regulators all the answers they wanted to hear most, probably with no intent of actually changing anything. Why would she? She was the Empress, no ill could be spoken of her and all attempts to act against her would be answered with one's business (and probably bones) being crushed. She was beginning to look at the man with the corner of her vision, scanning, observing. She caught him starting at her face, sweat formed on the back of his neck, he needed to think of a question to ask, anything to cover him up.

    "So, ah, Empress Novena, I was wondering..." The man pulled at his collar, the woman's smirk grew, "yes Master Vontic," she was playing with him like a cat with her prey. "Um, I've been interested in your views regarding statecraft being like a game." The woman looked at him again, chuckled under her breath, and stood.

    She began walking down the long table slowly, each of the patrons straightening when she passed them. "A game hm? But what kind? I like to think of it like poker: high stakes, lot of risk taking, and the only way to assure yourself victory is to cheat." They all looked at her, their surprise at her words was stupidly clear. "Come on, you don't really think a crumbling peice of paper saying what I 'promise' to do is worth anything do you?"

    "The 'cheater' in statecraft always wins because they're the smartest person in the room. They know how to keep sharp eyes on their opponents. Statecraft is also like poker in that it has thousands of different players, all with certain tells and things for the 'cheater' to take advantage of. The confident one who is so assured in his movements that he leaves his cards exposed without knowing it, the ambitious one who foolishly pushes far too hard for a early victory, the quiet one who keeps her cards to herself but refuses to make a move, and,"
    she chuckled again, a cold, heartless sound, "my favorite. The scared one. Their nervous, afraid even, so like a cornered animal they begin to become unpredictable. Random, panicked movements, annoying but with enough effort can be used to down them or other players with ease."

    The Empress stopped at Vontic's seat. A coldness crept up his spine, she wasn't moving, people were staring, he had failed, it was now or never. The man exploded from his seat, turning to point a flintlock directly at her head in one violent movement. "What I've heard, the madness that your hiding from us, it's insane! I won't let you lead us like blind mice anymore!" While his hands shook violently, there was not the faintest resemblance of fear on the Empress's face, the smirk wasn't even gone. "Like I said, traitor, panicked movements."

    With that and a flash of red the man's arm was on the floor, and Vontic was staring at the stub where it belonged. The Empress took a napkin from the table and began whiping the blood from her blade as the man fell to the floor, screaming with pain. Two heavily armored guards picked him up and took him out into the front garden, in which there was a one foot deep rectangle of reddish water. The guards proseeded to cut off the man's three remaining limbs and placed him in the water, he drowned in seconds. The Immortal Empress of the Red City took her seat again, and looked at all the shocked faces, "are there any more questions?"

    There were no more questions.
  12. Looking at Lady Vigliv, Rolland felt it was like the old days when they were uniting the kingdom. He clenches his fists but showed no other emotions on his face except an excited grin. Then an image appeared in front of him. It was a ship, Rolland waited for Lady Vigliv to explain what it was.

    The whole council was in awe of this new reveal, something like this would really bring a new age! The council whispered to each other quite happily but a few look on at it with distrustful eyes.

    Once she had finished her explanation, Rolland clapped enthusiastically with a small chuckle. “Wonderful, with the creation of this ‘Airship’ trade between different kingdoms would be made easier as well as transportation. No longer will the seas be our adversary! I thank you Lady Vigliv for your hard work. Please deliver my appreciation to everyone involved as well.”He lightly bows his head towards her. Each councilman expressed their gratitude as well to Lady Vigliv. Their pride as Gavilians would not allow them to not do so otherwise.

    Rolland raise his hands to quiet the whole council, “Now, Lord Tarius.” All eyes turn again but to one young one man on the council. The youngest of the whole bunch and very much looked down upon by the seniors especially since he is part of the inquisition. Some of them even scoffed when his name was being called. Though none could ever imagine that he would step on the table as he presents…

    “The Angelo armor!”
    The double door of the council room slammed opened, with that all eyes were on the three knights and everyone was astonished. The designs of the armor were like those told in tales of old as they very much looked like the seraphs depicted in them. The council was quiet it allowed Tarius to finish his demonstration on the thickness of the armor as well as an explanation of what else it could do.

