INTEREST CHECK Medieval Roleplay?

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  1. Hey Guys~

    I'm just here checking if anybody would like to participate in a roleplay set in medieval times that would be centered around a severely broken family that is of royal lineage causing even more drama?

    Stuff that could initiate the drama;

    -> Corrupted King

    -> Myriad of Maidens (King's probably.)

    -> Queen obsessed with her son taking the throne.

    - Son could be the child of the King and Queen while lets say other son and/or sister is the king and his maiden.

    -> King could try to force marry his children to get rid of them.

    -> Like stated above, bastard children.

    - (Kids of the king and a maiden)

    -> Abusive family members like sisters-in-law etc.

    But in other words, it would be just a big drama fest with the occasional romance and or comedy, just royalty. You could be anything really as long it makes sense, whether a bastard child, prince, jester, court magician, maid/servant or even a enemy of the royal family. You could have multiple character as long as they make sense and have some relevance to the plot. There could be romance between different characters also.

    I'll only give a basic skeleton of the story, because I the roleplayers who could possibly join this to add the flesh with your creative characters and such. We'll just look at the skeleton like a direction in which we could travel but that doesn't mean we can't take a detour on the way~ :)

    The skeleton of the story-line;

    On the large continent of Archanea, one of the strongest kingdoms reside, Agustria.

    Agustria, being the capital of the large continent is rich in resources, people, and problems. Behind the large colorful banners sprawled about the city lies many people in poverty, corrupted government officials, frequent crimes and death, sickness even terrorists who are against the royal family are rising quickly.

    But within the halls of the central castle the problems are bad, even worse maybe. The king was a reputed womanizer and had several lovers. The queen was once a nice lady but as the king left her alone she began to despise him and plans on her firstborn son to succeed the throne. The children, both bastard and royal are torn and thrown in turmoil as their parent's different attempts at outdoing each other. There's rumor of betrayal among the knights, some people of the country are rising against the family, and the king is plotting something diabolical.

    Tell me if your interested and don't be afraid to ask me if you find something about the topic I haven't discussed. :)
  2. Would there happen to be any kind of magic in the Roleplay? Such as the magicians being able to perform real spells, dragons, shapeshifters, etc. Not necessarily including vampires or werewolves, seeing as how some people are sick of them and prefer not to have them, but would they be allowable as well? Just curious ^^
  3. Actually, somehow I forgot to add to it on my original post but yes, it'll be set in a medieval-fantasy setting. A fictional world which has such things as spells, summoning, an assortment of mystical creatures and such. Like I said earlier you can be anything as long as related to the royal family in someway, somehow. Same case with the plot too. :3

    I hope that answers your question and thanks for posting here. Haha. ^^
  4. No problem, and thanks ^^ A random character popped into my head while I was typing up the question who had a bit to do with magic. I'm going to take that as a random impulse and join if you end up making the sign-ups XD
  5. Ahh. M'kay.

    Thanks for giving my idea some attention, and hopefully this will catch enough eyes that I would feel confident enough to put the sign-ups up. xD

    I've been hoping to get this roleplay started for quite a bit actually. o-o
  6. I am most certainly interested! :D Everything that I love in a roleplay all rolled into one. c: I hope it gets started soon.
  7. Awesome, another person on board~

    I hope more and more people come so we can get this thing rolling.
  8. Are you still searching for anymore characters? If so, sign me up ^^
  9. I love a bit of medieval fantasy any day, I'd love to join!
  10. Hello there, I am rather new to this site, but I have role-playing experience. This sounds great, and if you have any more room I would love to participate. I have always been intrigued by medieval times, and I enjoy a good dose of drama.
  11. All-righty. I think we have enough, there still more room to join but I'll just make the sign ups now~
  12. Ok, sign me up xD

    Just a quick question though, does it have to be only royalty as in family or can I be a high up noble that is friends with one of the children
  13. Will the sign-up be posted on here as well, or a new thread?