Medieval Times are Back (Lady inside)

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  1. Howdy once again folks! I have myself some nasty cravings and they just won’t go away. That’s a good thing right? Right, good. Anyways I’m hoping a couple of you can help me satisfy these cravings. As this is posted in the Mature Forum, there will be plenty of violence and even some gore but not over the top. There will also, of course be sex because I like including romance and the like in most of my RPs. So please take a look below and if you so choose, message me if interested.

    Craving: Medieval RPs (normal or fantasy)


    Princess/Thief (I have a general plot for this one that can be added to as the RP goes on)
    Knight/ Thief

    The other two I want to do but don’t quite have a plot but I am willing to work on creating one with you. I am of course looking for a male as I play females. The first two I will be playing the princess, the third one I would be playing the thief. As always, I like to aim for three paragraphs on average for my posts, more if inspired. I don’t expect a minimum from you or a maximum but I would ask that you give me enough to work with. I like good quality posts rather than giant posts with little to work with. I can run these in a thread or over PM, so where we do this will be up to you. If you’re more comfortable with one or the other just let me know! ^_^

    Cheers and thanks for taking a look!
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  3. <3
    They are indeed all still open, which one would you like to do?

    IF you can choose lol ^_^
  4. The Princess/Thief, but I like all three though haha! So hard to choose! Lol. But maybe we can do all three, put our minds and skills to the test :D
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  5. I would be open to doing the Knight/Thief one.
  6. Awesome, you can both pm me and we can discuss the details :-D
  7. Hi ^_^ Just wondering if you would still be interested in doing a Princess/Thief RP
  8. That one got snatched up just before you posted, but the princess/knight is still open if you are interested in that one :)
  9. Ah, poo, I didn't see it. I'd be open to a Princess/Knight rp :)
  10. Alrighty then :) PM and we can discuss plot and other goodies! ^^
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