    “Raise your head all four of you, this will be an asset to the kingdom if not the whole world.” The king clapped his hands yet again with the same enthusiasm as he gave lady Vigliv but the council did so half heartily with whispers of jealousy to the amount of respect that the king had given Tarius. The king however would have none of it and shut it down with glares the councilmen swore it could burn down whole castles made of stone! “Once again Lord Tarius you had done a deed worth a thousand honors, I thank you and the inquisition.” The king yet again lightly bowed in respect to Lord Tarius and his men.

    The time was now ripe, the whole council had a new view of the kingdom of Gavilion. One of grandeur, of power, of innovation and of strength. It was time to reveal his plan of uniting Condor. Rolland readjusted his sitting and spoke.

    “Now that you have all seen just what our kingdom could do united as one. Think of what is possible when the whole of Condor is united as one!” Rolland gave a few seconds to the councilmen to think before continuing his speech.

    “I speak not of the whole control of Condor under one man. We have seen in history that it has always end in bloodshed with many losses and with no distinct outcomes. No one would like their freedom stripped away. We should know of this more than the whole of Condor!”
    Councilmen looked and each other and nodded. The first time in the whole council’s history they agreed together with no opposition.

    “I propose instead of uniting Condor through brute force as our ancestors did we will unite through an Alliance. An Alliance bound by good will and trust. With trade and the sharing of technology be the model of our society with each kingdoms helping one another, we can move as one without fear.”
    One of the councilmen stood up “Your grace! Wouldn’t the sharing of technology be too good for the other kingdoms surely-“

    The king slammed his fists on the table “That is precisely why we must! With those conservative ways of thinking how will we ever progress?” the council all agreed including the one that had spoken out. Rolland let out a small sigh of relief, he thought that he might have more opposition.

    “I will execute my plans of this Alliance very soon. Prepare accordingly that will be all for this council. “Not letting a single councilman have another say Rolland ended the council meeting. As the councilmen each left the room only two was left. Lady Vigliv and Lord Tarius. An escort of knights waited outside the councilmen room barring entry for those not needed.

    Rolland stood up from his chair and turned to look at the Gavilion banner, he spoke in a serious manner. “Lady Vigliv the completion of this prototype is the most important landmark for mankind, as much as I hate rushing you I need it to be completed and ready for production. As soon as possible. Also I’ll be giving you a… ‘Boost’ in your funding as well as all the man power you need.”

    A hooded person enters the room and gave lady Vigliv a paper for her to sign. This was a blank check. Rolland turns back to look at her “I’ll leave everything to you like always.” Giving her a smile full of trusts he proceeded out the room. “Lord Tarius walk with me if you would. I have much to discuss with you.”
    Rolland waved the escort of knights away and talked to Lord Tarius privately.

    “Those angelo armors… mass producing them is out of the question we are an advocate of peace show of arms will not help us. I want those already made to be assigned to trusted people of the inquisition and I want them trained. On the brighter note I want the inquisition to be the messengers for the Alliance I would have no other.” He places a hand on Tarius’s shoulders. “I want you personally to be a messenger to Praedictas Fatales Caelum. There is no one else better trusted than you Lord Tarius.”
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  13. The lights were kept dim, the sorcerous orbs glowing softly with the blurry images of the targets their team would be sent to watch. The Council Hall was filled with masters today as well as the Archmage himself as the images slowly cleared up and became more recogniseable. Khaloth stood up from his throne and slowly walked, seemingly almost gliding like a ghost through the eerie abyssal mists caused by the aetheric breach that conjured up the imagery. He stood before the handpicked Sentinels and said "Children of the Abyss: Observe and listen, memorize, then speak. Do not harm and do not engage."

    First came up the image a man in steel plate

    "Rolland Aurelion, age 48. Deemed of no particular significance. Lacks the capacity to understand the Path but capable military commander. We estimate his... Lack of foresight may bring him to unwanted conflict and disturbances. Observe. Avoid contact until his eventual demise or until further orders."

