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Medieval rp

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kame, May 18, 2016.

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  1. There aren't much active medieval roleplays right now so i figured that i would just make my own. I have a plot in mind however, the plot will be tied to my other medieval roleplays that i've done. Don't be afraid, the setting will basically be new but the story will just be basically pre made for us. You don't need to have been in my other roleplays or have read it however, just read a short summary here which basically tells the whole story.

    - Three great kingdoms occupy the great land of Ventorum, the first land, Alatum Hastam, the red kingdom and home of the dragon slayers whom occupied the eastern front. The second land, Vestoria, the green kingdom whom occupied the southern east lands and rightful holders of the artifacts. The third and last land, Regnum Daemoniorum, the black kingdom of demons whom occupied the north east... Then the western wild lands full of animals and rogues who were sent out or escaped from slavery to live a free life in one of the small clans that resided in the forests. The ''Great King's line'' or the eastern kingdoms that was occupied by civilization were all burnt and destroyed by the god ''Artorias'' who took over the red king and transformed him into a great elder dragon that instantly crushed all of the west due to his size. Great knights and whole armies from all over the land stood against the army of undead that the dragon summoned but they were quickly outmatched and history foretells that everyone in the world died that day however, history contradicts itself for if everyone died that day then why would history speak of the day and why would you all be here now. -

    All i ask of you all who wish to join is that we post at least once everyday if not every two days and that we hold open minds and form a inbox group chat so the roleplay will never get boring. The year is 1095, although we aren't being historically accurate here due to the obvious nature of high fantasy it is always good to show the basis of where we are currently. Right now in the story... everything is pretty much during the rebuilding era from the massive flames that overwhelmed the land of Ventorum due to the dragon and everyone is split not knowing what really happened that day. Every father and mother during that destructive era is dead and now its a new generation where new kingdoms are now newly built and soon a small hope rises for a golden era. All artifacts are lost and scattered throughout the land, all old structures and historical landscapes are destroyed leaving basically a clear canvass for the new generation to build and start a new.

    I will only allow 2 kingdoms to be made, any questions are welcome. If you happen to be interested please post below so i know. Thanks!
  2. Interested^^ But Boo is more of a maybe cuz post speed might be too much for Boo.
  3. Alright i guess i'll have to drop this idea, not enough people gave interest because i assume the post daily thing scared them off. I'll wait till summer to repost this idea if that is the case.
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