    Next the image of a giant, scarred man with long flowing hair arose from the mists

    "Loque Kel, age 35. Deemed potential work associate. Lacks any form of thinking capacity of worth to the Path, but his capabilities in combat are required. Establish contact, offer him this stone from the Council" Khaloth dropped a small ruby in one of his masked agents' hands "And promise him more riches, should he accomplish a task by the Council that will be delivered later. Keep in observation until his eventual demise or further orders"

    Afterward came up the image of a rather young man wearing a crown

    "Wyl Coalil, dubbed 'The Boy King'. Deemed a curiosity. The Council appreciates certain.... Qualities within his person. Observe and report. Further instructions will be relayed."

    The image faded, only to be replaced with that of an old hag

    "Vigliv, 'The Crone'. Deemed a curiosity. Contact and relay the following message as written in this scroll. Guarding the target is a priority until her eventual demise or until further orders."

    Once more the image shifted to show a woman in a garb

    "Lespri Novena. Deemed worthless. A carrion feasting upon the dead. Potential disturbance to the world. Do not establish contact. Observation until her eventual demise or until further orders"

    Khaloth slowly returned to his throne, once again almost gliding through the fog

    "You are hereby entrusted with these tasks by the Outward Path. You will not fail. Preparations for your travels and equipment required have been made ready." he nodded towards them "Walk your Paths."

    The agents, without uttering a word slipped into the fog quickly going their separate ways to different corners of the world.
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  14. The bandits with their wooden shields pushed up against the oncoming force of vastly superior warriors, when one fell the others would take his place, filling the gap but weakening the line. The leader was screaming like a mad man, swinging his axe to the side, piercing the first kight's armor and throwing his lifeless body off his horse. The raiders armed with crude spears thrusted up at the knights' horses, each successful strike causing the mount to collapse and the swordsmen to swarm over the knight, plunging their weapons into them and bashing their armor.

    Soon the leader noticed the blur of a man slicing through his soldiers with ease, and let out a primal roar. He began to charge at the swordsman, dragging the massive axe behind him. When the tower of a human being reached him he heaved the weapon in a upward slash with the intent of cleaving though him. He was just one man, with no armor as well, how could one man beat him?

    "Really?!" Somewhere in the lower class area of Prædictas Fatales caelum a group of wide-eyed children sat a circle in front of a woman in a green cloak. She had her careless smile on and was holding what seemed to be a portion of a horn that was chopped off a long time ago. "Yup. He was the strangest looking man I had ever seen. He towered over me like a giant yet a tiny bunny sat on his helmet, not a care in the world. He had a bad temper and an axe the size of two of me, something I wished my employer had told me about before he sent me to recover his ring."

    "Did you kill him?" The woman laughed, a soft sound full of humor, "who do you think I am? A Berserker? I stood no chance against that dude, but while making my excape I did land a pretty nasty blow on his eye. Moon was up so Moonlight's enchantment was active, the swing cut though his horn as well, and that's how I got this." She held out the old peice of bone to the ragged children and they hesitantly touched it, as if it would crumble to dust if they did something wrong.

    "It's not some sort of relic you know. Any of you want it?" All the childen lifted their hands, the woman stood up and looked at them all with a grin. "Tell you what, you'll share it. A week for each of you and if you find a collector willing to buy it, split the gold. If I find out one of you hogged it or the money I'll personally come over and spank you good." The kids all blessed with their simple humor giggled collectively and nodded. "You've been the easiest audience I've had in a while, thanks little buddies." She tossed the horn for one of them to hurriedly catch and began to leave.

    "Bye Misses Emmy! See you soon!" The kids called out before beginning a intense discussion over who got the horn first.
  15. Vigliv merely nodded as the king left the council chamber along with his trusted general, and the smile eventually left her face when she felt the strange presence that was watching the chamber finally ceased. She had been troubled by this... magical presence openly observing them. The first time she noticed it was many years ago... but she had decided not to tell it to her king. She had no idea why, though. She felt that this presence would be making its intention known then, but it never happened. Her eyes narrowed as she stared at the ceiling, where the presence retreated into the void as it once came like so many times. "...Lady Vigliv?"

    The hooded man still held a tray on his hands, and on it was the blank check. It would provide her with additional funds, and she would gladly have it. The Crone elegantly knocked the floor with the end of her walking stick, and the check disappeared before their very eyes as if it never existed. "Tell his grace that I will put it into good use," and she slowly walked out of the chamber, the hooded man still confused as to what had happened. Was it a trick? Or was it magic? He could not decide. He quickly followed the old woman out of the chamber and closed the door behind her as she stride gracefully despite being even older than all the men that attended the council. As she exited the chamber, she was greeted by the soft rays of the sun and the soothing whispers of the winds. She let out a silent sight as she looked up into the skies. Time had caught up with her, and she could feel that her strength leaving her bit by bit with each dawn. Yet, she had much to do and much to teach this young nation. She had hoped that peace would reign for eternity, and perhaps this was the one way that she could still provide for this unfulfilled dream of hers. But there was only so much that she could do, and the young ones would have to handle the rest after her eventual passing.

    "Grand mama, you are out. How was the council?" A lithe young man approached her from the distance. He was barely out of his teens, but the youth had already demonstrated magical powers and talents far beyond his years. His honey blonde hair was hanging loosely, and he greeted his teacher with a smile that even warmed her heart. His story was much like hers - a young child caught in the middle of a war. She found him at the end of the conflict when he was protecting another group of children from a troupe of slavers that were hunting them down. She made short work of them all, and he had made sure the children had been sent into proper orphanages to be taken care of. As for him, she had admitted him to be her one and only student. It had been some years since then, but both of their relationship had become from that of a master and a student, to that of a grandmother and a grandchild.

    "It was fruitful," She nodded as her student proceeded to walk to her side and naturally carry her left hand as if to support her. Both continued to walk away from the chamber. "And what about you, little Remiel? How was your day?"

    "Not too good," The young man avoided looking into his grandmother's eyes, trying to hide the little embarrassment and the heat on his face. "Rena was complaining about me making a mess of the studies again, but I couldn't really study without making a mess, so..."

    Hearing this, Vigliv chuckled as they continued down the path towards town. "So she chased you out, I see. Well, it cannot be help. Rena loves the cleanliness - which reminded me, I wonder if she had my tea ready..." The conversation went on with banters and laughter exchanged. The old crone and her grandson continued to enjoy the peace and the warmth of the sunlight, but just as the sun will eventually set and give way to darkness, this peace must one day give way to more turbulent times. She was simply hoping that she could preserve these times a little bit more.
  16. Tarius was slightly disappointed that the King did not accept his project. However, he understood the why the King did so. He understood that the main focus of the King was unite the nations and creating weapons such as the Angelo armor will only get in the way of the King plans. " I understand my King, I will not fail you!" Tarius said as he left the King's castle to inform the other Inquisitors of the King's plan.

    As he entered the main building of his guild, Tarius was greeted by the other Inquisitors with looks of anticipation and curiosity on how the reacted towards the Angelo armor. Tarius explained to them that the King had rejected his project due various reasons. Most of the Inquisitors were genuinely disappointed with the rejection of the Angelo armor project but they believed that the King's reasons were valid. Right after that, Tarius called for a meeting with all the Inquisitors in their own council room which was very similar to the King's own council room. Inside the council room, Tarius explained to other Inquisitors about the King's plan of uniting all the nations of Condor. He also explained that the Inquisitors will act as the messengers of Gavalion. He further explained that each nation will need at least one Inquisitor to act as their messenger. "Each of the appointed messengers will need to hold on to a letter for the respective Kingdoms they are in-charge of. These letters will be provided by the King himself. After tomorrow morning, after receiving letters, each of will depart for the your designated Kingdoms. For now, let us decide who will go to which kingdom.

    "Boba, you're in-charge Southern Aisle's Kingdom. Their current King is Wyl Coalil. Many of their people call him the "boy king" but I would advise against doing so. Regardless of age, he is still royalty and you will treat him no less. He has an uncle named Oren Coalil better known as "The ram" who acts as his mentor. He is a great warrior and an even better tactician. I suggest getting on his good-side if you want to win their King's support." Tarius was confident that Boba was the right man for the job, after all he too lost his father at a young age. Being a mercenary at such a young age was difficult, but somehow Boba made it through and ended up with the Inquisitors. "As you wish." Boba replied Tarius with his rather cold tone. Boba had seen a lot things when he was young which made him a somewhat bitter person. However the other Inquisitors know that Boba actually does care about his fellow Inquisitors, he just has a different way of showing it.

    "Banehollow, you're in charge of the Kingdom of Erathiel. The Kingdom is ruled by the Bellemore family, however from what I can tell its mostly the daughter of the King that does the ruling part since the King himself is busy "adventuring" apparently. Ermm...... she likes animals...... you like animals right? I'm sure things will work out." Tarius finishes his sentence by giving the lycantrope a thumbs up and a cheeky smile. "Grrrrrrr..." Banehollow growled at Tarius in mild annoyance. Banehollow wasn't exactly the friendliest member of the Inquisitors, but he did have a soft spot for children." Just remember to keep your wolves in check." Tarius reminded his wolf-like friend. Banehollow's two wolves can very unpredictable, their behaviour can go from as harmless as a puppy to as dangerous as a rabid dog. Despite this however, they do seem to have some sense of morality that is very similar to their master. "What are you talking about? Linus and Llyod are very well disciplined! See!" Banehollow said as his two wolves approached Tarius and whimper as if they felt sad that Tarius doesn't trust them. "Just make sure you keep them that way..." Tarius said as he petted the two wolves before they returned to their master's side happily wagging their tails.

    "Jethro and Johanna, you two are in charge of the Kingdom known as the "Red City". I myself don't really much about this Kingdom. It's best if you two read up a little on the laws of that Kingdom before entering it. I would go there myself but the King has already assigned me to the Kingdom of Praedictas Fatales Caelum. The ruler of the Red City is known as Empress Lespri 'The Immortal' Novena. Watch yourselves. I've heard a lot of things about that Kingdom and their Empress." Tarius said with a much more serious tone compared to when he was talking about the other Kingdoms. He knew that the "Red City" was a very dangerous place, even though Jethro and Johanna are one of the best Inquisitors have to offer, Tarius would still rather go to the "Red City" had the King not assigned him to another Kingdom. Despite that, Tarius has faith that the siblings will get the job done.

    "Alright, the concludes our meeting. All of the Inquisitors that are messengers better get a good night rest tonight. You guys are gonna need it." said Tarius as he concluded the meeting. And with that, the they exited the room with many of them talking about how they would approach each of their kingdoms.

    In the morning, of each of had receive the paperwork and supplies that were needed for their trip, each of them departed to the respective kingdoms they were assigned to. Tarius was one of the last one to depart. As he donned his hooded cloak, Tarius got onto his trusted steed. The steed of all the Dragonforce wielder before him. Fidelisamicus. After a few days of riding through a long road. Tarius finally made it to the entrance of Praedictas Fatales Caelum. The previous Dragonforce wielder told him a lot of this place. How it was filled things with that humans can even begin to fathom. But were any of them true? "Time to find out" Tarius thought to himself as he moved forward to enter the city.


  17. ✿◉●•◦ Sereph Rune ◦•●◉✿
    [ Prædictas Fatales caelum |-| Morning |-| Calm | FC: Megurine Luka ]
    For the rest of the day, Seraph had spent it caring for her dear baby dragon. Dragons nowadays were a rarity, and so she had made her duty to raise and hide this dragon. When it were to grow old enough, it would be able to defend itself should it be attempted to be brought down by other humans, mages, or evil beings and the like. Who knows what they could do with that power? Terrible things really, things that even scared her just thinking about it. They could abuse the thing, use it to conquer any land they wished, and this devastated her. Such an innocent baby...

    Now then, after a couple of hours playing and feeding the dragon, she decided that, that would be enough, and she retreated out from the room. However, rather than using the same way she came in, she pulled out yet another large rock, revealing something that looked like a dirt tunnel leading upwards. The girl took off her gloves, digging her hands into the dirt and grabbing onto something like a pair of vines. Her grip tightened, and she pulled the vines from the earth to reveal themselves. Now that she had contact with them, she was able to manipulate the plants to allow them to carry her up to her closet. Yes, there was a secret passage in her closet. Once she had arrives, she opened up the latch and climbed out, brushing off the dirt on her outfit.

    "Could you not do that when I'm on your shoulder?!" The parrot asked, and Seraph thought for a moment, smiling childishly then shaking her head. "Nope."

    "Now then.. I wonder how my subjects are doing?"
    She pondered, stripping out of her dirty clothing and looking around at what clothing to wear in her wardrobe. There was a cute little green, silk robe just hanging there, begging to be worn, and so she pulled it out, and threw it over her body. "Well, do I look like a queen yet?" She asked the parrot, who let out a sigh and nodded. "I almost question how you're almost 40." It told her, but she just smiled at the bird. "Well, things can happen when you can control basically your entire being." She told the bird, giggling a bit as she walked out of her room. She was always free to roam around the castle, as the only people who were allowed in the castle when there were no major meeting, were the head maid, cook, and etc. At night, everyone began to run around in the castle, and scrambled back home with even the knights heading home. Almost the entire castle was covered in vines, flower, trees, and other green things that were more or less alive. Yes, alive. Enchanted by fairies, pixies, fae, and the like. They usually flew around in the night, keeping guard and attacking anyone who would dare go against the castle. Humans mistook it for the plants coming to life, or ghosts haunting the castle.

    The pink-haired woman leaned on the tinted window, looking out at her kingdom with a smile on her face. She stayed there for the rest of the day, resting her head on the window, an elderly woman slowly walking up and placing a blanket over the queen.

    Time Skip
    Rather than being awoken by the chiming of the bell, Polly had rushed into her room, a panicked tone in her voice. "SERA, THERE'S A KNIGHT, FROM THE HUMAN KINGDOM." The parrot squaked, prompting her eyes to shoot open, and her body shot up. "Wait.. Say again?" She asked, but the parrot just shook it's head. It flew over to grab her black robe, and some fairies had flew over to help put those clothing on her. She put the heels on, and these things were more like stilts in her opinion, making her towering at the height of 6'3", as opposed to her 5'4". She threw a mask over her face this time, wearing shoulder pads and a pair of large gloves. Wow, she looked like a huge, intimidating man.

    The woman walked out of her room, and down to her throne room. She sat there, finding a whole hallway of knights kneeling before her. "SQUACK. THE KING SAYS, LET THE HUMAN IN, LET THE HUMAN IN. HIDE ALL SUPERNATURAL, HIDE ALL SUPERNATURAL." It said, and the mages with telepathy began to distribute the message throughout the Kingdom.

    It wasn't long until all the residents of Fatales Caelum had begun hiding any noticeable signs of not being human. Elves and dwarfs wore hats and hoods, or anything to hide their ears. Fairies hid in the flower baskets, and pets were hidden in the house. Otherwise, everyone returned to what they were doing. Children weren't as developed, and so hiding non-human features were easy for them. After receiving word that the path was clear, she signaled for the gate to open.

    The man would have seen the doors open up, revealing a huge metropolis of children, elderly, and it was like a paradise. Of course, that's the name of the kingdom; The Fairy's Paradise. A rather elderly man had stood there, smiling up at the knight. "Welcome to the Paradise.. I am the pope of this district. Please, come. I will lead you to the castle." The man said, turning his back and walking towards the castle. He turned back for a moment, looking up at the horse. ".. Also.. Don't you worry about your horse. You can keep him outside the castle." He said, and began walking back. Although he appeared to be alone, there were countless others watching carefully, hiding in the shadows.

    "... It's time, right?"


  18. The Inquitors would have arrived some time in the afternoon of the day after they were assigned. The Kingdom seemed peaceful, sleepy even, as they neared the great gate in the wall that surrounded it. Soon masked knights on horseback came from it and pulled the two to a stop, circling them. They came to a stop as a heavily armored man on a equally armored beast came through the gates. The beast appeared to be a gorgon, a massive bull-like monster with steel grey fur and poisonous gas trailing from its nostrils and mouth. The horsemen parted for the gorgon-rider to come and level his long halbed to Jethro's neck.

    The man's armor was unpainted steel, and his mask had a single rectangular hole in the middle. "I am the Gatekeeper of the Red City. What business do you have here fully armed and armored? Answer quickly, or I'll show you a neat trick where I make Titan here sneeze." The Gatekeeper indicated his mount, patting its plated back as a deadly snort came from it's snout.

    A sudden message peirced the mind of the storyteller after she had entered the streets of Fairy's Paradise. Hide all supernatural, that ment one thing, a human was entering the kingdom. A grin appeared on the woman's face, she pulled her hood to the point that it only showed the tip of her chin and adjusted her cloak to cover her entire body. As the other residents covered themselves up she made her way to a shaded alley leading into the main street.

    Why they all had to hide what made them who they were when a human came by was beyond the theif. She always assumed that the neighboring King of Gavilion was a huge racist, she had never met him in person but he seemed like a asshole. Anyway, soon the gates were opened to reveal a extremely badass looking man riding a frightful stallion. The woman began to doubt her choice to rob the man but his coolness only futhered her belief that he carried objects of great value.

    As the man was led down the street by the pope a hunched over, cloaked person came across the street at a swift pace. "Damn it Fido! Get back here!" She seemed to yell at nothing before colliding with the man, almost falling over in the process. "Oh, no! I didn't mean to run into you dearie, my eyes aren't what they used to be!" Her voice was that of a ancient crone as her gloved hands shakily felt up the man's side before finding his hand and holding it up for her to kiss with lips that were hidden by the hood. "Terribly sorry dearie, terribly sorry. I'll leave you be," she seemed to turn her attention to a alley parallel to the one she came from, "I told you to come back Fido you cursed mutt!" With that the woman disappeared into the alley.

    Once she was a safe distance away the theif readjusted her cloak and hood before bringing out the spoils of her effort. Two tablets, each with glowing runes on them, not much but a there had to be someone willing to buy them. She tucked the stolen items away in her bag, best not be seen with them if the guy notices his lighter pockets.
  19. " Its alright Fidel, I am sure that it wont take long." Tarius said as he followed the pope into the city. He could sense the magical energies of most of the inhabitants of the city, even the ones the were stalking him. "Looks like he wasn't lying at all. This place is magical." Tarius thought to himself as he remembered all the stories that he had heard about this place from his master. " And it seems that they trust humans all too well. A wise policy." Tarius thought to himself about how some humans mistreat the non-humans and exploit them. As he got closer to the castle he could sense a familiar presence. It didnt take for Tarius to figure out that the presence was that of dragon. Although it was still faint and weak, it was unmistakable that it is the presence of a dragon. A young one.

    Tarius was stunned and stood still for a few seconds. He remembered the last time he encountered a dragon and it wasn't exactly on a good occasion. The dragon had a very strong disdain for humans, it viewed them as the cause of the extinction of the dragon race. After a long and hard battle , Tarius was forced to kill the dragon even though he knew that there were only a handful of them left. He could still remember the words that the dragon said to him before he was forced to end him. "Humans don't deserve to live! Look at what they have to done my brethren! OUR BRETHREN! Can't you see that I am only giving them what they deserve!" Tarius couldn't think of any reply and instead stared at the vengeful dragon. " You have clearly already chosen your side a long time ago. So be it. Then you will die with them! JOIN THEM IN EXTINCTION!". While Tarius was distracted thinking about his past encounter. a lady bumped into him real hard. It was as if she was deliberately trying to knock him down. As regained his focus, he noticed that the lady was being rather touchy. It wasn't until the lady disappeared into the alley way did he notice that two of his tablets were gone. "Well, this is rather unfortunate." Tarius thought to himself. As much as he wanted to pursue the thief, he knew that he had other priorities. So, Tarius decided to continue his way to the castle. After all, he knew that he could always track the tablets using his gauntlet which can detect their signature magical energies.

    As he entered the castle's throne room, Tarius could see a hallway filled with knights and their King at the end of the hallway. Tarius slowly walked towards the Kings throne and kneel in front of the King as soon as he was within earshot of the King. " Greetings , your royal highness! I am a messenger from the Kingdom of Gavillion. The purpose of me coming to your Kingdom is to pass our King's message to your highness." Tarius finished his last sentence by taking a scroll from his cloak and held it up with both his hands at the kings direction. Inside the scroll, was a message written personally by the King Gavillion. It stated that the King was invited to the Kingdom of Gavillion to have meeting about the uniting all the Kingdoms of Condor into one Alliance.


    Jethro was not really surprised at the hostility he received from the gatekeepers. In fact, he expected as much since he was after all wearing some very intimidating armor. "We are here to deliver a message to the your Empress. We are representatives from Kingdom of Gavillion" Jethro finished his sentence by producing paperwork that had the seal of the King of Gavillion which was proof that they were in fact high ranking officials of the Kingdom . " I apologies for any confusion we may have caused with our attire, good sir. I assure, we mean you all no harm. We humbly request your men to escort us to the castle where we can have audience with Empress." Jethro very calm when he spoke the gatekeepers. He had been through a lot in his life and is one of the oldest members of the Inqusitors. As such, nothing really surprises him anymore. Although Johanna did not have as much field experience as Jethro did, what she lacks in experience she makes up with natural talent and unfaltering determination to be as good and maybe even better than his brother.

  20. ✿◉●•◦ Sereph Rune ◦•●◉✿
    [ Prædictas Fatales caelum |-| Morning |-| Calm | FC: Megurine Luka ]
    The queen narrowed her eyes at the parrot, who was constantly squawking in panic. She could even tell that under the masks of the knights, they were borderline trying not to lose their heads. "Polly.. Calm down.." She mumbled, just soft enough for the parrot to hear. It took a while, but she was able to calm the bird down while the man had entered the castle, however, had not arrived to the throne room yet.

    Meanwhile, the pope had a gentle smile on his face, slowly leading the man down the paved stone path. At first glace, through the little walk down town square, one would see children laughing as they were playing with cardboard swords, an elderly grandmother rocking back and forth while knitting, and a teenager pointing out things and buying stuff for her family down in the markets. Things were fairly peaceful, and it was nice, really. No one would be able to tell that these people had been fugitives or victims to humans in the past. "You see son.. This kingdom is for those who don't have a place to go back to. His majesty made this kingdom not too long ago.. in hopes that he could save many children that you would see. His majesty allows them to leave, but they never seem to want to. Hohoho.." The pope chuckled a little bit. Under the guise of this happy little village, everyone but the children were on high guard. There were a couple of parents monitoring their children, making sure that they wouldn't get close to the man in armor.

    While they had advanced to the Castle, the pope had noticed that the man had been robbed. The pope narrowed his eyes for a moment, however, his smile returned to his face. "Oh.. I am terribly sorry for some of our citizens.. We will make sure to apprehend them, and give your belongings back." He explained. At that cue, two men that were hiding in the shadows had quickly retreated to give chase to the elf. There was a law stated that there were to be no thievery or murder, and they planned on keeping that true.

    Back to the pope, the knights stood firmly, opening the front gates. The most distinguishable thing that the knight would notice, would be that the majority of the castle were plants. Bright green almost made the garden glow, along with the rows of flower beds and trees. There were a few children playing on the trees where the branches stretched low and strong enough to be used as a swing. Some people were swinging on the vines happily, and some of the adults were sitting and enjoying a cup of tea. Both nobles, and peasants alike.

    Seraph had learned this from the queen of a faraway kingdom, teaching her about peace within her kingdom. This was possibly the only advice that she had taken, and it had proved to be effective. The castle doors opened, exposing a rather regal appearance from within. One of the butlers took it from there, leading the knight down to the throne room.

    When it had opened up, the man would find that half the room was taken off, like a direct route to the garden at the side. There was a red, velvet carpet stretching down the room, over to a large, black curtain where a visible, broad figure stood in the shadows of it all. "..."

    Seraph listened to the message carefully, twitching a little bit at some of what he had said. Of course, Seraph didn't trust humans; she never did. She trusted them just as much as she had left her own kingdom. However, never the less, she did listen, and she let out a sigh before whispering to her parrot. The king stepped out of the shadows, revealing a broad, tall man, towering at 6'3". No one could see his face, nor could they see any defining shape. Honestly, the king just looked like a square with that robe on. The parrot perched on their shoulder, speaking out what the king wanted to say.

    "The king says.. He will come. He will come." The parrot replied, causing slight shock among the guards, however, kept hidden. "Though the king says on one condition... the king says that he wants to be able to come in this attire, and not have his identity be revealed, squawk!" The parrot answered, and Seraph couldn't have put that any better.

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